You Haven’t Changed One Bit

Isn’t it interesting when you run into people in your travels and find that some people haven’t changed one bit. I wish I meant in a good way, but unfortunately it’s usually no improvement in who they are as a person that makes them the same. Still rude. Still bossy. Still sneaky, selfish, critical and insecure. Do you know what people really say about you when you’re not around? Are the reviews all the same; that you haven’t changed one bit.

Sure, some people say you haven’t changed one bit as a compliment. They say that if you still look youthful and good for your age. And yes, that’s admirable to take care of your body; but life is much more than your physical appearance. Life is more than the superficial. It’s a sad thing to see a lot of people getting older, but not changing; not growing, improving. The last thing I want to leave as a legacy is “she stayed the same.”

Take an honest evaluation of your character today. Look in the mirror and see what you look like but this time look inwardly. Are you still procrastinating, lying, faking, jealous, divisive, mean spirited? If so, work on removing anything that keeps you from getting to your desired destination in life. You know your issues better than anyone; so fix them. It’s a great day when you are able to see your own growth! When will that day come for you? When will you look at your life and say in all honesty,…I’m on my way!!!! It’s truly about time for you to do some inward work.

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How Far Are You Willing To Go?

My therapist asked me a powerful question today. The question was “How far are you willing to go for people when it comes to your empathy for them?

It started my wheels to turning. I began thinking about the distance I’ve traveled for others. Because I was concerned about people in my life; I’ve gone places I’ve never intended, only to find when I’m about to crash and burn, the same ones were nowhere to be found. It didn’t matter how pure my intentions were at the time, but feelings have a tendency to change on this flight called life. Also, it made me think more about how I ended up feeling when I gave to others what I couldn’t actually afford to give them. This really made me re-think about how far I’m actually willing to go now. Now that I know that some people want to you to go far out for them and still have no intention of reciprocating or even changing and growing up. I thought about how far am I willing to go now, knowing all I’ve learned from then to now. It got me to thinking about how far I’ll go for people who won’t do a blessed thing for me when I’m struggling. What’s my attitude when it comes to users, narcissists and people who take and take and take? The bottom line for me now is that I am only willing to go as far as I choose. In other words, my decisions are in my hands and no one else’s. Defining that made me feel soooo empowered and strong. To say that I choose what I do and who I do it for. Oh, and I know that sounds so obvious to some, but think about how many of us haven’t been living this way up to now. I’m talking about living your life like it’s really your life. Not your parents, family, friends,…you get my drift. I’m empowered to articulate it and say it loud; people don’t get to manipulate me into being a “good person” just because it benefits them and their self seeking agenda. To say that I choose to decide how far I’ll go when I see someone in a situation. That if I feel compelled to step in and help I will; but if I don’t, no amount of guilt or manipulation will make me change my stance. And listen, I realize that this doesn’t protect me from deadbeats and leeches. I realize that I still may find myself being taken advantage of and used by others so to say. But the greatest knowing in all of that is; people can only use me with my consent, participation and permission.

There’s an incredible sense of power in knowing you’re not a victim to anyone or any circumstance. There’s a tremendous freedom in knowing that I’m here and I’m ready to be who I am on my terms. That I’ll go for others as far as I want. That I will travel the distance for whoever or whatever I want.

And if for some reason I think I made the wrong decision on this journey, I know how to get back on course and follow my life path with integrity and authenticity; because it’s my flight and my choice!

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Excursion Lately?

I went to a movie yesterday that inspired me and made me feel so blessed that I decided to do something totally different. Before I left the theater, I planned an excursion for my Tuesday night group. That’s right! Instead of planning to do what we normally do; I sent out a spontaneous and impromptu message to about 25 people I coach and said “ Meet me at the theater tomorrow night.”

Without having a meeting, a vote, or weeks of seeing who would be interested; I decided to just do it! I went ahead and took a leap and said let’s see who’s willing to adapt and go “there” with me! I was so moved by the presentation that I saw I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to take the inspiration I experienced further by sharing it with them collectively. Well, that is my entire purpose; to help people soar. Especially the people around me! The response was immediate and unanimous! My spontaneous trip sent a wave of excitement through my whole group! My excitement made them excited! WOW! What a concept! What a way to operate concerning everything I do, forever!!!

This got my mind going. I was thinking of all kinds of creative ways to keep this momentum going. I’m literally planning ways to inspire the people I coach and to keep them motivated from getting stuck in a rut and it all was sparked because of this little excursion. Wasn’t going to financially break me. As a matter of fact, some people in my group started sending me donations to help cover my faith move (insert can I get an amen!).

See, going places, even on excursions, is something we all need to do more often. It’s amazing what spontaneity will do for your marriage, organization, business; your whole life! Be honest, when was the life time you thought about going somewhere and actually went? When was the last time you changed up your routine and did something adventurous and new!? Taking these kinds of journeys are great because they remind you that even though you’re going somewhere great and you’re not there yet; it’s still ok to deviate from a regular pattern, path, or level of operation to enjoy yourself. I guarantee that you will feel better and the people around you will be encouraged and energized to see how you are taking risks and ascending to new heights. My advice to you today is simple:

Don’t lose your sense of joy on this flight!

Take time to enjoy your life and go on an excursion or two. After, you’ll be even more motivated to get to your destination. When you begin to take time to become more inspired and when you see new places, you motivate your group to think about doing the same. When you take time from your regularly scheduled program and agenda to explore new territory and to relax and loosen up along the way, you’ll set a new precedence. You’ll be surprised at how this will help you and others to see things with a fresh perspective. You’ll be even more excited about getting to your planned destination when you begin to think beyond the norm!!! Plan an excursion and watch how much more exciting this flight called life will be.

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Your Lack of Humility is Keeping You On The Ground

Before any flight can take off, EVERYONE has got to sit down. Yep! That’s from the pilot to the flight crew; everyone has to take a seat. Sitting down can be a difficult task for some though. Some people don’t feel valuable unless they’re in the limelight, but there are lots of assignments that are important but low when it comes to visibility.

Young children, people who are hyperactive and those who want to be seen all the time have a difficult time sitting down. It’s almost impossible for some folk to take a seat on this flight called life. It’s almost as if they feel like getting up and being busy and their worth are one in the same. Truth is, most busy bodies are far from productive or useful, they just can’t take a seat. This made me think about how so many people never take off in life, love, or their career, because they never learn the importance of sitting down. Some people are always up, sashaying around, showing off, trying to prove a point; only to find out they are the reason for the delay in their life. This speaks to a serious lack of self awareness; many don’t know how crazy they look always trying to be in the spotlight.

The missing ingredient of those who refuse to sit down is humility and it is the exact reason why these individuals can think very highly of themselves, but everyone around them are rolling their eyes when observing their antics. See, these people don’t realize that they are not only their biggest enemy, but everyone around them that’s going places can see it so clearly. They are often those who love to listen to training and teaching, but never apply it. If they only realized that they can listen to as much instruction, motivation and inspiration as they want, but they will still never go anywhere until they learn to stop being such know it alls who refuse to be critiqued, evaluated and coached. Sadly, some people are so busy moving about trying to be noticed but they’re really stuck. These people are not going anywhere and deep down inside they know it. If they could only stop it with their incessant desire to get attention; they would finally be well on their way. It’s tragic if this is you.

If you never sit down and become accountable to the people who you know can help you soar, you’re going to keep frustrating your own departure. Until you learn to listen and apply wisdom; you will find yourself taxiing on the runway of life never really excelling and going to the places you hoped for. Let’s be honest, we all know an attention seeker when we see one don’t we? We know those people who always want the spotlight on them; and while they crave attention from the crowd, the ones who go to great places are those who are not at all needy of validation and acceptance. The people going somewhere in life are the ones who aren’t obsessed with trying to prove their giftedness, because “when you got it you got it.” To those who are actually coachable; please sit down.

Stop allowing your ego and your never ending need for validation to motivate your every move. Study what it means to be humble and take a step back. Look at yourself honestly and stop admitting your faults like a badge of honor and do something about it. Grow up and stop behaving like an adolescent. If you’re really going somewhere on this flight called life; you need to take a seat. You could be the hold up for your own take off. Everyone is waiting on you to get out of yourself once and for all and take a seat.

Your seat is not the seat you see someone else in. You won’t do what you do the same way as someone else, but if you’re going somewhere, you will have a determination to do whatever you do in excellence. Arrogant people think they can do whatever they want and take off. Wrong! The take off is for those who understand what it actually takes to go to great places!

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This Flight Called Life is Short

Didn’t get to post yesterday. Celebrated the life of a woman who was very dear to my family. Made me ponder a lot as it relates to the take off and descent of a life. Some flights seem to take off and arrive to their final destination quicker than others. For some, it really seems as if they’re just getting started and they are no longer here. The saying life is short is really true.

This made me also begin to think about how one going places, great places that is; has a mindset focused on doing what they say they’re set out to do. They must have a commitment to behaving and thinking like a grown up. I’m sure you’re thinking this is a given but trust me, it’s not. There are a lot of people who say they want to be coached and challenged to growth; but remain in a state of delusion. Delusional people love to talk. They spend the majority of their time talking and constantly imitating the people who they admire. They love to copy the glamorous parts from the lives of those who they see going places. Can I tell you that imitating the parts you like about the lives of successful people will never get you to your desired destination? When I used to watch soap operas, I would be so impressed by how they all sat around looking fabulous all day. They would be dressed in the fanciest apparel with maids waiting on their every whim. Sadly, we are at the point in this culture where some of us are completely obsessed with looking the part. Some people are committed to sounding deep, appearing as if they’re humble, nice, kind, genuine and acting out the image of someone who’s trying to make real changes. This is all a hoax for some and the results of their lives make it abundantly clear. People who are actually committed to change are changing. People who are committed to growing are indeed growing. People who are committed to transformation are not sitting around making excuses for being stagnant. If you want to convince someone that you’re growing; grow up. Seriously, time waits for no one and your take off is really up to you, but your descent is not so much in your hands or in your control. You don’t know how long you have to get your assignment done. So if you’re bull jiving and playing around; you’re only fooling yourself and wasting your own time. Take your assignment seriously because it’s no telling when your flight will come to an end.

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A Wealthy Travelers Mentality

Chris tells me that whenever he travels, (which is often) the first thing he does when he gets to the counter is ask for an upgrade. 9 times out of 10 he gets what he asks for. Now we could make a lot of assumptions about why he gets what he asks for. Some would say he’s lucky or that he gets what he wants because he’s a handsome guy and has a great personality. Some would say because he’s articulate and well dressed. But I believe he gets his seat upgraded simply because he had the guts to ask! (Insert praise dance)

If you’re going places in life, you need to have a certain level of boldness and courage to get there; wherever your there is! Getting to your destination has a lot to do with how you see yourself. Take a moment and be honest with yourself – How do you see yourself? And don’t base it on the validation or encouragement of other people. What’s your honest opinion about you?

See, you can’t be insecure and walk around with low self esteem if you want to take off in life. To go places, great places; you have to have a healthy dose of humility paired with a wholesome shot of self confidence, which is an extremely difficult balancing act for the average person. Let’s be honest, most people don’t know how to handle success. This is why so many get cocky when they experience even the slightest bit of favor in their life. I have rarely seen many people able to win in life without becoming braggadocio-us and arrogant. Think of one person you know who’s excelling without being a jerk? I’ll wait,….Sadly, you usually see people with too much confidence and not enough talent or giftedness to match; or people with supernatural mastery who have little esteem and no idea of the magnitude of the gift they possess. We’ve got to change that. We’ve got to learn to ask for what we want with the right spirit. This says to me that more work has to be done on our inner man than our external image, that is if we want to travel on this journey called life with the right mentality.

There was a story in the Bible where Moses, the leader of the first mega church ever, sent out 12 spies to check out the Promised land. The story goes that when they got there everything was huge and on another level. Well, 10 out of the 12 of them came back feeling like they couldn’t handle the next level. They just felt way too insecure within. They couldn’t imagine themselves taking on the next level. Their mindset was too small for the next level. You know people like that don’t you? Hopefully you’re not one of them. Thankfully, 2 out of the 12 of the spies had a different mentality. They believed. They were bold. They were confident. They felt like they were well able to do it. Can I tell you that no one is responsible for the way you feel about you but you?! This is why you have to work on you! Especially the way you see yourself. Most people run around all their life asking, begging, waiting for people to tell them who they are because they haven’t spent the time working on themselves yet.

The 2 men who saw things different took the lead and changed the game. This is a vital component when it comes to the mentality of a good leader. You’ve got to be willing to step away from your friends and family and your need to be accepted and liked by everyone. You can’t get to the next level staying in agreement with people who love negativity. The 2 leaders stepped up and said we can do this. It was their mindset that changed the way everyone around them felt about the next level. Can I tell you that you have the power to inspire and bring about hope even if you’re outnumbered by small thinking! Because there was 2 people out of the 12 who felt confident about going somewhere great, they were able to change the whole community’s mind about going to their intended destination. Everything you will ever do will start with how you think. If you don’t have enough courage to step up to the counter and expect a better seat, then I’m afraid this is going to be a bumpy ride for you.

Get away from people who don’t want to see things with a next level mindset. The majority will always be negative and pessimistic when it comes to change and growth and expansion, but you’re part of a special group. Your mentality is different and you’re ready to take whatever greatness is waiting for you. Start getting used to confronting things other people aren’t bold enough to confront. You’re well able to take on the next level! Be bold. Be courageous and take your next step toward whatever belongs to you! Being a wealthy traveler doesn’t necessarily have to do with money. What it really boils down to is the way you think.

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We’re About To Take Off NOW, Not Later!

I sent my dad a text the other day when he was about to travel to Baltimore. The message was short and simple. It read: “Safe Travels! See you when you get here!” He quickly replied “We’re about to take off NOW!” Immediately my spirit leaped! It was prophetic to say the least. We really are about about to take off NOW!

Whatever we prepare ourselves to do, we really can do now, not later. Wherever we have enough faith and vision to see ourselves going, we can actually go. The sky really is the limit! It’s truly up to us individually how things go from here. We decide how amazing our now, later, day, week, life will be. If we all start constructing a life we don’t need to constantly escape from, we can stop postponing our take off until later. If we intentionally begin surrounding ourselves with people who push us toward the best us that we can conjure up in our wildest imaginations, we can get there! If we would only remove all the doubt, worry, fear, insecurity, paranoia, anxiety and stress and start making the needed adjustments to live our best life now; then we would see it’s really achievable now, not later.

To all my coachable friends here’s what I want you to do. Take out your calendar and begin by taking an hour out your schedule and blocking it by calling it NOW TIME. Take that hour and fill it with whatever feeds your soul NOW. Fill it with whatever forces you into your destiny NOW. If you’ve been putting off the book, the project, the business, your education, your vision, the healthy lifestyle change, the pull to draw closer in your spiritual walk; invest an hour into yourself NOW. Many of you are not about to take off now only because your now is filled with things that are causing you to drift further and further away from your desired destination. As you drift further and further away from your hopes and dreams, you will begin to feel more and more comfortable accepting a watered down version of you that compromises your take off NOW.

Don’t be someone whose take off is delayed because you refuse to confront what needs to be confronted in your now. Confront laziness, apathy and the mentality of the comfortable. Confront the insatiable need so many have to be understood by everyone. Everyone doesn’t have the capacity to handle the scope and the depth of the vision you have for your life NOW. Some won’t be able to see what you’re talking about it until it’s undeniable, in your face, tangible and real! Don’t waste your precious time on people that will only appreciate your dreams when everyone else does. Don’t waste time on people that get everything you’re saying late aka “laters.” Tell people who can’t see your now,..later! They don’t have the aptitude to see that far ahead anyway. They’re “later” type folk. They’ll get it later. They’ll see it later. They’ll buy what you’re selling later.

Right now you need now people in your life who get “it” and you now. People who see your vision now, not after everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. The ones who are ready now are the ones you can move towards take off with quickly. Don’t continue to share your dreams and ideas with anyone who’s not excited with you now! Look at the way they handle you now. If they don’t honor you now, send them into your later. If they don’t share your enthusiasm now, tell them you’ll talk to them later. Look at your life and make an honest assessment. Are you your worse enemy because you’re trying to make your now happen with people who won’t get it until later!? The hard truth is, even the people around you aren’t responsible for your take off being delayed. You are the one who has to make the decision.

Do I take off now or do I put it off until later? I suggest now because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

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Fit To Fly

Airline crew members must have it. Passengers with health issues or those who are pregnant at a certain trimester have to have it too. What exactly am I talking about? Believe it or not, in order for some people to go places; they must prove that they’re actually fit to fly.

This got me thinking about the mentality needed to go places in life. It’s pretty mind boggling for me to see so many people taking on relationships, careers, big undertakings in life, but they’ve yet to adopt the right kind of mindset needed to take flight. Instability, mood swings, constant emotional and mental fluctuations; all of these things make it extremely difficult for people to take off in life.

If you’re finding yourself always rising and falling in your relationships and interactions with people, nine times out of ten; it’s you. At some point on your journey you’ve got to address the approach you take when it comes to everything. No longer can you expect to get somewhere if you’re not fit to fly. In the case of those who aren’t fit to fly, the doctor tells them no. You’re not going anywhere. The doctor will point blank say “You can’t go.” If you’re sabotaging your own success and take off, you really don’t even need a doctor to tell you whether you can take off or not. Truth is, all you need to do is look around at your life. If you’re willing to come clean you will see how you’re doing on this journey. Are your relationships always in critical condition? Is what’s going on in your mind and heart in conflict with your image and vision for your life? Are there people in your life who tolerate your immaturity but in reality they stay in conflict with you because you’re in your current jacked up state of mind? Do you always find yourself at odds with who you are and who you want to be?

If you answered yes to any of these you may NOT be fit to fly. Those who are fit to fly have a mentality that refuses to major in the minors. They have a big picture type of way of thinking; not allowing pettiness and foolishness to keep them dealing with low level relationships, negativity and drama. If you really want to fly, do you seriously think contentious arguing, debates and disagreements with the people on board with you is the way to get there? The person who’s fit to fly is going somewhere and is willing to be approved by someone who can vouch for them that they are really ready to go.

A person who is never able to be examined and approved for take off is not fit to fly. What about you? If you are going to get to your destination, you must be fit to fly.

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Picking up People From The Airport

Today I’m picking my parents up from the airport. They’re traveling here and I’m ready to serve as the driver and hostess and whatever else they need. Am I mad about it? Not at all. The reason I’m not mad is first because I am not a hater; especially when I see people going places. As a matter of fact, I’m making myself available to help anyone who’s making strides to take off! This is why I speak, blog, share, Coach,…I love seeing people grow and reach their destination!

This made me think about how many of us who say we are going places need to look around and become more intentional in helping mentor, coach and serve others. Essentially, if you’re not doing any of that, you are not doing anything. If you are too focused on self that you’re rarely ever taking the time to help anyone else go somewhere on this journey, you’re missing the point. It’s not all about you! It should be that whatever success you’re experiencing is inspiring you to help build others. See, my ultimate desire is to do this kinda of stuff on a regular basis. The second reason I’m not mad about picking them up from the airport is because I love to serve others. Serving is the greatest thing any of us can do. This is why I’m here. Not only do I see myself coaching, and speaking and traveling more,…I literally see myself helping others take off higher than I will ever even go. I was born to help people take off and so were you.

Doing this requires a heart and mentality that’s not self centered. See, the average person is me centered and yet they wonder why they’re having trouble taking off. I’ve found that when you make it your business to bless the people who come into your region or town, they become motivated to do the same for you when you come to their town. I literally sit around and think of out of the box ways to make the journey better for people I come into contact with; with no other agenda but to inspire them!

Sadly, average minds try their best to limit what they do for other people. Most are only focused inward. Only concerned about their family, close friends and circle. Never looking to help anyone else get around! I challenge you, the coachable ones; to change your mentality. Some of you are famous for going out to eat with people and only paying your tab. Buying inexpensive gifts for people yet expecting the best when it’s your celebration. Discounting everything you do for others but that’s not how you want to be treated. Be honest, you know that’s not the mentality or mindset of someone destined for greatness. If you know people are in your area from out of town, help them get around. If you know people are feeling like aliens or strangers, be a friend to them. Support them. Show them around. Make whatever adjustments you need to in your mind and calendar to be available! Make space in your life to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Some of you are saying no way, people are too messy and I’m not going to be taken advantage of by anyone. This is why discernment is vital. You can’t help everyone. There is a class of people that will be drawn to you and some of them are deadbeats, while some are sincerely trying to take off and ascend. Know the difference. Some of you have been burned helping people before so you’re saying now; I refuse to let people use me. I will not be someone’s errand boy or errand girl. They have money. Let them figure it out for themselves. If you’re dealing with a person who has the pathology of a user, that’s not the one for you to be helping get around. But if you know they are genuinely moving forward and just need someone to pick them up; help them. Distancing yourself from people moving towards take off is stupid and a waste of time and resources. Make sure you’re operating with the right mentality! You’re definitely not thinking the way someone going places thinks if you still can’t decipher between people with the right agenda and wrong motives.

See, the average person can’t grasp this kind of stuff I’m talking about. But you’re not average! You’re headed somewhere and greatness is awaiting you; but you must change your mindset now and be prepared to meet King’s. In order to take in this concept you have to start looking at the people in your life with a different perspective. Start to esteem the people around you and stop being so common with everyone you know. Your normal way of thinking is to bring people down to your level. Right now, you actually have people in your life and you treat them like they’re nothing. You think, Oh that’s just Mom. That’s just my Dad. That’s just my Boss. That’s just my mentor, coach or Pastor. But, if the people who pour into you and bless you mean so little to you; you’re essentially saying you have a low view of yourself. The way I see it is; anyone who pours into me and improves my life is IMPORTANT and they should be treated that way by ME. So with that being said, let me go now and prepare to majorly bless the people I’m picking up today. The bottom line is, no one can use you without your permission anyway.

Someone once said “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.”

Check your ego on the way up! If your head is too big as you ascend, it could be the same thing that’s responsible for bringing you down.

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