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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to follow my blog. I believe it’s no accident you visited this site. Here, you’ll be challenged, inspired, stirred, encouraged, rebuked and provoked in a good way (hopefully) concerning your real life transformation! There will not be a lot of beating around the bush and sugar coating when it comes to the articles and information I share on this page. I will be offering daily articles to my real life coachable friends and I sincerely invite you to leave your feedback! I would love to read your comments.

I hope you will check in regularly for new thought provoking updates and share this page and what on it resonates with your heart with the people you love and want to see elevate too. I believe growth is not meant for you to experience all by yourself, but it’s vital that the people you’re connected to share your journey of growth and forward movement too. If for some reason you find yourself growing and they’re determined to stay stuck, your relationships may end. Creating boundaries and setting new standards scares stagnant, scared and stubborn people. You’ve got to decide whether you care more about fulfilling your purpose than you do about people who don’t want to change.

I believe the people who support your growth are the ones meant to stay close to you and the ones who resist and fight against your elevation (whether you love them or not) are actually enemies to your destiny and future!! I know, it’s a lot to take in. The same way you wouldn’t drink a cup of coffee with a little bit of arsenic in it, you’ve got to refuse the poison in the people you surround yourself with in order to go to the next level! I see people everyday who make the decision to forfeit their future for the sake of history and their need to keep people around them who are not good for them. If you’re still reading, you may be ready for your next level! I personally invite you to go on this journey with me! We’re going somewhere amazing! I promise you that love what I do, so I do it with passion. Let’s go somewhere great together!!!


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