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How did this world get so nasty? I’m not talking about the Coronavirus, but the people. Do you hear the tone of everyone talking? So mean. So unkind. No regard for one another. Let’s just admit it. This proves that long before this virus we had our share of mental problems. We don’t think right and therefore we don’t talk right. In a day in time where people are panicking I post that everything is going to be alright and people who claim to know God are upset about that? WOW! What happen to us as a people? We have lost it and this is not about the virus. This is about us. We don’t care about each other anymore. The emotional pain and meanness you hear people spewing out of their mouths make me sad. People don’t respect marriage these days. They don’t respect family. They don’t respect community. Where is the love? Where’s the compassion and concern for others? Neighbors don’t speak to each other. Families meddle in the affairs of people they act as if they own. This world was contagious long before the Coronavirus.

We have women who talk like sailors and men who have no integrity, conviction or backbone. The world is in an uproar and people have no respect for authority. The same people who have no control over their appearance, family or lives want to lash out with their opinions about what needs to be fixed on a global scale! Really? How you look telling people what to do and you don’t have your act together? And what’s the reason you think anyone will listen when you speak with no apparent love?! We are not creating a good environment for peace or healing.

Some things are out of our control but being kind isn’t.

I’m determined not to let this toxic talk and these hostile tones infect, affect or effect me. I will continue to speak life no matter what it looks like. I’m determined to make my contribution a good one in spite of what the masses are tweeting, posting and ranting about. There is still Hope. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. If not for anyone, I speak life for my children, in hopes that we can survive this pandemic so they too can have children one day. And when they do, their children won’t see that we are the virus. With our lack of grace and our inability to be sensitive in a time of crisis. I am praying for this world. We are going to come out of this. I believe it. I just hope the damage won’t result in a slew of traumatized children because they listened to the lack of faith out of our mouths in a time of crisis.

The airlines are considering shutting down. This is sooo concerning for those of us who love flying, but the danger of travel is too serious to play with. Think about it, it’s too scary to be going anywhere right now. The airlines are considering that flying is no longer a good idea right now. It’s just not safe.

The flights are even so cheap right now that the airlines have concluded that it cost too much to take off! It’s not worth it. Makes me wonder how many people we are trying to go somewhere with and it’s just not worth it. Some of these people we are trying to do life with, are a bad investment too. Some flights have been taking off with only three people on the plane. It’s not worthwhile to keep going on like that. Insert preach!

I want you to consider, how many people are you trying to take off with and you’re spending more than you can afford to keep going. You’re spending too much on some of these people who are a bad investment. There are people like family and friends and I use that word loosely who you keep trying to go somewhere with and that’s why you’re so depleted of energy, money, life and hope. This has got to stop. I’m not doing it anymore. If there are people who think I’m putting my time and resources into them and they’re nothing more than a bad investment; they’re sadly mistaken. I know better. I am honest with myself. I know who is really a good friend, family member, neighbor and who isn’t. This time of crisis is showing us all. The reality is, I’m not so pressed or thirsty for attention to allow myself to constantly be mistreated by people who don’t even value me enough to honor my presence with dignity, respect and kindness. Why should I? I wasn’t born to be abused and dishonored by jerks. You weren’t either. There are some people who want you to take off with them and sacrifice your dignity and self respect for them. Why? What makes people feel entitled to waste your time with their disrespectful behavior? Nah fam. That’s not a good investment of my life and time.

The airlines are doing business and seriously counting the cost. They’re now considering what it really takes to go somewhere. I refuse to participate in relationships that are bad business. I won’t tolerate people who think I’m supposed to accept crappy treatment. This is a time where we are all in quarantine and it’s a good time to take an assessment of our lives. Was the way we were doing life aka business before this shutdown sensible? I can’t say all of it was for me. And I think I’m a smart person, but lockdown is teaching me to be more sober when it comes to the people I’m doing life with after this is over. I’m not doing bad business now or ever again. I’m learning in this crisis. How about you? Sometimes trying to travel with some people is just plain ole bad business.

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Jesus goes out of his way to make a stop by a cemetery in Luke 8:26-39. Apparently, someone needed his help there. Jesus will still go to some strange places to pull those that He loves out of trouble. Insert tears! 😭 Jesus gets there and sees the guy running around naked, screaming and harming himself.

The demoniac, as this man was described in the scripture had been living in total isolation for some time and by the time Jesus got there; life and being quarantined had clearly taken it’s toll on his mental state.

The result of Jesus’ encounter with that man: He was healed! Now he wants to stay with Jesus. He basically asked to be part of Jesus’ entourage after this experience.

Jesus responds this way; “Go to your own house and tell them what I have done for you!” That’s where I want you to make impact. You’re better off a healed husband or father than following me around. I’m putting this is my own words. Lol.

Quick Takeaway- This is the time for all of us to do the same in our homes. We should be intentional about touching the lives of the people we live with. Instead of preaching to the church, here’s a good time to let your life speak to the people in your house. Your family can benefit from the transformed you more than anyone else.

Let the people in your house see how The Lord has changed you. The real potency of what you preach will be demonstrated by your love and light during this crisis called COVID-19. Be nice. Show love. Speak life – in your own house. Luke 8:26-39

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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I watch this show called Bar Rescue. It’s so good. So many peoples lives are changed as a result of his work. This guy Jon Taffer comes into struggling bars and observes and after he can’t take watching them violate so many codes and rules he shuts them down. The best part about Jon is he doesn’t just criticize them and talk down to them. He doesn’t just go in and point out what’s so wrong, he stays and invest in transforming the place before he walks away. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we only opened our mouths to offer advice to those we’re actually committed to helping them take off and go somewhere great? Seems like the opposite in the world today. People love to tear down and offer nothing more.

Jon Taffer comes in as a professional who takes his field so seriously, that what he sees makes him usually so perturbed that he loses it. He gets upset by the lack of excellence people operate their businesses with that he demands them to be accountable. That’s because he’s invested. Don’t do this for people you’re not invested in. Be advised; Investing in people is much more than showing up when it’s convenient for you. While watching this particular episode Jon told the family who owned the struggling bar that he won’t do anything to help them until they cleaned their kitchen thoroughly. The co-owners response to Jon was so powerful. She said “I thought we were clean!”

She was literally blown away by what was obvious to others, but it actually took someone else coming in to tell her that they had the worse kitchen they had ever seen.

How often do we look at our lives the same way? We think we are so clean! We think we are so perfect and our lives are so together. It’s not until we become vulnerable and tell the truth, and open our lives up to scrutiny that we find out everything we do is not right. With observation comes truth and with truth comes awakening and the reality that we are not “all that” if we would be honest. If we want to take off in life, and I hope we all do; we should move beyond the veneer of image and the false appearance of being so awesome. Some of us aren’t taking off because we refuse to accept the fact that we all have some stuff in our lives that needs cleaning. Whether it’s our mouth, our attitude, our mentality,… we all could be better.

These are challenging times in the world. I’m so saddened to see how many unofficial expert opinions people have on other people’s lives. This is not the time to bite and devour one another. This is the time for more love, compassion and empathy. The world is in an uproar, hopefully you’re not contributing to it. None of us are so clean. Let’s be real. This virus spreading is proof that none of us are actually in control of what’s happening. You could be doing all the “right” things and still infect someone. Maybe it’s not with COVID 19, but maybe it’s with humiliating words, and judgmental comments. It’s none of our jobs to inspect other people’s lives. Not unless you’re Jon Taffer. Lol. I’m trying. Anyone else trying?

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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