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I am so honored that you have taken the time to stop by my page! I am so passionate about helping others see their potential and shedding off the idea that they can’t be real and authentic in their real life! Society has made people so fake that you can’t be honest or speak your truth without being judged and misunderstood. What happens when you live your whole life not being real? You end up very bitter and resentful to everyone who told you that you’re not accepted for being who you really are. The healing journey for many of us starts with us unlearning a lot and actually being honest for once and for all. Not allowing family, friends and other people’s lies to make us mask what we really believe in our heart.

This journey is about going deeper. Seeking out your real reason for existence beyond fame and fortune. What are you real-ly here for! That’s what I’m committed to helping my real life coachable friends do. You’re here today because you’re sick of small talk and shallow connections. You’re seeking safe places and genuine people who help you shed the false image and idea that you have to make everyone happy by telling them what they want to hear. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey of finding you. The real you. Feel free to follow my blog and invite other people looking to become more authentic without apology to come along. Leave your comments and share any of my articles that you think may help someone you care about. Now let’s go! I’m so excited we are taking off together!

Love, The Realest Life Coach

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The Real Sherry Grant aka The Realest Life Coach

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