On Board With Something You Don’t Respect? 👀

Some airlines are known for their cheap fares and most people generally have a low level of respect for these affordable airlines. Ironically the same “critics” of cheap airlines will still book a flight and hop on board something they have absolutely no respect for!

This got me to thinking about how many people are supposedly “on board” with causes, movements and people that they have no respect for. Basically it’s just like the cheap airlines; you’re only with them because that’s all you can afford (insert well). This is the typical way of thinking in this opportunity driven culture today. People will ride on your coat tails for as long as it benefits them, and as soon as a better option presents itself, they are straight out the door. There is such an animalistic approach to relationships these days and I’m really wondering why so many people ignore the obvious signs when they know they’re dealing with an opportunist. People will literally link up with you and get your contacts, resources, information and your wisdom only so they can do what you do. Some people come to you because they know being connected to you affords them the opportunity to go places they know they would have never gone without you. Unfortunately, as soon as they “arrive” they will act like you never existed. In my life, there have been some people who I’ve given short cuts to get to places where it’s taken me years to get to. And just like the affordable priced airline, these same people don’t seem to value or appreciate what’s blessed their life. They won’t pay you for helping them take off, but they have no problem doing that for someone else they respect. Sadly, if it had not been for your favor they would have never made it into certain rooms. They would have never had the confidence or skills to express themselves if not for your mentorship or guidance.

Recently, we took a quick trip to visit my parents and booked tickets on a well known affordable airline. The tickets came in total to $309.00 round trip for three adults. WOW! That’s super cheap!! Of course you have to pay for your bags additionally on that flight. But what kind of a spoiled, entitled brat would I be to expect the airline to take an extra loss just so I can bring my bags too! This made me think even deeper about how we have people riding off of our reputations, connections and favor who have the nerve to invest so little in us and yet they still complain about helping to support what in the grand scheme of things is only going to help them in the long run. How insane is it for me to fly for almost nothing on these people’s plane and then grumble and fuss because I want to carry my baggage along too. It’s shameful the way we think! We want so much for so little.

My advice today for the coachable is simple;

Excuse yourself from any alliances that dishonor your worth. If people can’t see the treasure you are, let them know your significance is not up for negotiations. Don’t make any accommodations for people who want to treat you less than you deserve. The problem with selling yourself at a bargain rate is you’ll attract a clientele of deadbeats who can’t see your worth because their entire perspective is based upon how they see themselves. To a person who views their worth from the perspective of an underdog, downtrodden and rejected place; to them it’s going to be impossible to get anywhere because their vision of self is so warped. The way people see you is often a reflection of how they see themselves; so doing life with these kind of people is frustrating for someone going places. Do yourself a favor, leave them to someone else. Don’t make cheap people your project unless you want to stay on the ground.

When you are determined to go places one of the biggest challenges is deciding who your audience should be. Is that really the crowd you want to market your excellence to? Take your time and really ponder whether you want to work hard to sell a $20 ticket to someone who bemoans buying it, but will pay hundreds of dollars with ease to see something not even as good. Make sure you stop looking for approval from people who don’t approve of themselves. When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.

Make up in your mind today that you will no longer try to make common people believe in your greatness. The truth is greatness always recognizes greatness. On the other hand, small minded people love to diminish others because that’s the way they feel inside about themselves. If you’re helping people to go places, do everything you do in excellence. Even if right now you’re known for selling what you have to offer for less than it’s worth; be assured that at some point quality people will show up in your life and they will gladly pay you more, because they’ll know what you’re offering is priceless!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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I am NOT a low life and never will be!

My oldest son Chris recently traveled to Peru and went on a hike to Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, when he arrived to his desired destination he got sick. I know this was the last thing he wanted to deal with while trying to see the world!! Let’s be honest, who plans on going somewhere great and not feeling well when they get there? Said no one.

Thankfully, his body quickly adjusted and he was able to shake off the way he felt and enjoy his trip! Immediately, I heard a really deep message in this whole situation, especially when we found out he wasn’t feeling well on his trip because of something called Altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness, or AMS (acute mountain sickness), happens when you go from a low elevation to a higher one (insert preach).

Altitude sickness occurs when you take flight — typically over 8,000 feet — and the lack of oxygen at these higher altitudes causes the body to react adversely. This got me to thinking how elevation and promotion effects some people so bad that they’re not like Chris. They never get well at high levels because they’re so in love with low living. Could it be that some people are so used to their way of living that they love being low lives? Well? 👀

Truth is, some people are never really able to shake how they FEEL and separate their emotions from their purpose in order for them to actually get the maximum experience out of their life. For some people, no matter how much they want to go places, they seem to always come to the conclusion and find out that their take off is unsuccessful because they never get beyond their FEELINGS. Some people can’t shake the feelings that go along with taking flight.

See, taking flight and going higher means you can’t stay low anymore and anything that represents “low” living has to be left behind in order to go higher! Whether it’s people, habits, mindsets; everything that’s going to keep you low has to be abandoned to take off and go to high places!

You can’t stay determined to keep doing things the same way you always did them when considering elevation. Going places means you’ve got to make changes and adapt to new environments and new atmospheres and perspectives. But low lives are so in love with their way of living they can’t imagine any other way. See, this is why many people are getting older but not growing up; because some people can’t handle elevation. Altitude sickness is sadly why some people with potential will never truly soar! And may I remind you potential means you ain’t really doing nothing now! Ha! This is one of the main reasons people who desire to be great can’t be loyal to anything that keeps them low. If you’re sincerely going somewhere you must be willing to allow your feelings to be tested and challenged. That’s the only way to really see if you’re ready to go higher and make the necessary changes that go along with it. People determined to go to higher heights in life are those who don’t have a problem checking their egos at the door because change never happens when your ego is running the show. A person determined to stay low will say they want to go high and then fight against and resist everything that is challenging them to grow. Low lives always end up driving their help away.

See, I know many of you want to go places and travel the world in theory, but travel and ascent comes at a price. When you say you want to go to the nations and touch lives, be ready to check your feelings, ego and all your baggage at the door. The bottom line is; how you handle where you are at this level is a great indication of how well you’ll be able to handle going to a higher level.

My advice today is that you watch your responses and reactions to this level closely. If there are coaches, teachers, mentors, advisors and leaders in your life now and you make their assignment difficult in helping develop you, you’re probably not very serious about going places. If you’re stressed out all the time and falling apart or angry all the time about the things you’re dealing with now, don’t try to go higher. If you have Altitude sickness at this level, and you can’t shake it, how will you ever be able to handle going to the mountain?

I’m convinced some people are only able to handle low living. As for me, I am NOT a low life and never will be!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Luxury Option Included

The last trip I took, the plane was fully decked out with inflight entertainment and there were literally moments that I was enjoying what I was looking at so much so that I honestly forgot about everything that was going on around me!

If you’re not familiar with this; Inflight entertainment gives passengers the option while flying to watch the latest Hollywood hits, trending TV shows, and music videos through a seatback monitor or your own personal device. You can literally push a button and see or hear whatever you want (insert praise break). So, this one added luxury option can virtually take enjoying your flight to a whole new dimension! This inflight entertainment idea 💡 really spoke to me and got me excited because if we would all activate that option in our real lives; we will begin to see things completely different instantly! The luxury option is simple; you can look for the things in your day that make you happy, the things that make you informed or at peace or you can choose to focus on drama. See, it’s not far fetched at all to find the good things about this journey and basically forget about the mess that’s going on around you that really doesn’t matter. This takes focus and it’s up to you to enable this option in your life. As a matter of fact, we can all do this right now, but most people choose to act as if they have no control over how they see things aka playing the victim. Many people give their power away to the environments they’re in and the people they’re around. Frankly, some of us give too much power over what we see and how we understand things from our past hurts, trauma and pain rather than looking at it for what it is. I even think we could turn up the volume on our “happy” in life if we stopped giving starring roles to some of the dysfunctional and annoying characters in our life. Some of us are even guilty of watching the same flicks over and over again when there’s new stuff out there to look at and appreciate. It’s time to stop repeating the same drama and switch the channel to something inspiring and motivating.

Let’s be honest, this entire journey can be a horror flick or a fairytale, it all depends on what you choose to intentionally hone in on. Today, I encourage you to turn your inflight entertainment on and put your attention on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction. Turn your attention to things that make you cry happy tears instead of tears of sorrow. Tune your inflight entertainment to a channel that educates you and improves your life!!When you and I begin to take control of what we look at, it’s going to have a phenomenal impact on this flight we’re on and we will begin to see everything from a new perspective.

When you purposely consider your life as the amazing experience it is, I promise it will help you remember you’re already prewired and fully equipped with this luxury option. You’ve got complete access to your inflight entertainment system. And not only that, you have the potential and power to make your life an action movie that’s filled with comedy and romance. It’s up to you my friend. You can begin making choices that keep your life and state of mind stable, balanced and secure; where nothing around you can interrupt your peace and enjoyment on this journey. Enjoy the luxury option that’s already included!!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Authentic Luggage?

Packing to go on a Spring break trip with the teenager and husband and it dawned on me; I’ve got to get myself some new luggage. Sure I have a cute luggage tag that helps me know which bag is mine, but for me that’s just not enough. Ultimately, I refuse to go to the airport for another trip and have to play the whole “is that my bag game?” at the baggage claim.

This got me to thinking that everyone of us on this flight called life would be able to soar and the journey would be a lot less frustrating if we traveled with luggage that stands out. See, everyone else has the same old standard black/navy blue rectangular zip-up suitcase and this makes getting your luggage back at baggage claim a serious pain in the neck.

I began thinking about how many people are dealing with the same frustration in real life, completely unable to move beyond the next place because they have nothing about them and what they carry that makes them distinct. In a world where everyone is doing the same thing, wearing the same thing, saying the exact same thing, and seemingly traveling the same paths; isn’t it refreshing and inspiring when you finally see someone who’s not afraid to step out and be authentically who they’re supposed to be!

I want all my coachable friends to hear my heart when I say this, don’t be a carbon copy! Unless you’re completely at peace, a millionaire and already living your dream right now, change your mindset today and stop trying to fit in! This lack of individuality in business, branding, church, even your family and your personal style is getting you nowhere and it’s even a big part of the reason why there’s so much competition around you; because everyone is doing the same thing! No one has anything about them that sets them apart, and the environments and circles we’re in don’t inspire or encourage or even support us to be free to express ourselves either. Admit it, most of your family and friends will be the first ones to tell you that your ideas and plans are too outlandish. I think it’s time to get a new advisory board. The people who are coaching you and advising you are probably the reason you’re broke. They’re probably the reason you’re still the local best kept secret. Truth is, they won’t even tell people about your gift because they think you’re “too out there” and that’s why they keep you on the ground when they could be instrumental in helping you take off. While I know all of this can be a bit difficult to process, to actually think that it’s your support system that’s probably holding you down, and even worse it’s because they want you to be like someone who’s already out there and established. (Insert you should be more like so and so 👀).

Trust me I know being a person who’s used to going against the grain; being out the box and unique is not a popular thing to be. You are going to be criticized and ostracized for your uniqueness, and that’s probably the main reason why so many of you continue to ignore the voice inside of you that says don’t be like everyone else! See, I’m challenging you to go on and step out. Make today the day you say I’m no longer depending on the approval of any of the people who haven’t helped me soar at this point; including family and friends. You’ve got to make the bold move and say today is the last day I conform to the status quo of the community I supposedly belong to. You have got to be willing to be talked about and laughed at and you better get ready to experience being ignored and shunned. Get ready for people to send you social cues to let you know you’re not supposed to carry luggage that’s so bright and loud! Sadly, many of you are surrounded by people who have never embraced their true identity, so why would you expect them to be ok with finding yours? Why do you expect them to help you become secure in your authenticity?

You’re surrounded with people who have been telling you all your life; don’t say what you believe! You’ve been around people who lovingly devalue your contributions and opinions for whatever “good reasons” they have. You’ve become used to people you love and trust who tell you the things you have to say are not important or it might offend others, so just be quiet. You’ve been around people who are afraid to carry colorful bags themselves. And while they tell you what to carry and you listen; they’re the same ones stuck in the same spot playing it safe in their lives too. You’ve become too accustomed to hearing people tell you don’t write that! Trust me I’m a writer and can you imagine how I’ve been effected by hearing that I shouldn’t put my thoughts in writing!! And if I wrote my truth it could get me in trouble!?!! At this point, I don’t listen to that anymore and I write what’s in my heart and it is actually my transparency and authenticity that has been an inspiration to many people! Let’s be honest, most of us have been told by well intended people what we should say and what we should wear which basically translates; don’t be who you are, don’t express who you are. Lie about how you feel and what you believe; and this is a source of a lot of pinned up frustration!

When it boils down to it, we have got to break free from being so reliant on the approval of others that we would be willing to deny who we are to carry bland, uninspiring, unidentifiable luggage. I’ve even found myself at 46 years old; and sometimes I’ll think maybe I shouldn’t wear my “good clothes” today because someone might think I was being too much. And then I caught myself and made the bold decision that for as long as I live I’m going to put on whatever I want because I’m not afraid to stand out! That’s it; I’m not afraid to be authentic and I refuse to let other people dictate what I carry within on this journey called life!

The world or people around me can say whatever they want. Even if they say don’t carry red luggage; I am not looking for their approval! If you want to go places, carry what speaks to you and your individuality and uniqueness. Otherwise, prepare to be stuck at the baggage claim watching a zillion bags roll by that look exactly like yours. If you continue to let the standards of everyone else on this flight keep you from carrying whatever it is that makes you distinct and original; expect to have a lot of people confused about if their bags belong to them or you.

But if not, carry what makes you smile. Carry what makes you different and unique, and make no apologies about it. The best part of it all is you’ll be well on your way to your next destination while the rest of the ordinary bags are still circling around with the people who they belong to asking “is that my bag or yours?”

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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The Man Who Flew Too Much

American Airlines was facing financial issues back in the 80’s, so they came up with this brilliant idea to launch a frequent fliers program for a quick influx of cash. The program also offered an unlimited first-class lifetime travel pass to fliers. They called it the AAirpass.

It was a sweet deal, and wasn’t cheap by any means at all. Keep in mind, back in the 80’s $250,000 was a lot of money and back in 1987 to be exact, Steve Rothstein said sign me up for my unlimited ticket to go places! Steve thought paying for this ticket was well worth it. Steve not only purchased the $250,000 pass, he went ahead and paid for a companion pass to go along with it as well. Steve thought this extra $150,000 companion pass was worth it too.

Steve Rothstein is now known as the man who flew too much with his ticket to travel all around the world!! It’s an unbelievable opportunity that has taken him on hundreds of overseas trips. Steve’s ticket has also gotten him;

* 10,000: Number of flights

* 10 million: Miles traveled

* 40 million: Frequent-flier miles earned

* 500: Trips to England

* 70: Trips to Australia

* 120: Tokyo flights

* $21 million: Cost of the flights to American Airlines

* $250,000: What Rothstein paid for his AAirpass in 1987

* $3 million: Cost of an AAirpass in 2004, the last year it was offered.

Steve absolutely loved traveling with his unlimited ticket and would always book flights for himself, friends, family and even strangers in need. But one day it all came to an end. Steve went to take a trip this time and got his ticket snatched from him and was told he could no longer go anywhere!

The man who was so used to going places lost what gave him access to travel like he had become accustomed to. The airline accused him of fraud for allowing friends and family to fly on his pass. He was heartbroken and it’s said that he stayed in bed for days over the agony of losing his pass. Steve was so used to going places that losing his ticket made him feel like he had lost his identity! This whole situation left him utterly devastated, hurt and wounded.

This got me to thinking about how many people like Steve, get hurt when they can’t continue to do whatever they’ve become accustomed to doing. Steve, like many people got so used to the extraordinary favor and unbelievably amazing perks and opportunities attached to his ticket that when he lost it, he didn’t know how he was going to handle his new reality. I began thinking even deeper about how many of us like Steve have milked our “ticket” to the point where we’re about to lose our incredibly amazing benefits too! I wonder how many of us have blatantly worked “the system” (whatever the system is for us) and once we get a wake up call, we are devastated and shocked to see we have gone overboard and the party has literally come to an end. I thought how unreasonable and unrealistic many people can be when it comes to what they expect to get out of this flight called life we are all on. And how many of us want the unheard of and when we get it, like Steve, we go to amazing lengths to take advantage of the good will that’s been extended to us as if we think we deserve unlimited rides. We act as if we think we are entitled to things we know we haven’t even paid for; and we stay waving our ticket of privilege up to prove we have rights to keep being egotistical, narcissistic and obnoxious.

I’m sure the airline didn’t expect too many people to cough up $250,000 to travel as much as Steve traveled. But Steve had intentions to make this transaction more beneficial to him than it would be for the airline. Tragically, many of us are in relationships that look at us the same way Steve looked at his transaction with the airline. In relationships with people thinking about how they can milk you for everything? A lot of these transactional people only think of themselves and how they can take full advantage of you. Most of them only look at you as a stepping stone to get ahead and will drop you when they’ve got the goody out of you. Don’t ignore the red flags and the feeling they leave you with as if you just got scammed or hustled; because you did. And no, although they may not say it out of their mouths, but most people; family included want an unlimited amount of “whatever” they can get from you and that’s just the bottom line. There are only a rare breed of people who just want relationship with you and that’s all. Some people are only interested in the real you and only want your time and love. But the rest; they have mastered the art of caring enough to make you feel like their involvement in your life is sincere. Sadly, not many people genuinely want to give you anything without an expectation that it’s going to help them get to their dream destination.

My real life advice to you today is: watch out for transactional relationships! Watch out for people who do things for you to keep you bound to them. Make sure you only do for others what you can afford to do. This way you don’t lose anything in the end. Lastly, don’t make offers to people that are too good to be true. Most people are in relationships looking for something willing to offer up nothing; and it’s unfortunate that if you show an inkling of kindness and appear to be giving out unlimited tickets of love, support, encouragement and help; there are a lot of people that will make a small investment in you only for the purpose of getting a big outcome.

The truth is when people are as kind to you as they are, just like the airline was with Steve; they don’t necessarily expect you to drain them dry! (Insert Hello!) Sure they expect you to benefit from their generosity, but they also expect you to fly within reason. Don’t end up costing them substantially more than they can afford. Let’s be honest what some people want from you is far more than you’re willing to put out. And if it cost your peace and contentment it’s too much. But this seems to be the problem with being too kind to some people. The people you’re kind to will sometimes end up being like Steve, extremely unreasonable lacking a moral compass. Ultimately, this is why kind people have to set limits; because the people who they’re often kind to don’t have any limitations to what they will take.

Copyright ©️2019 Sherry Grant

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Keep Missing Your Flights? You May Be Arrogant

Ever missed your flight before? This can be one of the most aggravating, disappointing and frustrating things when trying to go somewhere. The normal protocol is that passengers checking luggage should arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time. It’s 90 minutes if you’re checking luggage and 2 hours for international flights.

Of course a lot of people who fly regularly think they know what they’re doing, so they can show up when they want (insert eyes roll 👀). Often times many “professional travelers” think the rules don’t apply to them. That is until they get to the airport and the security line is wrapped around the building. Then these experienced travelers will often say to themselves, maybe I shouldn’t have been so presumptuous. This got me to thinking about how often we can become overconfident and arrogant when traveling on this flight called life. We can assume we know better, even when the rules are written in stone so to say. There are those who are extra sure of themselves that are traveling on this flight and these people seem to know that there are areas in their lives where they do have a little more knowledge and experience than the average person; and even though they could probably just go ahead and adjust their schedules and follow protocol, they make the executive decision to bypass standard procedures. This is classic behavior of people who feel a sense of entitlement and privilege and the truth is, most of this arrogance stems from a belief that someone is “feeling themselves.” If this is you, you may be exhibiting some signs of a superiority complex. This sense of superiority and advantage is often attached to what you feel you contribute. You probably think your contributions to whatever you’re involved in are so impressive, that now you have earned the right to do what you want. Or maybe your title or connection to someone in the organization makes you feel like you are above the law. Can’t nobody say nothing to you. Sometimes people take special liberties that others won’t dare take because they think they just know better and are intellectually superior to everyone else. The person who thinks they’ll get to work late has clearly become a little too sure of themselves and is now actually giving themselves permission to do things he or she wouldn’t have if they were still humble, grateful and accountable.

I find it incredibly amazing though how we can so easily begin to overstep our boundaries and cross lines when we become too comfortable, puffed up, and important. This happens when we start making a habit of doing things that jeopardize our ability to soar and ultimately keep us on the ground, ever missing our flight.

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons so many people miss opportunities meant for them is because they start assuming they don’t have to do what’s required of everyone else who’s going somewhere. And oh the humiliation that goes along with overestimating yourself; it’s a hard pill to swallow but necessary for anyone who really wants to get to their dream destination in life. Maybe, just maybe you’re constantly missing your flights because you’re arrogant. Maybe it’s why you have an amazing resume and still haven’t gotten promoted. Maybe it’s why you’ve got amazing looks and a great personality to match but still no real lasting love in your life. Maybe you’re missing your opportunities because you think you have license to bypass getting to know people, building relationships, share in the good times and the bad, ups and downs and struggles of being a good friend. Maybe you think you ought to be exempt from disappointment or just the routine of showing up and helping with no hidden agenda. Maybe you think all these things are beneath you, but what if what others are actually forging their way through is what qualifies them to make it to their destination; and maybe it’s why you keep missing your flight. Maybe you keep missing your flight because you’re arrogant.

My advice today for all my coachable friends is this:

1. Stop thinking the rules don’t apply to you. If you’re going somewhere you should be leading by example. This means you need to teach others how to handle themselves properly when you’re going places. Look at your life honestly and start to practice what you preach.

2. If you’ve committed to something or someone, give your 100%, no more excuses. Your inability to follow through with excellence could be the hindrance in the organization or movement. Stop rationalizing irrational behavior. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

3. Show up early. Lateness is a sign of disrespect. Habitual lateness sends the message that you and your time are the only factors worthy of consideration. This is why the plane waits for no one when it’s time to take off. It’s actually disrespectful for everyone to have to sit around and wait on someone who thought they were more important than the rest of the people who got up early. What makes you so special?

4. Have some respect for other people. How you involve yourself in things is a reflection of your integrity and character. If you put your all in one place, but do a half job everywhere else, you clearly lack integrity. Sadly, you are sounding a lot like a jerk. Work on being the same person everywhere. Don’t dishonor people with your leftovers and scraps. If you don’t respect what you’re involved in, remove yourself from it. It’s no use in saying you’re a part of something you’re not really going to help make successful. No one needs your raggedy help. If you’re going to help something, help. For God’s sake, stop playing around and come correct.

At the end of the day, after you make excuses and come up with your reasons why you’re not doing anything to push the cause or whatever you’re a part of forward, the real truth is NO ONE BUYS YOUR baloney! Even when you call out and send messages with your so called “good excuses,” the people who work with you or who are on your team know you’re full of it. What’s worse, you know you’re full of it too and over time that’s got to wear on your heart and mind. To know that all the lies, excuses and crap you come up with in your mind to rationalize your foolishness, no one believes you; EVEN YOU.

Can I help you and tell you that it’s time to get yourself together and show up for your take off. See, if you’re still having trouble getting to the place of take off in your life, you need to make some changes and start within. Even when we were growing up and we did The Hokey Pokey, the whole song boiled down to the fact that you’ve got to put your whole self in. The same is true for anyone going places; you’ve got to put your all in,.. cause that’s what it’s all about!


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Let People Fly!

Often times, one of the biggest challenges when trying to “go places” is getting everyone on board when it comes to coordinating take off. You’ll notice that conflict will often arise when it comes to people and their priorities, previous commitments and complicated schedules. Sure, you can have good intentions and announce your desire to go to a great destination and everyone around you will unanimously say “I’m going with you!” But when it really comes time to do whatever’s necessary to move forward, that same level of enthusiasm and dedication that was once shared, quickly dwindles away and is no more.

This got me to thinking about how so many people say they’re “going with you” in word, but their deeds say something completely different. Could the truth actually be that the people who keep talking about flying with you are not really sincere about going where you want to go?! I mean think about it, if they really wanted to go places with you; why are their actions so mismatched? I began to think even deeper about the times our little family was growing and we would plan a vacation, and how much easier it was for my husband and I to book a trip when our children were children. When they didn’t have any conflicting priorities, it was easy to get everyone on one accord. But the older they got, the more they had their own plans, and vision for their life and where they wanted to go. The older they got, the idea of getting on board with us was no longer their top priority! And because we understood that they were growing up and becoming who God made them to be, we didn’t have a problem letting go! This is a clear indication that people can be on board with you in one season and stage of life; and not so much in another. The bottom line is; traveling with people can be complicated because direction and focus often change. Goals and priorities often evolve and that’s life! So, I want you to ask yourself; are you ok with the way life is or are you constantly trying to force people to go places with you they don’t want to go?

See, if you’re honest with yourself, what you care about today is probably a lot different than what was important to you ten years ago; and as we travel on this flight called life, we need to breathe and allow the people in our lives to get on and off without a bunch of dramatics and emotional temper tantrums from us. My oldest son Chris texted me the other morning and said “Hi Mom, I just landed in Peru!” I had no idea he was going out of the country, but I wasn’t surprised because he’s always GOING PLACES. LOL. My response to him was “Enjoy every minute of your journey! I love you sooo!”

What a peace that probably gives someone who decides to go somewhere different; when the person they were once traveling with gives them their blessing. I want to challenge you today to do the same for some people in your life. Just go ahead and give them your blessing to take off! Give them your blessing to go as far they want when it comes to pursuing their dreams and plans. Give them your blessing when it comes to becoming whatever they have in their heart and mind! Give them your blessing when it comes to making mistakes and failing. Tell them it’s ok and you’re always going to be there for them no matter what! See, most people stay stuck in life because they don’t feel like it’s safe to say I want to go somewhere else! Most people never take off because the people around them never give them their blessing. The only thing they give them is their anxiety, fear, worry and trauma. Could it be all you’ve ever been given from well intended people is a bunch a crap that’s kept you on the ground unable to ever take flight?

When Chris texted me and said he was in Peru, what if I had bombarded him with fear and worry because I wanted him to stay close to me? How would that have impacted his emotional and mental well being to feel like he needed to keep me happy instead of going where he needed and wanted to go? This is unfortunately a very selfish way to think and the total opposite of unconditional love. Unconditional love as far I as understand is when you love everything about a person; even when their journey with you is no longer the way you planned it would be. As I finished off my coffee this morning and thought a little more about this whole idea of traveling with people, I realized it’s all about my outlook and attitude. That how I view my relationships with others is the determining factor in how much I enjoy this flight. That even though I choose to say I’m traveling with people on this flight, I’m only really responsible for me. That after relationships change and people fly with me to certain points and then go their separate ways; if I don’t have a good relationship with myself, I’ll constantly feel empty, abandoned and alone because I’ll be relying on other people for something I need to look for within myself.

My simple advice to my coachable friends is this; Let people fly! Let them fly as high as their heart desires. Be there for them, but don’t make them dependent on you for anything except to help them soar and take off in life! Always keep an open door policy and give nothing to anyone on this flight called life except your unconditional love.

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It’s Up In The Air!

My 16 year old daughter is excited that it’s almost spring break because she is ready to jump on a plane and travel somewhere. One thing I absolutely love about her is she’s always making plans to fly and do things that are adventurous and fun. She’s not afraid to go places and always wants to see new ways of living! And while she’s been searching for ideas of where to go for a few weeks, as of today, our plans for where we’re going are still up in the air.

This got me to thinking about the other things in my life that are still up in the air; not certain, unsettled. As I thought even deeper about this I realized there are even some relationships and commitments that I used to have that at this point in my journey are actually subject to change too; and the even greater revelation for me is that it’s okay!

It’s actually okay to admit I don’t know everything. Ha! It’s okay for me to be unsure. It’s okay for me to say I need more time to think about “it” whatever it is. It’s okay for me to own up to the fact that I’m no longer committed to some things. It’s okay for me to decide that I’m no longer feeling the same level of inspiration, enthusiasm or passion for something today that I did yesterday. It’s okay to say “I don’t know.” I’m even more excited that I don’t care anymore about what people think about my lack of knowing. I’m okay because my decisions are my decisions and even if parts of my life are up in the air, it’s my life, not opinionated people’s life. The funny part about people is everyone has an opinion about how you should live your life. If only the same people could apply all the good sense, wisdom and expertise they have about your life to theirs! This whole idea of freedom from people and their opinions and plans for your life will change the way you live. It will cause you to soar to new dimensions. When you start living free from what “they” want, you literally rid yourself of excess pressure and no longer have to feel anxious, dumb or incompetent if you don’t have all the answers. I have some practical advice for you: Tell the next person who asks when you’re getting married “It’s up in the air!” Tell the next person who asks when you plan to have kids “It’s up in the air!” When the next jerk comes up to you to stress you about your life plans and goals tell them “It’s up in the air!”

Some people think they’re so accomplished that the real reason they come up to you and ask you a million and one questions about your life is so they can begin to tell you how you need to be like them. Lol. (Insert no thanks)

This whole technique of not giving them anything back will shut a narcissist down. Just tell them your life is up in the air. Tell them your next move is up in the air and you are in no need to rush or force anything to happen. If the job is for you, you’ll get it. If the man or woman is for you, it will organically work out. There is no need for you to drive yourself crazy so you can try to impress someone else who if the truth be told is just as clueless as you are.

Most of us will have to admit we love to make plans and aggressively put things in to action. It makes us feel better about ourselves to tell people our lives are all planned out. But the problem with living this way is, you will begin to create a life where you put yourself under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. You’ll also stress yourself out and box yourself into sticking with a mapped out life thats only lived to make people feel better. And trust me when I say this, stress will definitely wear you down. Stress will make you look and feel bad. Stress will make you lose your edges. Stress will have you snapping on people and coming off angry and cold. While some stress is a part of life and can’t be avoided, much of what the average person stresses about is a decision!

Dear coachable friends, I sincerely want you to be honest with yourself and look at your life and the things you’re making a choice to stress about. I want you to look at some of the things that you’re allowing to overwhelm you and just say “I’ll get back to you on that.” Then I want you to breathe and replace that anxiety with whatever brings you joy.

Imagine how much you would actually enjoy this journey if you just started telling some people “Right now, I’m up in the air on what direction I’m going.”

This is such a freeing, liberating way to respond to overly dramatic people who try to bring you into their madness when you’re already dealing with your own stuff! And don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be a jerk and act as if you don’t care about other people; it’s just time for you to stop leaving your needs up in the air. The truth is, in all your caring for everyone else, you forgot to take care of you. Now your health, credit, finances and emotions are all out of whack, simply because you’ve left caring for yourself up in the air (insert preach). If you really want to go somewhere on this flight called life, make sure you have a couple dollars to go. That means you can’t give away everything you worked for to keep reckless people going. Unapologetically do your best to be the amazing soul your are; but be sober, level headed and admit it, some people and some things need to be left up in the air in order for you to go higher. At the end of the day, this spring break is going to be symbolic for you if you’ll let it. It’s going to be the first time in a long time that you made a decision to break up with stress and stop leaving your needs up in the air.

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“What!? I can’t take that with me?!”

Everywhere you go there are rules, order, a list of do’s and don’ts. Oddly enough, some people act surprised when they’re told certain things are not allowed if they want to succeed on this flight called life. Some people actually get offended when you tell them they can’t say and do whatever they want if they want to experience success. That they can’t handle things the way they want if they actually want certain doors to open. Sadly, we all have to put up with knucklehead people who seem to have no boundaries, common sense or respect for others. This amazes me when you would think as old as some people are they should know what’s appropriate and what’s not. Often times, people are only aware of the rules when it affects them, not you and this can be somewhat of a draining part of this journey called life we are all on. But I’m talking to my real life coachable people. The ones who really want to fly. The ones who understand that ascension to new levels requires a willingness and capacity to stretch and learn what’s allowed and what’s not and then adapt. Adapt, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck at the airport forever.

The airport has a list of banned items.

The following items are completely banned from aircraft, and should not be brought to the airport:

• Explosive and incendiary materials

• Flammable items

• Gasses and pressure containers

• Matches

• Oxidizers and organic peroxides

• Poisons

• Infectious materials

• Corrosives

• Organics

• Radioactive materials

• Magnetic materials

• Marijuana (cannabis)

Seems like any normal, reasonable, sensible, rational person should already know not to try and hop on a plane with any of this stuff from the banned list, but clearly the list had to be made because some clueless individual thought to himself “What!? I can’t take that with me?!”

(Insert duh) NO!

The truth is a lot of people literally act like they were born yesterday when it comes to common sense situations and rules of engagement. For some of us there is an unwritten code of conduct we live by, and as you grow up and you want respect; you freely give it to others. But there are so many uncoachable people who go to the airport carrying banned mindsets and wonder why they never go anywhere.

This got me to really thinking while I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee, how so many people never take off in life because they keep trying to take things with them that aren’t permitted (insert churchy “well!”) See, you can’t honestly go anywhere with a bunch of childish mentalities and ways of approaching people and life without dealing with the consequences of your actions. I’ve found out that life will begin to humble you and teach you lessons on what’s acceptable in order for you to ascend. Life will also teach you what’s not ok even when you’re being proud and trying to ignore what’s right in front of you.

Unfortunately, some people are determined to try and take along obnoxious attitudes that are nothing more than ticking time bombs, and they wonder why they can’t get along with anyone. Things are blowing up because what you’re carrying is on the banned list. Some people are taking flammable mindsets and everyone they interact with is “over it” and the people in their lives are no longer interested in setting themselves on fire to stay connected to you. Some people realize every time they encounter your madness they feel the fire or the burn of your craziness. It’s so sad that so many people stuck at the airport are trying to take poisonous habits that infect every relationship and endeavor they put their hands on. So, I’m here today as your real life coach to tell you that it’s time for you to start unpacking the things that are keeping you at the airport, but never taking off!

Not only is it dangerous to keep packing banned items as you prepare for departure, but if you’re a parent, mentor or leader, you must remember that you have people watching you. You have people who admire you and look up to you and you can be assured they’re taking mental notes and following your cues or hopefully doing the total opposite. Wouldn’t it be a shame before God if they ended up unable to ever take off because they enrolled in your school of thinking and put your toxic teaching into practice in real life? You could be coaching people to stay low by what you carry with you everyday. Insecurity and low self esteem are banned at the airport for those who are going places and who seriously want to take flight, and too many of us stay down because they never find themselves and are always looking for external sources for relevance and significance. You could be a senior citizen and still unable to separate who you are from the people in your life. Constantly assigning ownership to people as your only source of identity. This is why so many people never go anywhere because they never find who THEY are outside of their roles, responsibilities, titles and relationships to people. Think about it, if you only know yourself by your occupation, who are you when you’re not functioning in that role?

If I only know myself as my husband’s wife and my children’s mom, who am I when my assignment is done and they grow up or God forbid my spouse leaves or dies? This whole idea of understanding who you are is vital to your take off and the take off of others around you. It’s awful to continuously make people what you want them to be as they attempt to take flight on their own journey. It speaks to your lack of self awareness and your inability to let go.

Another banned item for take off in an emotionally and mentally healthy life is the use of toxic talk in the place of healthy language. Foul language that comes out of your mouth can become corrosive and it’s probably not good to carry with you even if it seems to be a cool way to communicate. Let go of doing what everyone else is doing, and clearly toxic talk seems to be the lingo of the day. Toxic talk by my definition is anything that borders on negativity!

Science even suggest that swearing is more than a bad habit and it might actually affect your mental health and how well or poorly others treat you. Studies also showed that using foul language aka toxic talk increases your adrenaline and helps you cope with pain; suggesting people who talk toxic are coping with some unaddressed hurt and dis-ease. The study went on to even say, the more often you use bad language, complain, gossip, shade others; the less effective it is as coping mechanism. Many people who curse, gossip, shade and make fun of other people may not even be aware that these are all signs of anger and deep seated hostility; and did you know that anger produces a chemical poison in your body, and we all know that anything poisonous can’t be good for us.

The bottom line is, it’s time to think about what you’re carrying. Take an inventory of what you’re packing daily and check to see if it’s a good idea to keep it or ban it! There are whole lot of things you can actually carry with you that are flight approved; like a positive outlook, cheerful demeanor, uplifting words, hopeful vibe, peaceful and calm perspective, a plan and strategy to succeed and habits that help produce that kind of success in your real life. All of these kinds of attributes are on the approved list and allowed for take off!!

Prohibit anything or anyone that weighs you down, like the people who always speak to your fears and add to your anxiety. Ban the people who seem to always have a negative “what if” when it comes to your passion. Ban those who seem to stay eager to shoot down your excitement. Watch out for people who always have a problem for every solution. Don’t allow people to stay close to you who ruin your peace and progress. No matter how much you care about them, some people need to be on the list of things banned for take off.

Let’s be real, most of the things we are carrying that we need to dispose of, we already know what they are (or who they are). The next step is releasing all of “it” so we go somewhere! I refuse to stay at the airport! I’m going places and promise to check myself daily and make sure I’m not hindering anyone else from getting to their destination either!

If my articles have in anyway shape or form blessed you or even vexed you, please take a moment to leave me a comment. Also, please feel free to share these with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media platform you choose!


Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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