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Going higher, making moves, daring to do what the average person won’t do can be scary. It’s not like everyone is doing it so it becomes a lonely walk. My therapist told me one day, “You know you’re like a lone bird; don’t you?! I had never looked at it that way before, but she’s right. Especially when you look around and see you don’t have a lot of company when you start to do innovative things. When you move on with your life without the approval of the crowd, it can be somewhat difficult. People will send you social cues to let you know whether or not they approve of the direction you’re going in. This is how so many people are programmed to stay low. To live low. To dream at the low level of the culture. Don’t say anything or do anything that makes people think for themselves. Don’t challenge the status quo. Stay in the category where we all accept the same group-thinking! Isn’t that why you haven’t shaken things up in the world? You’re afraid of doing anything that puts you out there cause you know you’ll be alone!

See, when you begin to take off and elevate, don’t expect people to go there with you. Insert loud churchy “Preach!” Some people who are in relationship with those of us who are all about flying higher than the average, we find ourselves flying basically alone. Most people don’t see things from this perspective. It’s like you’re a giraffe expecting ants to see what you see. They don’t get it. Talk to some of your circle about your goals. They won’t get it. They’ll even try to convince you to come off the mountain top.

They say you’re doing too much. They’ll even often resent your constant need to create and build. They’ll talk you into living life in more practical terms. They’ll begin to make you think your plans are too overwhelming for them. All this because you’re pursuing your dreams at a pace they would never go after their next level? It’s sad but this is what many of you are experiencing. Your drive and vision will literally expose them for who they are and the truth that they don’t really want to support you. You’re doing too much for them to comprehend. They’ll even get tired of your attempts to make your dreams a reality. They’ll get irritated at your efforts to repeatedly step out on faith. They will even begin to say you’re pressuring them too much and they’ll think they have to show up to your next event, rather than they get to show up to your next event. They will ghost you if you don’t take their counsel and stop.

This will lead to the next stage where you start to question yourself. If you’re not careful, you’ll let their complacency keep you from making your next move. This is the place of coming to grips with your life purpose and deciding whether making your friends and family comfortable or pressing the gas and going even harder is what you want to do. You’re literally going to have to decide. Do you wait for everyone in your life to see your vision? Do you need them to understand it before you take another stab at your plans? You do know many of them won’t see it until it manifest? You’ll have to be rolling in the money before many of these people get on board. Do you really have time to keep trying to convince the doubters in your life? Or do you just stop looking for them to buy a ticket and move forward and let the dead weight fall off and find out who’s who on this flight called life?

For some of you, it’s not who’s going with you that you’re worried about. You really already know. You know who’s going to actually support you versus who’s just going to play like they are. When I make moves, I know the people who will genuinely support me because they believe in me, as opposed to those who are “doing me a favor!” It’s almost laughable that some of the ones who do us “favors” actually think it’s that serious. Little do they know, you’re going to be successful with or without their support aka pity. God has a way of exposing people for who they are the more you elevate and move towards your life destination. Don’t interfere. He’s showing you! He’s showing you who’s sincerely on your side and who’s there patting you on your head making fun of your efforts when you walk away. This is the season where you can’t be afraid of the chaff blowing away during the process. It’s necessary. You need to know who’s going there with you for the right reasons and not be confused about the why and what people do for you. Get to a place where no matter how uncomfortable it is, you speak honestly and stand up for yourself. There’s nothing manipulative people hate more than truth and transparency. The more honest and real you are, the more superficial people back off and fall away. They can’t handle the pressure at high levels. Just keep going forward and I applaud you for being courageous enough to fly above the radar of popularity and pretense. I applaud you for making the decision to be a lone bird. One who’s willing to fly alone for a cause greater than the cause of ego and self. Keep soaring. You’re a beautiful sight to see!

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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3 thoughts on “I Applaud You For Being Courageous Enough to Fly Alone! The Lone Bird 🦅

  1. Danielle Waters says:

    😄This was so on time!! I’m really about to print this out and frame it

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    1. You’re going places! It’s a beautiful sight to see!


  2. Drew Grant says:

    I’m thankful that the people who were “doing me a favor” have revealed themselves. I have all the support I need without them!

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