You know what you need to do!

There’s more people on the ground than in the air! Now that’s a word right there! Think about it. More people are content walking than those who have made it their business to fly! Let’s be real, not everyone wants to be an eagle. Eagles fly alone and that is probably the biggest reason many of you are not going the places you have the potential to go. It’s sad watching people more invested in staying low to keep the company they are accustomed to than waving goodbye to complacency and laziness.

This is pretty much a wake up call for you if you know you’re supposed to be doing more than what you’ve become so content doing. Going to work. Coming home. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. That’s not the life you dreamed of. What has gotten into you? Why are you so tied to this mentality that has you missing out on opportunities? And you wonder why you struggle with sadness, anxiety and depression? It’s simply because you know better. At this point I’m just about done trying to pull you up out of this Black hole you’ve settled in. And you know that I’m not the only one. Everyone sensible around you has stopped trying too. You’re not acting like yourself. Snap out of it and get away from those people who make you feel comfortable being lazy. I said it to my class last night. “Be yourself” is some of the worse advice anyone could have ever given some of you. I’m not trying to be rude but frankly you’re the problem. There I said it. It’s true. You are way too easy on yourself. Or if you aren’t you’re on the total opposite end of the spectrum constantly beating yourself up and playing the victim instead of stepping up your game and changing those negative habits you have. Some of you are guilty of making way too many excuses for yourself. You give too much grace to yourself when you should actually be doing some work. Whether you’re a Christian or not there’s a scripture in the Bible that’s perfect for this scenario and for you. It says “Faith without works is dead.” Can I get a witness?!

That simply means you need to do something other than what you’ve been doing! Seriously! Stop talking and making yourself believe you make sense. You don’t. Stop being loyal to people who are only helping to encourage you to be average. Get up and find your motivation. Do something about this rut you’ve acknowledged that you’re in. Today is the beginning of a new day for you if you will make the necessary adjustments in YOUR LIFE! You owe it to yourself to try. Please stop making the ridiculous excuses you’ve been making and do something that catapults you into a new level!

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“No Flights Out This Morning.”

Today I woke up late; on purpose. It was necessary. I had to do this for me. I was exhausted and so in need of a mental health day. So that’s what I did. I took some time for me. That’s why I titled this blog “No Flights Out This Morning.”

This has become an important way of life for me; deciding what I want and more importantly what I need and honoring my wants and needs. Not in a self sabotaging way, but with the utmost respect for what’s best for me and everyone around me. Shucks. Who would I be fooling? Running off of steam, burnt out and tired as a dog,… I would make the most miserable company and probably be very unproductive if I decided to ignore my body and mind. Who needs me showing up half alive? Partially functioning. Who needs me being physically present but checked out in every other way? No one! Get that out of your head that you need to keep on living like this! Like a robot. Stop faking your way through life, pretending to be all in your relationships when you’re not. Stop acting like you’re going somewhere when you’re not even emotionally present. You’ve got to prepare your life for a successful take off. That’s the only way you’re really going places!

Many of us are so used to trying to please other people that it’s easily possible to ignore yourself and forget that you’re a real person with needs and wants. Repeat after me; I AM A REAL PERSON. Now do me a favor and stop trying to be Superman! Take the cape off and do something for you! Do something that you want for a change. This is how you change the narrative. Your life will shift when you stop saying you know your worth and living your life in a way that demonstrates that to the world.

Don’t keep on a destructive path by caring for everyone except your own heart. You’ve got to be diligent when it comes to your life. If not, you’ll lose yourself trying to love everyone else. Today is the day for you to come home and do something you want. Today is the day that you make the decision to stop doing things you hate. Stop spending time with people you can’t stand. Just stop it. Be honest with yourself and cut the crap. If you keep living your life in this very fraudulent way you’re never going to enjoy this journey. The goal is authenticity. Who are you? If you could sum up yourself in three words what would you say? What do you enjoy? Who are the people you enjoy spending time with? I know these might seem like silly questions. But they aren’t. These are important questions because they’re about you! Incredible you. Creative you. Talented you! In case you forgot, you have something to offer the world, but if you’ve become consumed with things that aren’t helping you soar; you’re robbing us all of the gift you are.

This is your Monday Wake Up Call! It doesn’t matter if you woke up late. So what if you didn’t take off this morning. Maybe you needed to sleep in and rest up from all the things you’ve done to help other people. But today is a great day to start something that helps you get closer to your goals and dream destination. Ready. Set. Go!

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Relationships aren’t designed for selfish people

Don’t be silly. You can’t go far in anything if you don’t know how to express yourself. I mean seriously. For anyone who wants to go somewhere in life, you must be able to open your mouth and speak up truthfully and respectfully and articulate what you feel and what you believe. You have to learn to advocate for yourself. You can’t sit around and be pitiful and powerful at the same time. You’ve got to pick one. I choose powerful and powerful people are articulate people. They have taken the time to develop a healthy way of communicating. You’ve got to create a language for success. This language for success includes words that elevate only as opposed to words that shape an atmosphere for self defeat and destructive ways of thinking. The language system for the next level is free from stupid nonsense and idle talk. There’s no other option for those of us who want to go somewhere in life. We must learn what to say and how to say it. In order to really take off, you need to learn how to communicate in a courageous way. You’ve got to be able to get your point across without fear and guilt and apology. I mean authentically, say what you mean. This requires a lot of practice and personal leadership. It also requires you operating with some next level restraint and candor. That’s often a difficult combination for many people to find. Most people struggle with this so they shut down and don’t say anything. That’s not what I want you to do the next time you know you’re supposed to speak up.

You need to say it and stop allowing the fear of their response to control you. Don’t forget your entire purpose is to bring light to darkness! This cannot happen if you are mute. You must be bold and remember it’s important for you to tell the truth in love. That means you can say what you need to say and remain calm without being rude or disrespectful or offensive. You want to be as honest as you can, without wounding people and breaking their spirit. Sometimes even that’s impossible because some people are so determined to stay broken. So I know it’s hard to step into this new place of leadership because most of the people you shy away from being real with are good at manipulating you. But this is not the time to allow their toxic ways to keep you from doing what you know you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to challenge them. You’re supposed to call them out. That’s why you’re in their life. That’s proof that you really care about them. See, I know it’s a lot. I know it’s a job. It’s work, but this is what we all signed up for. We signed up to be brothers and sisters and friends and mentors and leaders. Look up all those words; they all come with a tremendous amount of accountability and responsibility. Don’t go throwing these titles around and then not take your responsibility seriously. It means a lot when you call yourself someone’s family or friend! Act like you are really what you say you are!

If you are going somewhere great, you need the people you’re traveling with to be stable and have integrity too. You can’t go places with shady characters who refuse to work on themselves too. You need to be equally yoked in your relationships on this journey. Don’t become the enabler of people who end up dragging you down on this flight called life! You’ve got to learn how to say whatever is needed to see your relationships go to the next level. Sadly, a lot of people get so consumed with activity and busyness and delude themselves into thinking that’s helping. That’s not helping people. Communicating truth is more helpful than loaning people money, giving them rides, and running around to help them do menial task that they’re old enough to be doing by now. This is how a lot of relationships become out of balance. This is why you get so sour with them because after you help them, they’re still just as dependent and infant like as they were before. This is how a lot of people get burned out. This how they fall out of love and lose their spark. Friendships, love relationships, even working relationships thrive off of more than routine activity and busyness. They only truly survive when we share our hearts and that requires emotional support. You can’t have a healthy relationship with someone who never supports you emotionally. This is why you’ve got to learn to communicate and share what your needs are too.

Conversationally, many of you aren’t going anywhere when it comes to your current connections because you’re missing something vitally important. It’s staying emotional connected and sensitive to the people you’re in relationship with. Maybe that’s not your issue but maybe you’re not getting this need met from the people you give your ear and heart to. This is still an issue of imbalance. This is how a lot of people grow apart. It’s also one of the biggest reasons people end up in affairs. It starts with an emotional affair. And while you may be taking care of the financial, physical needs in your relationship it’s not enough. A lot of people think if they cover the visible aspects that they’re the only important needs a person has. But people are more than just physical. We are emotional beings too. Repeat after me – I an emotional being in need of emotional support! Shuck! We all have emotional needs as well as physical needs. We all need people who actually listen to us and talk to us about things that matter to us too.

Many people use old adages and wise sayings like “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” And hey, I get it. There is some practical wisdom in that, but it’s got to be applied on a case by case basis. You can’t keep a healthy relationship with anyone sitting around in silence. You must open up your mouth and speak. And then my main question for you who think like this; is why would there ever be a point in a mature person’s life where they don’t have ANYTHING nice to say? That’s just ridiculous, extreme, totally unacceptable. You always can say something nice. That is if you want to. Also, if you have the depth and substance needed to bring light and illumination to your world and the people in it, you shouldn’t be silent. Makes me think people who sit in relationships, organizations, companies and play the quiet game are some of the most dangerous people to keep around. What’s so difficult that you can’t find the words to say it in a healthy way? Why is it that you think you can sit around when other people are being vulnerable and sharing their heart and their thoughts and say nothing? Why is that ok? You wouldn’t want people to do that to you so why is it ok for you to just sit there and never contribute anything?

This is a good day to assess the way you handle your relationships and the way the people in your life are handling you. Are you doing your best to be emotionally present and forthcoming? Are they doing that for you? Are they doing a good job meeting your needs emotionally or is it time for some healthy dialogue? A lot of people are suffering and can’t put into words where the breakdown is. Hopefully this helps you get closer to finding healing when it comes to the void or the breakdown in some of your relationships. Conversations can help get sparks back and remind you why you connected with people in the first place. Sometimes people get too lax. We’re all guilty of that. We think the people closest to us are there and we don’t have to value them. We get so comfortable we think we don’t have to work anymore so we stop talking. Don’t do this in your relationships. Don’t stop dating. Don’t stop communicating. Let this be the day where you see a revival in all your relationships that are important to you! Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.

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When People Sleep On You Let Them Get Their Rest

I notice a lot. If you follow my blog, it’s probably safe to say you do too! You’re an intuitive person. You discern people’s spirit and see when people’s hearts are not in alignment with their words. You’re a very observant person and you’re committed to your growth and ascension. You notice the way people handle you versus what they say to you. You can tell when someone is being mendacious and disingenuous. Also, if you’re like me you notice the amount of effort people put into you versus the level of care and attention you genuinely give to them. Then, if you’re like me, you handle people accordingly and I mean that in the most humble way possible. It’s not like you’re mad at them. You just know when you’re done being dishonored by the fakery. See, if you’re like me and you’re going places and you definitely are, you can’t afford to ignore relational imbalance. Not that you expect 50/50 friendships. You just want equal effort in your relationships. At this point when you make this decision you begin to create a solid value system and that’s the only way you do relationships. You can no longer ignore dissonance or pretend to give more of your attention and energy to people who don’t appreciate what you bring to the table. You simply get fed up and can no longer afford to pay attention to people who treat you in a way that goes against what you know to be true when it comes to your value. It’s like if I handed you my Chanel purse and said give me whatever you want and you can have it, many of you wouldn’t pay me the same amount of money I paid for it. You would probably say, thanks and give me whatever you had.

This sums up many of your relationships. You’re handing people value when you give them your wisdom, attention, time, friendship and then they turn around and give you whatever they want. This is not cool. It’s literally like you’re throwing your valuables to people who don’t respect what it took for you to get it. That is what I call an unfair exchange. You need to rethink this today. As hard as you worked to get where you are today, to be healed and free from your past hurt and trauma. And now, to hand the healed version of you to someone who’s not going to treat you right? That doesn’t make sense.

There really should be no human being alive who’s allowed to take you for granted. There’s a popular saying that goes “Know your worth and add tax!” In other words, don’t discount what you have and who you are in order to accommodate broke people. If you even consider how many people who say they are financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually depleted today. These same people will turn around and figure out ways to come up with whatever they need to in order to get what they want when they get desperate enough. The same way they can come up with money, time, enthusiasm for the things they want when they get desperate enough for it, they can also come up with something (definitely more than a bunch of excuses) if they want you in their life. Raise your standards. It’s not good for your emotional well being to keep discounting yourself to keep people around. Your purpose is not to hold onto people who aren’t doing anything to hold onto you.

Get this through your head now so you can take off. You’re limiting your life potential entertaining people who are beneath you. And in the meantime, they never uplift you or support you. Instead it’s always you doing all the giving. You’re always the one to give of yourself to people who don’t treat you right. My advice for my real life coachable friends is simple; When people sleep on you, let them get their rest! Don’t convince another idiot to see your value. Let them get their act together without you. And then, when they are going somewhere other than in circles with their life, then they can come back and approach you in friendship, business or even love from a place of integrity. How they’re dealing with you right now is not ok. When you change your value system, everything is going to change. You’ll begin to heal and then and only then will you see that you will never have to sit around and tolerate people who drain you and exhaust you again.

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Guilty of Overcomplicating Things?

The average coach seat on an airplane is crouchy as my 17 year old would say. That just means it’s super uncomfortable, unpleasant and awkward to be cramped up in such tight spot for hours. And to make matters worse they pin you up so close to strange people who you don’t necessarily want to share such an intimate space with. But, if you want to get to your destination you will sit down and cooperate so you can take off and get to your destination! After all, isn’t it silly to waste a bunch of emotional energy focusing on the parts of the trip you don’t necessarily enjoy when the whole point is moving forward not being a diva about how you get there. Why not spend your time getting excited about the fact that you’re going somewhere great rather than being annoyed about everything along the way!?

It made me think how much attention we give to nonsense, like the seat we sit in. This attitude spills over into our daily lives too. We obsess over who our office mates are going to be, instead of thanking God we have a job. We sit around and become anxious about who the usher sits us next to in church, or the movies, who our neighbors are going to be. We let all kind of thoughts and questions control our minds. Will we like them? Will they like us? Will we be comfortable with them?? Will they be comfortable with us? Even when it comes down to the family members we find ourselves doing life with, we allow them and their issues to dominate our lives and that’s not good for our mental health. We become so consumed with trivial matters like where we live, what we drive, what we wear, what we eat,… it’s nonstop, the soundtrack that plays in our head. Womp, Womp, Womp! We can’t even focus on the real reason we’re on this flight. Can I remind you it’s not about luxurious living! It’s not all about having super perfect conditions, or even liking everyone we sit next to, but our existence is supposed to be centered around accomplishing something significant. So what if everything is perfect and meets your grandiose standards of comfort and luxury?? After that’s what’s next? Throw in some vacations, shopping and dinners out with friends. Is that all you think your life is about? No!!! This flight is not about accumulating stuff! As a matter of fact, this flight called life is about you making a significant contribution to the world!

It’s about you letting go of your need for anything trivial and superficial and finally tapping into your real life purpose. Go right ahead and get you a husband or a wife and a kid or two. Buy a house and your dream car, but I need you to understand that’s not the real purpose of your existence! Your purpose is not attached to people or things. Even the fact that you were born alone and die by yourself is a reminder of that. Your purpose is not wrapped up in someone else’s identity, even your spouse has their own brain. That just lets us know everyone is responsible for how they think and what they do with their life. Life after we accumulate stuff is really all about being the answer to an problem that will ultimately help heal and transform the world. I’m sure we can all agree that this is a cold world. Someone has to figure out ways to change that. That someone is you and me. And I’m writing this today to tell you that until you tap into your passion for whatever that is, I’m afraid your comfortable luxurious living is only going to distract you even the more. It’s only going to lull you into an even more empty sense of satisfaction where you’ll still feel a void until you create a solution to something bigger than you. The bottom line is that you need to get off of this bandwagon of needing to keep up with The Jones’s and accumulate a bunch of stuff. Stop begging for validation from the people around you. Grow up. You’re not on this flight to make people jealous of your Instagram page. Who cares how many shoes, belts and handbags you collect? Are you happy though? Material things can’t fill a void in you. No wonder so many people in this shallow world we live in are depressed! They’re missing the point.

This world needs more people who are enthusiastic about contributing to the communities they’re a part of. I mean significantly contributing. Not just volunteering like a volunteer. Not this obligatory help we give to things we say we’re a part of, but sincerely giving back and inspiring others to create and think bigger than the average person. Be honest, admit it; the average person is only concerned about making sure they have their needs met. That “God bless the child who’s got his own” mindset is the American mentality that perpetuates greed, jealousy, selfishness, competition and comparison. It’s a sick world. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you need to go start a shelter in your home or a soup kitchen or pantry in order to give back. That’s not necessarily helping people become independent and self sufficient. We have enough programs that enable people to become dependent on someone else and never take responsibility to care of themselves. The point is we ought to be mentoring people so they can mentor people. We should be challenging the people in our lives so they can do the same for someone else. All I’m saying is that all of us should be doing something that takes the attention off us. We should be doing something to elevate the community we live in. There’s something you do almost effortlessly that can help change the world. When I say you do what you do effortlessly it doesn’t mean you can approach anything attached to your purpose without effort, enthusiasm, excellence, integrity and purpose. What I am saying is, the things you do well don’t come as easy for anyone else. That’s how you know it’s what you were born to do!

To my real life coachable friends – get on your way to purpose and stop overcomplicating everything.

Think about the things you think about. Rate them based on the level of priority and importance you really need to be giving them. If they’re really simple, unimportant trivial things you’re placing too much emphasis on, remove them from your list of priorities.

Put your priorities on paper and don’t allow anything or anyone to distract you from doing what you said is important to your purpose. If it’s not advancing you in your life goals, don’t do it. Stay focused and watch your life become more purpose driven than ever.

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Stop Procrastinating!

I know you’re ready to go somewhere great! I can tell. Your openness to new things is becoming abundantly clear to everyone around you. You’re tired of the mundane and the ordinary. You want more than the same old routine. And now that you know you need to go somewhere better, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s in your decision making, relationships, career, when it comes to your health, finances, creating boundaries and setting standards; the next question is when are you going to do it?

There’s a huge difference between self awareness and putting in the actual work to see progress and advancement. A lot of us are good at talking the talk, but I want to challenge my real life coachable friends to put together a doable plan that’s sure to help you take off in this new season of your life. What’s the use in dreaming and obsessing over what needs to be done and never do anything? Start being more intentional. Make a list of your goals, both short term and long term. Then start knocking out each one little by little. The more you make strides, the more confidence you’ll gain as you crush what seemed to be a mountain in your way.

I’m certain that a lot of the things you want to accomplish are achievable but one of the biggest challenges for a lot of you is OVERTHINKING. I know I’m on your street and this act of self sabotage has got to stop. You overthink absolutely just about everything and create obstacles even if there aren’t any. You allow the fear of what could be to consume you and it cripples you until you do nothing at all. Isn’t that why you’re still holding onto all those great ideas and not going anywhere with any of them? Admit it. You’re afraid of failure. The crazy part is, this fear of failure that haunts you is irrational and it’s limiting you from finding out if what you dreamed up could actually become something big. What if it does work? Come on! You deserve to at least give it a shot.

The second issue is for many of you is your proclivity to being a perfectionist. It’s unfair to the world that you preoccupy your life with this idea of perfectionism. You say things like, “I still haven’t mastered it yet.” “I’m working on it!” “I know, it’s almost there,..” All the while you and I both know that’s nothing more than your way of saying I’m sorry but I’m not sharing it until I have everything exactly the way I want it first. You’re so stubborn. Why are you always so obsessed with things being so precise. That’s not good for you to keep doing to yourself. It’s a form of being extra hard on yourself too. What if you release it and then people who can help it get to the next level will show up then. In the meantime you restrict anything from happening when you say it has to be perfect first. You seem to think everything you do has to be so perfect. Meanwhile, you procrastinate and never share your gifts with the world. How many creative ideas do you have that you’re not ready to release yet? You’re overwhelmed with so many thoughts and plans and instead of allowing the world to be blessed by your talent you sit around and shelf incredible stuff! You are going to have to stop being so stubborn and determined to have everything so perfect before you open up and share yourself with the world!

You’re not reading this by accident. This is your wake up call to stop robbing us all of your greatness! Start releasing the creativity and wisdom you have to offer the world!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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Healthy Friendships Are Important

Took me awhile to learn this, but everything going on around me is NOT my business or concern. This is sooo important for all my real life coachable friends to understand. When you’re headed to great places on this flight called life you will often be tempted to step in and get involved in things that have nothing to do with you. Like seriously, take an inventory on how much less confusion and stress you would be dealing with if you made an effort to stay out of other people’s lives and matters that don’t deserve your attention. Even when it comes down to people in your circle, some of their issues are not your problem. Yet how many of you are weighed down today because you’re always trying to do stuff to support people when it comes to their poor decisions. Poor decisions made by grown people who keep doing the same dumb stuff over and over again. And you actually consider this your responsibility? It’s not guys. My advice is simple, stop meddling in people’s lives. Don’t become the solver of problems you didn’t create.

There’s a huge difference with being a friend and listening ear to someone and doing things for them they should be doing for themselves. Why’s that so hard for many of you? You tend to feel this uncontrollable need to step in and be the one to take over and fix other people’s messes. Please stop doing this. It’s Crazy! Especially considering the fact that no one does that for you. And isn’t that really the reason you are so frustrated?? All these lopsided relationships! All these one sided people who honestly never look out for you! Isn’t that why you’re so annoyed and frustrated with your circle?

Bottom line is it’s time to reassess your choices. Starting today. Call it what it is and stop putting perfume on a pig. Pigs are by nature messy and they love mud. Some of these folk you spend all your time with are the same way. Make the choice to live your life surrounded with people who elevate you and inspire you. I hope this article does that for you. You are going places and I’m so excited to see you soar! Healthy friendships are important.

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Supporting Bad Behavior?

You ever gone somewhere and it seemed as if the whole trip was pointless? I sure have. Literally, it was like the whole trip was a waste of my time. I know I’m not the only one to have had expectations that going to a particular place was going to be amazing only to find out you should have stayed home.

Some people are just like that too. You had greater expectations for them and they turn out to be a total disappointment. That is when you discover that talking to them, trying to help them or even convince them that there’s a better way to approach life is futile. Unfortunately, I hate to say it but trying to help some people on this flight called life will leave you feeling like you’ve gone on nothing more than a bad trip. It’s like going somewhere thinking it’s going to be great only to be majorly let down. Like we got this Air B&B one time and the picture was lovely. The description was amazing. But when we got there we realized they did some creative photography using angles and effects that were far from the truth. Some people are like that. Always scamming. Selling you a lie. So I wanted to help my real life coachable friends. I wanted to help you avoid going on bad trips with people who have no intention on making good on all the stuff they say! Bottom line – How can you avoid going into these kind of empty, shallow and disastrous relationships and endeavors?

1. Stop trying to see the best in people and accept them for who they are. If people give you inconsistency and flakiness on a regular; conclude that they are inconsistent and flaky by nature.

2. Stop trying to make them into the best version of what you think they can be when they’re clearly showing you their true colors. We can want people to change all day. Sure you want to see the best in people. But what about them wanting to show your their best? These stressful people who keep making you worry and pray are not your responsibility to change. It’s the duty of every man or woman alive to not be a crappy individual. Sadly, most of these deplorable people we encounter are this way because some mother, auntie, Grandma, godmother,….made it possible for them behave badly. It’s got to stop. Enabling people to continue in their dysfunctional behavior is killing us all; as a society, community, culture, world! It’s this toxic love that encourages rapists, abusers, bullies, racism, intolerance, sexism, negligence and chaos.

3. People need to be challenged (especially by their so called loved ones) to straighten up. If you’re loving someone to the point of them being a full time or even a part time loser; you’re seriously part of the problem. Life is hard enough. No one needs to try and travel it with the results of your poor parenting or your one sided leadership or love.

4. Help people become accountable and make no excuses for unacceptable conduct no matter who it is.

5. Question yourself. Why do you love people who blatantly dishonor and violate other people? They’re out here knocking people up and giving people diseases, ripping people off and you finding some kind of way to paint them into being a good person. Nah! You’re an accomplice if you’re helping people stay broken and immature. Even if you cover them because they help you in some kind of way, then you’re just as bad as them.

It’s time to make a change. This world is getting colder and colder everyday and the only way this is possible is that some of y’all are out here making it possible for people to be trifling. If you’re funding a loser, housing a loser, excusing the misbehavior of one of these people you are the reason these monsters keep doing the atrocious things they do. So what if it’s your son, your brother, sister or friend? Right is right and wrong is wrong. Get your life together and stop encouraging bad behavior.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

Copyright ©️2019 Sherry Grant

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BE REAL and demand that the people in your circle are too!

It’s impossible to be on two different airlines at the same time. Seriously, there is no way this is humanly possible. You must decide who you’re going somewhere with before you take off. Shop all you want, but when it’s time to go somewhere great, everyone is going to see who you’re traveling with. It’s not hard to see who you are linked to. Who you’re flying with, rolling with, aligned with; it’s impossible to hide. Why would you want to anyway? Shouldn’t you be proud of the people you spend time with? At the end of the day, everyone sees who you’re in unity with and who you’re not in harmony with. Everyone knows who you think like by who you hang out with.

This made me think how irritating is it to see fake people try to go places with divided loyalties and conflicted hearts. Like honestly, how in the world are you going to be genuinely connected to something and be divided in your loyalty to that person or place? It’s extremely unnecessary for grown people to waste time straddling the fence in their alliances and decisions. Choose! Make a definitive decision about who you stand with, and for God’s sake let’s be real. Don’t think you can be with the devil all week and all holier than thou on Sunday. Don’t think you can hang out with the wicked all week and be a saint on the sabbath. Pick a side. People who try to maintain a good image but the entire time are being wicked, sneaky, divisive and contrary make me sick. See, there’s nothing helpful about being physically present somewhere while being emotionally and mentally out of sync. Pathetic people lacking backbone and conviction stay on jobs, in organizations and relationships knowing their heart isn’t in it. They stay somewhere based on obligatory guilt while stinking up the atmosphere, and simultaneously sabotaging the momentum and life of a thing with their insincerity. People who are going places in life, despise being around these kind of fraudulent people. How do I know, because I’m one of them who detest being around people who say one thing with their lips, but a whole different thing when it comes to the energy they give off and the actions that follow. Pick an airline! Choose a heart posture, but please don’t think you can be with me and at the same time with those who oppose me.

My advice is simple today for my real life coachable friends; BE REAL and demand that the people in your circle are authentic too.

There’s nothing more distasteful than a mendacious, two faced person! It’s so toxic to have people like this in my space. It interferes with and limits my creativity, inner peace and my ability to communicate freely. Sadly, a lot of these dysfunctional attention seekers want you to “go there” with them. They want to push your buttons. They have a strong need to see you get out of character. They want you to do the work for them and expose what they aren’t courageous enough to open up their mouths and say. Don’t fall for it. If you asked me, no adult needs another person to speak for them. The adults (and I use that term loosely) that I know who operate like this are constantly protecting and trying to help other damaged souls like themselves. It’s like their whole life is given over to supporting the agenda of foolishness. Their whole mission is empathizing with and enabling bad behavior from pitiful people similar to them who don’t have the boldness to articulate their issues and work on a strategy and solution.

If you’re going somewhere great, understand that the devil loves to draw you into nonsense and this low level drama and toxicity is not worth your energy. You’re reading this today because you needed to be reminded that losers are not worth your time! In the meantime stay prayed up. Stay focused on what your assignment is. Let the broken and maladjusted characters who want to star in your story audition for a different production. Let those who are unwilling to work on themselves hang out in their cesspool of contaminated thinking together. You’re above this way of living! You’re headed somewhere great. This is one of the reasons why it’s so sad and abnormal for you to tolerate this now a days. Trust me, you’re going somewhere great and you need to be cognizant of the types of people you surround yourself with where you’re headed.

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Release Your Toxic Ways

If you give a kid some money and tell them to take a trip, nine times out of ten, they won’t get very far. Our ability to take off in life has a lot to do with our level of personal leadership, experience, empowerment, independence and maturity. Made me realize a lot of people aren’t going anywhere because they have no personal leadership skills. They haven’t even matured enough to be able to decide small issues let alone the big details of life on their own. Basically a lot of people are not to a place of being well defined as individuals as of yet. See, if you’re still worried about what people will think about you, you’re not ready to go anywhere great yet. People will always have an opinion about your life no matter what you do. But if your sole purpose is to please anyone except God, you’re not ready. Most of the opinions of others will almost always be wrapped up in an agenda that serves them in some way. Most of your “peeps” are along for the ride with you frankly for what and how they can benefit from you. You think most of these people around you genuinely love you? Ha! Most people don’t love themselves. Majority of the people in your life don’t want you to leave them because you’re helping them in some way the longer you stay where you are. Did you know staying stagnant suits some people personally? Your lack of take off makes them feel better about their insecurities and lack of self esteem! Tell the truth, for your own good; most of the people around you are your biggest hindrance to going places. Most of us can’t even go on a vacation unless we make accommodations for our dog. Seriously, it’s hard to go somewhere different even when you consider your pets and their comfort. Now imagine the level of impact your relationships with people are to your ascent. This is really out of hand for some of you. Always worried about whether your parents will approve of your next move and will you have their approval, support and encouragement? Sad at your age. To still need the validation of people who you ought to respect as your peers. After all, you’re all adults. You’re not a child anymore. I mean are you?

See, this lack of self identity is why a lot of you haven’t moved to the place you really dream of going. You’re still sitting around letting people control you. You still are allowing the proverbial boogie monster of life aka fear dominate your life. Thinking about the what if’s and the worse case scenarios all the time. No wonder you’re self medicating now. You’re not reading this by accident. You are going places if you get liberated in your mentality. The way you’ve been carrying things is no way for someone with all your potential. You can still go far in life but you’ve got to change that thought life of yours. Your personal meditations always have to do with image and people pleasing. You can’t continue on this path. Change your mindset. See, the average person thinks about 50,000 thoughts a day. At least 70% of those thoughts are on autopilot, meaning your subconscious is in control. And the only reason your subconscious has taken over is because what you do and how you think is so predictable. So if you ever want to change the trajectory of your life, work on your thought life. Change! Change requires you doing some major work. Work on your environment and how you handle things. You need an overhaul. This is an internal work and so many people aren’t brave enough to do this. But you are! Most people aren’t like you. They’re so programmed by their families of origin they can’t break free and THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Sad, but that’s what makes you so much like a kid in your mentality. When you can’t go anywhere or do anything without the consent, approval or validation of others, that means you’re still a minor.

Minor thinking can’t get you major results!!! You want great, stop thinking so low. You want big, stop downplaying your dreams and start thinking like someone who has permission to soar. Now go! The sky is the limit! You are in charge of the rest of this trip. Where you go and how far you take it is up to you. I’m excited to see where you end up now that you’ve decided your life is in your hands. Anything else gotta go! Even if it’s your toxic ways.

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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