Snow Changed My Travel Plans

Snow is beautiful but it sure can shut things down too. In our hometown today, everything pretty much got delayed or shut down because of the weather. This made me ponder on how many times I wanted to do something or go somewhere and couldn’t go because something delayed it or shut it down. Sometimes we can’t travel to our desired destination due to circumstances beyond our control. In these instances, I have often found myself feeling anxious and upset; as if it’s impossible to move forward because of the “snow.” But one day I changed my perspective about “snow” days and started to appreciate the delays and even my plans that unexpectedly got shut down.

The FAA considers an airport runway to be dangerous when it snows or there’s ice or slush on it. So for the safety of the passengers, they won’t take off. Sometimes in life we think we are being held back for one reason or another. But the reality is, sometimes the conditions are just too risky and treacherous for us to take off and land safely. So for the safety of every passenger, the best way to avoid disaster is to sometimes just keep everyone grounded. Often this is the real reason why some of our prayers, plans and relationships get delayed or even shut down.

I believe there’s a deep message in the weather for us all today. That when you find yourself unable to go certain places in your life, consider it just a “snow” day. And I know you are excited and really want to take flight with the man or woman of your dreams. I know you want to take off with the business or the genius idea you have; but some of our plans to take off are just too risky at the moment. The snow or whatever has you stuck on the ground today won’t last forever (insert hallelujah). Consider that the snow in your life may be exactly what you need today to help get you more grounded.

It’s my hope that you learn how to relax and enjoy the “snow”. Trust that you are going to get to your destination, but timing is everything. The whole plan is for you to actually get where you need to and for you to get there safely. I want you to appreciate the snow days. Use them to reboot, relax and calm your spirit. Don’t be so anxious and impatient when you find that you can’t control your travel plans.

You are on your way, but it’s only after the weather gets better.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Traveling With No ID

Recently, one of our travel friends tried to get on a plane without ID. Needless to say, taking off was a lot more complicated for her than the rest of us. It’s amazing how you can think you have everything you need with you; from your boarding pass, to your luggage, to cash and credit card; but still forget something so important like your identification. Our dear friend found out this past weekend that if you can’t prove who you are at the airport, it’s going to complicate your travel plans.

It’s not that she didn’t get on her flight. But there were moments where everyone that was around her thought she wasn’t going to make it on board. And even though it took her longer to get on the flight, I’m proud of her because she stuck with it and was determined to prove she was who she said she was and that she was really was ready to go!

Truth is it’s happened to all of us at one time or another. We’ve all lost our ID. Whether it was when we started hanging out with new friends and picking up their bad habits, or when we found ourselves in a life crisis and the pressures and demands had us reacting in ways we would have never thought of before. Some people lose their ID wearing so many hats. Moms take care of everyone and sometimes lose their ID and forget to take care of themselves. Dad’s get so caught up in being provider and protector that they lose their sense of self. Many people lose their ID in their career and are no longer defined by who they are but instead by what they do. We have all lost our ID at one time or another. And no matter how you ended up without your ID, the fact still remains that you still have a destination awaiting you and the right flight will be ready for you when you’re actually ready to depart.

If you ever lost your ID at the airport and you were determined to make your flight, you will recall how they will have you go through a process. And if your identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to fly.

That thought alone makes me want to fly out of my seat!

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you may be held up going through a process of proving your identity right now, and it may be inconvenient and annoying, but if you stick with it; you’re going places! You’ll get there because this process is meant to pull answers out of you. This process is meant to ask you the hard questions that will help to remind you of who you are. It’s also a process where believe it or not, you’re even protecting yourself from identity theft. The fact of the matter is, sometimes even life’s circumstances will try to steal your identity. Issues in your body, mind, family, divorce, financial crisis, setbacks,.. these things have a way of making us forget who we are.

There are times you’ll even have loved ones who will try to define you and tell you who you should be, where you ought to live and work and who you should love. And that’s part of the process where you have to show everyone this is your ID, not theirs. That no matter what they want for you, you have got to figure out your life on your own. No one has the right to tell you how to be and what to be. You’ve got to show the world who you are. Not who your mother or father want you to be. And the sooner you stop trying to please everyone around you by being what they want you to be, the sooner you can BE WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE. And that’s when you’re really going to take off.

As your real life coach, let me remind you that you’re on your way! Just keep going! You’re going to make it on your flight and you will ascend up above everything that has tried to distract you and keep you from your personal life take off!

Be like our friend. Don’t be discouraged because you forgot your ID. Keep making your way to the gate. You’re going to make it on board and you will go where you’re supposed to go. Sometimes you just have to be reminded that YOU deserve to be on this flight!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Exit Row Seat Commitments

We had seats in the exit row on this flight. The flight attendant was very serious about us sitting here too. She told us she needed our undivided attention and at the end of her instructions to us she said “I need a verbal yes from each one of you!” She wanted us to say it. We couldn’t nod or mumble. She wanted a clear yes from each one of us. She made it clear that we needed to agree to everything associated with sitting in those seats. It was so serious that she said they won’t take off until she gets a commitment from everyone sitting in the exit row.

This made me immediately think about how this approach could improve our lives too. It made me think how we could avoid heartbreak and disappointment if we did the same thing in our own lives. If we stopped attempting to take flight with people who haven’t made a clear commitment to us and the seats we place them in. The exit row seat is the seat where people have extra room and all, but it’s also the place where in case of an emergency you agree to do what’s necessary to help (insert tears and speaks in tongues). I honestly think there are too many of us who have people in our lives who we always jump and run to support and help and go the distance for, but in the event of our emergency, they just sit there and watch us crash and burn.

The truth is, many of us are guilty of allowing people to sit in important seats in our lives and it’s all fun and games for them to enjoy the benefits of being there. But what about the commitment from them to you on your not so good days? What about the yes when it looks like things are going down for you? When it looks like you’re having a hard time? What about the days when your finances are going up in flames or your health is declining? Wouldn’t the quality of your life be better if you actually got a verbal yes from the people who sit in important seats in your life? I think we have allowed the fear of hearing the truth and the reality that some people will not agree to help us when we need them to keep us from taking off. Could we actually be in relationships with people who we know good and well won’t agree to the terms we have set for people to sit in vital places in our lives?

Some of us just don’t want to accept the truth. But couldn’t that be the reason why you end up hurt by all the people you put in weighty seats in your life? As your real life coach, I encourage you to get the attention of the people in your exit row today. After you get their undivided attention, ask them whether or not they’re really willing to make a serious commitment to you. Ask them if they’re ready to say yes to whatever it means to sit in important places in your life. And even if the answer from them is no; respect the truth and take flight knowing at least you did your due diligence and said what you needed to say. At least you had the deep conversation. At least your got your answer.

Then take flight. Take flight knowing that you did your best to place the right people in your exit row.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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This Flight Is Full

We sat down and got ourselves comfy and ready for takeoff. That’s when the flight crew announced “This is going to be a full flight.” Immediately I heard a message in that.

The dictionary defines the word full; containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space.

That’s the first definition. But the second definition is the one that made me wanna have a Baptist fit.

*full; not lacking or omitting anything; complete. (Insert tears and hand praise)

What if you lived your life like it was full, not lacking or omitting anything; complete?! Wouldn’t you admit that it would completely change everything in your life; from what you say and what you do to right down to who you do it with?! I believe most of the problems we have are simply because we live our lives the opposite of full. Most people live like they are already defeated, as if they are always deficient. So many of us walk around like we are always in lack, always in need of something. But if we tap into our creative minds, we actually really lack nothing. The truth is everything you need is right here with you on this flight called life. This flight is completely full! If you need love, it’s on this flight. If you need peace; it’s right here on this flight. If you need support, it’s on this flight too. Look around and receive it! Stop rejecting what’s available to you simply because it’s not familiar to you.

As your real life coach I want you to be open. Stop sabotaging your blessings with negative thoughts. I want you to settle your spirit and start looking within! Tap into your creative mind and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop acting like a victim as if you don’t have anyone to help you and start by helping yourself. Help yourself by thinking right and from this place you will begin to see how much you already have going for you. When you shift in your mindset, you will begin to attract people who want to connect with you. Confidence and self awareness will make you appealing. While negativity and insecurity will make your blessings run away from you. These toxic mindsets send messages that say to others that you’re not ready yet.

I promise you this flight is completely full! You just needed to be reminded that everything you need is already here and it starts with you!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Relationships that are going places ♥️

The lengths people go to show their love to one another on Valentine’s Day is quite astonishing. From fancy chocolates, red roses, lingerie, diamonds, five star dinners to trips all over the world; it’s clear that people will travel the distance for love. But is where you’re going really love and does the actual destination vary from person to person? What does a loving relationship look like for you and does the person you’re going places with agree with your definition of love?

This got me to wondering how many relationships are really going anywhere beyond the materialistic and the physical? If the person you genuinely love places a demand on you to give them stuff as a means to get close to them, is that the same idea you had about love? Was your idea of love to have to buy them Christian Louboutins, Louis Vuitton and Gucci in order to prove your love or keep them happy? Did you sign an agreement that said you must send chocolates and roses to their office or take them to dinner in Miami at Mr. Chows? Is it written somewhere that you have to sleep with them every night and wear lingerie to love them? Is that considered going the distance in a relationship? How far can you go with someone like that anyway? To me it doesn’t seem like you’ll actually get where you dreamed of with a travel partner who has so many demands on you. Is it that so many today are so shallow and consumed with things and society roles that we don’t even know what love is anymore? Can you really intend to go the distance with that kind of pressure on you forever?

If the amount of money or the gesture has to be so extravagant on Valentine’s Day, I hope you’re prepared to keep this madness up for the entire flight; because whether you want to accept it or not it is going to become an expectation in your relationship.

As your real life coach, I have an honest question for you. Do you seriously think you’ll be able to go as far as you need to go in life with someone who’s so focused on materialistic things, image and public persona? Even when you think about all the potential you have and the places you plan to go in your life, do you even want to be bothered with such a prima donna? You’re gonna be bigger than you are soon, so do you need that kind of headache from a relationship that’s supposed to be loving and supportive? One of the celebrity relationships I love is between Michelle and Barack Obama. This woman shops at Target and is adored all over the world because she’s so down to earth and real. The two of them seem to share sincere love.

Now don’t get me wrong, no one has the perfect relationship, but I believe the more grounded and realistic we can be in our relationships the better. The wealth of a relationship is not found in living like a celebrity pop star and squandering every dime you make to impress anyone. The relationships that are going places are the ones who have nothing to prove. The ones where meaningful conversations, savings accounts and properties purchased in each other’s names are the goals for future destinations. This flight called life is hard enough to have to fly with someone who’s constantly bringing you down with drama and nonsense. If you have to stress and sweat about meeting all of their families expectations of you being their savior, don’t get on that flight. This flight has a lot to do with the destinations we set our eyes on. If you want love, I get it. But some of this crap we get ourselves into is nothing more than a set up for a bad ride. When you look at your relationship today ask yourself this simple question; what’s love got to do with it?

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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That’s what you get for going to Orlando

10:33AM and I’m dead serious. No exaggeration; there are a handful of kids on this flight screaming and hollering like they’re demon possessed all at the same time. Hard to imagine all of this is happening and we haven’t even taken off yet! The man sitting next to me yelled out “Hey, can we at least have some alcoholic drinks if we’re going to have to listen to this for an entire two hour flight? I looked back at him and said “Well, that’s what you get for going to Orlando!”

Then I just sat there. What else could I do? Well, I guess I could have turned my attention to all the adults (and I use that term loosely) violently reacting to the soundtrack of screaming kids in their own rendition of a grown up temper tantrum. It made me wonder if we actually really understand what we are getting ourselves into when we say we want to go certain places on this flight called life. Like I really wonder how many people realize what they’re getting into when they say they want the career or dream job they say they want. I wonder if they realize that even though they’re anxiously looking forward to the paycheck at the end of the week; they’re still gonna have to possibly put up with an obnoxious boss, insanely long work week, impossible deadlines and stressful meetings before they ever get to payday. I wonder if people know that as nice as love, marriage, a wedding and a honeymoon sounds, we still have to travel on this noisy flight with our sometimes difficult spouses and their bad habits, and their often complicated family on the way. Seems like somehow along the journey we forgot that we don’t always get to choose the soundtrack that plays in the background for our lives.

When the kids on the flight to Orlando were really losing control crying and flipping out, one lady near me tried to reel me into the mob of complainers,… but I wouldn’t join in. Instead, I smiled and calmly told her “I’m use to it. I used to own a daycare center.” I was basically letting her and anyone around who was listening know that what’s happening on this flight doesn’t have the power to change my mood (insert churchy organ).

All jokes aside I felt that. I looked at that woman and said the same thing I’m going to tell you. “YOU CAN HANDLE IT!” It just goes with the territory!

Once we make up our mind that what’s going on around us doesn’t have the power to ruffle our feathers. Once we decide that it’s not going to make us lose our cool, it won’t. Determine in your heart today that whatever has the potential to move you from a place of peace; it won’t work today. Not today satan! Whether it’s screaming kids, a pile of laundry, or a sink full of dishes, say to yourself; this is not going to make me upset and grumpy. Make up your mind that no matter what’s going on financially, emotionally or mentally, it will not make you lose your joy.

I intentionally travel with my headphones and I’m always prepared to drown out the noise of what’s going on around me with a soundtrack that I can control. This flight today is nothing more than a reminder and a reality check for me and for all my real life nation to remember that some things just go with the territory. If I’m going to Orlando, the home of Mickey Mouse; why in the world would I be surprised that I’m traveling with noisy screaming kids in the background?

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Take Off!

The Wright brothers were pioneers credited for inventing and flying the world’s first successful airplane. There’s absolutely no doubt about it; these guys were serious about going places! While I’m not certain how long it took them to take their idea from inside their heads to actual reality, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy process. The most inspiring part of their story is that today we are all able to benefit off of their invention because they didn’t give up (insert praise dance).

While enjoying my cup of coffee on this beautiful snow day; this got me to thinking about how many of us have incredible ideas in our heads but they never take off. Ideas that have the capacity to be a major blessing to the world if we can just push past our feelings of insufficiency, inadequacy and frustration and make a determination to NEVER GIVE UP! When you think about the Wright Brothers, don’t you see yourself in their story? Like if you really make up your mind to stay the course, consider how many people are going to get their wings and take off!

Today we can fly high and go far because these two brothers took their plans beyond talking about them, to actually making them happen. I’m blessed to have people in my life who have done some amazing things that have assisted me in getting my wings and going places. So many people have helped me to fly. I can go places and do a lot of the things I do today because of the people in my life who never gave up. My husband gives me wings to take off by supporting me, loving me and working so hard everyday. He’s a big reason why I fly so high. My parents have helped me become who I am. They have been instrumental in teaching me to fly. My children and brother help motivate me to keep going. They help me fly. There are countless friends who have made contributions in my life to help me ascend! Even my haters help me take off! Thanks guys. LOL. So my daily assignment is to keep going and be a source of strength and motivation that supports others to take off too!

This is why I can’t give up!

I can’t give up because it didn’t start with me! I can’t give up because the world is waiting on me to create and inspire and get what’s inside of me out! The dreams, the ideas, the words of encouragement are not supposed to die in me. The same is true for you today! You have something important inside of you. Inside of you is a vision that’s original. It’s unique and incredible and it’s definitely going to make a monumental impact on this earth. It’s so important and valuable, and it’s going to help people fly.

The Wright Brothers teach us that being a pioneer is not easy and it’s seriously risky business! Ironically, one of the Wright brothers not only goes down in history (no pun intended) for helping to make the first airplane; but he was also the first to die in an airplane crash. See that’s how you know you were born to do something great. When you’re not afraid to die doing it! Find what you love and are so passionate about and do it! Do it like you’re not afraid of the outcome. Do it like you’re not afraid to crash and burn. Do it like you don’t care if people support you. Do it and let it never be said that you were afraid to fail.

I’m ready to do what I was born to do no matter what the outcome, even if people call me crazy or stupid. I’m actually more afraid to die never trying. Any pioneer who’s doing something monumental is going to do whatever they have to do to make their dream a reality. What do you have to lose anyway? You’re going to be known for something either way, whether it’s flying or crashing.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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How Would You Rate Your Experience?

Everyone’s a professional critic now a days. Everywhere you go, someone has something to say about their experience. People who live in filth expect clean hotel rooms, and people who can’t cook expect gourmet meals at restaurants. It’s amazing how so many of us can’t wait to get somewhere and become a freakin critic. Many stay ready to tear apart and nitpick what they think someone else could have done to improve things. What if we took the same time to critique ourselves? How would you rate your experience with you?

If you travel to Orlando often as we do since our parents live there, sometimes when you land the passengers (usually kids) on the flight will begin to shamelessly applaud and shout out for joy in your ear! The reason they’re shouting is not often that they enjoyed the flight so much. But their experience ends in such raucous celebration because these passengers are super amped up and excited about what they expect when they get off the plane (insert praise break).

This got me to thinking about how many people could actually change the quality of enjoyment as they travel on this journey called life if they stop criticizing everything and changed their mindset. What if you actually started to live your life like the children going to Disney world!? If you stopped looking for faults in everything and started looking forward to what’s next for you with a positive expectancy. If you started believing that where you’re headed is going to be an amazing experience! That what’s next for you is going to be magical and full of excitement and happiness. Less time on what’s wrong with everyone else and more time giving your attention to personal progress, and more focus on the future!

Imagine how much more pleasant your travel time on this earth would be! Imagine how much easier it would be for people to get along with you. Today’s advice for all my real life coach nation is simple. As you move closer to becoming whatever you desire to be; adjust your thinking.

Think like a child on their way to Disney world!

What if you took this approach in how you handled everything you’re getting closer to. What if I told you that you didn’t have to wait to graduate in order to actually enjoy your life. What if I told you that you didn’t have to wait to get a raise, a new boo, or your dream house in order to experience peace and joy. Too often, we are guilty of postponing our happiness for things in our lives to be perfect. And I hate to break the news to you; but things will never be completely perfect. The truth is, you can’t control what happens externally on this flight. All you can control is what happens on the inside of you. You can control how you think. How you see things will make the difference between you living a fairy tale or a nightmare. And I can guarantee that if you live your life from day to day waiting for someone perfect to come and love you, or if you wait for the perfect job or perfect family; even if you get these things, you’ll still find something to critique with your negative mindset. You’ll be upset even when you get the perfect life you’ve obsessed about for so long, because once you get it, you will still have to deal with YOU.

The harsh reality is you’re looking for everything to be perfect but you’re not perfect. Not only that, you will have made being anxious, negative, fearful,..such habits in your life that when you get what seems ideal, it won’t want you. The dangerous part about stressing over having everything perfect is you learn the keys to sabotaging yourself and whatever good that comes your way. So take a deep breath. Stop being so critical, uptight and stressed. Think like a child on his or her way to Disney world and watch your life improve in ways you would have never imagined! Give yourself permission to celebrate that you’re almost there, even if you don’t see it yet!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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The Bag Mishandlers

It’s almost impossible to travel on most airlines these days without having to cough up hefty baggage fees. And it’s funny because after you pay around 50 bucks for your luggage to travel with you to your destination; you would think the people handling your bags would have the decency NOT to be outside the window of the plane throwing your stuff around the way they do. After one trip we took, I got my bag back and it was literally ruined,..beat up battered and bruised. My poor bag was in total disrepair! My formerly clean, unblemished bag that I gave them in one state, was returned to me almost unrecognizable. And why was my luggage all tattered and torn? Because someone who was handling my stuff thought it was okay for them to take their frustrations out on my bags. I call them the bag mishandlers.

This actually got me to thinking about how so many people go to work each and everyday. The same people who wake up and get dressed and drive their automobiles to the very job they asked for and when they get there; watch out, something or someone is going suffer the wrath of what’s happening emotionally on the inside of them. Sadly, it’s getting more and more scary what people are thinking about and meditating on. Revenge, payback and retaliation seems to be the way people are operating and many are even going to work like this cooking up evil in their hearts and minds. And what’s even more disturbing is that when some of these bag mishandlers get their hands on your “stuff” they can’t wait to throw it around and damage it (insert gasp).

This is going on a lot today, not only with my luggage but with your paperwork that’s in the hands of someone who’s holding the answer to your approval for your new place. To your name on the list for a scholarship or college acceptance. To the results of your exam or a serious medical diagnosis you’re scared out of your mind about. Even down to you leaving your precious children in the hands of a teacher at school. There are entirely too many people going to work mad and frustrated and ready to throw something you care about around when they think no one is watching. So many people have so much pinned up pain and are so angry inside that they go through life throwing people’s “stuff” around. And this kind of disgusting behavior is not okay! As a matter of fact, it’s downright despicable. There was a popular saying for one airline that said something like “come fly the friendly skies!” And yet many people have had experiences on many airline flights (and in life) that have been far from friendly.

My word of wisdom today for all who are part of my real life coach nation is, HANDLE everything you touch with care. And if for any reason you can’t, don’t touch it at all. Don’t “handle” people or their things if you’re not really going to “handle” them with care. Look up the definition of the word CARE and apply generously. Don’t act like you’re going to do anything that you genuinely aren’t going to do with love, passion and excellence. It’s frightening that we have become so disingenuous as a culture. Where so many people have mastered the art of being nice nasty. So many people are good at saying and doing the task, but what about doing what you do with the right attitude? Too many do what they do with awful, ugly SPIRITS.

Could it be that we have become such a phony culture that we think we are good at faking our way through every encounter? As if people don’t know you’re being mean and you’re clearly not in the right head space! As if you think people are so stupid that you can smile at them in their face and say one thing and when they turn their back, throw what matters to them around? I’ve even found that when you confront the “bag mishandlers” about the damage they’ve done; they’ll make excuses and try to pass the blame or even make light of their bad behavior. It’s still not okay!

Now it’s to the point that when I travel, I deliberately take as little of what’s valuable to me as possible (insert praise dance). I take things I’m not going to be upset about getting damaged or lost. Why you ask? Because I don’t want what’s precious to me to be mishandled by the “bag mishandlers.” I don’t want the aggravated, miserable people that hate their lives and hate their jobs to even get a chance to touch my valuables. The bag mishandlers will never get their hands on my plans, my vision, or my future.

This has become my philosophy in life! I literally make it a point not to let unhappy people touch what’s important to me. I give the “bag mishandlers” aka the people who aren’t happy on this journey called life as little access to anything I care about. You can not and will not have close access to my happy heart, family, and life if you’re mad about your own existence. Why you ask? Because if some of the same miserable, angry people on this flight called life got a chance to put their hands on my “stuff,” I’m pretty sure they would do what they always do. What’s that you ask? Take out their misery by throwing my valuables around like bag mishandlers always do.

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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Traveling with Boundaries

After arriving to the airport, checking bags, making it through the TSA pat down and finding your seat; have you ever sat down next to someone who doesn’t have any respect for your personal space? Like their entire body is on you and you’re stuck like this on a 5 hour flight with them. Or how about the people who sit next to you and they want to talk your ear off the whole time and tell you their entire life story. Now it’s one thing if you know the person sitting next to you and the both of you have agreed to talk to each other the entire flight. But it’s another thing when you don’t even know the person sitting next to you and they just insist on draining you, when all you wanted to do was get to your destination in peace and quiet.

On this journey called life you will find yourself meeting up with some interesting people who often will not care one bit about you and how you feel. Some people are only focused on themselves and live in constant dishonor of those around them. The truth is many of the people you will “travel” with will unapologetically disregard your personal space. So the question of the day is; How do you let someone know they’ve crossed the line with you, without hurting their feelings? How do you let them know they’ve gone too far and still get through this flight (life) in peace with them? This is a real life matter. I consider it to be an issue of BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries are very important for those of us who are going places in life! The people who go the farthest learn how to set limits and I almost hate to use this word these days but “walls” (no political pun intended) are sometimes necessary to differentiate between you and others. This is super important if you’re going to a higher level in life. Everyone who sets boundaries is not being selfish. They’re not always trying to be mean and cold. And let me tell you that you are going to have to resolve in your heart now that setting boundaries with people doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It simply means you love yourself and you need your space!

Think about it this way, if you paid to sit in your seat, why should you have to suffer through the agony of sharing your space with someone who has decided, reasoned, rationalized and justified why it’s ok for them to inconvenience you in your seat too? You should be able to say “Hey, this is my seat! Stay in your space please” and that should be the end of it. But often when you tell a person who doesn’t respect boundaries they’re dishonoring you; they usually get very upset and defensive. Sometimes, we don’t express ourselves well either when it comes to our boundaries and that creates another set of issues. And yet it still doesn’t change a thing, we all still have a right to be around people who respect our boundaries. The bottom line is some people don’t see a blessed thing wrong with the crazy things they do to others!? And then they make you into “the bad guy” for speaking up for yourself. This is why boundaries are so important to set before you get into any relationship, partnership, agreement.

This boundary thing is a problem for many people today in families, friendships, churches and businesses. People don’t know how to respect boundaries because many have assumed “love and closeness” to mean, go right ahead and do whatever you want to me and around me! Love for many means boundaries don’t apply (insert the devil is a liar). This way of thinking is a recipe for disaster in any relationship. No matter how much you love another person, they should still respect your boundaries. If that’s not funny to them, stop saying it. If calling them sweetie or honey is offensive and they’ve told you, stop being disrespectful. If they don’t like tickling and you do; stop crossing their boundary. Tickle yourself, not the person who spelled it out to you that they don’t like that!

People who don’t honor and respect boundaries get too close for comfort and then get upset and dare you to address their bad behavior. They go too far in how familiar they are with you. These people become extremely common and relaxed to the point where they start saying unacceptable, off the wall things to you. How many times have these kinds of people shifted the dialogue from the weather to asking intimately private questions of you that you would never ask them? Some people are just plain old messy and nosey, and they have no problem getting all up in your space being too close for comfort.

One of the things I’m learning on this flight called life is; you can’t control what other people do, but you can control how you handle you.

I’m learning that no matter what other people do, I can choose to stay calm and in peace. I can choose to give little or none of my energy or time to people who dishonor me. That’s my boundary. I refuse to let anyone take me “ there.” “There” for me is anywhere outside of the creative, peaceful, beautiful space I create for me to live in.

So as your real life coach, my advice to you today is simple. Prepare yourself for anything as you take flight! Get your headphones 🎧 out and put them on. They’re going to help to drown out the chatter and the nonsense and the noise. Turn them to something that feeds your spirit, mind and soul. Bring along your eye mask to cover your eyes so you don’t have to be distracted or annoyed by what’s going on around you. This is going to help control what you see or more importantly what you don’t see. Finally, cover yourself. A blanket of peace or whatever you need to be covered up in is going to help you stay safe and comfortable. This will ensure whoever comes into contact with you won’t be able to agitate, rub you the wrong way and vex you.

Just be ready to deal with all kinds personality types as you go higher and you are going higher! Focus on where you’re headed! Master the art of being unbothered by what use to get on your nerves. Learn yourself at a deeper level and then set realistic boundaries for your life that help keep you elevated. Stay away from mindsets and attitudes and atmospheres that bring you down. Be intentional about gravitating to people who help you soar. Waste as little time as possible around people who refuse to grow and change. And stop trying to change people. That’s vodoo! It’s not your job to tell other people what they need to do and who they need to be. Work on you! That should be your full time job!

Copyright 2019 Sherry Grant

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