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When you are a pioneer, a trendsetter, a person who steps out on faith and makes things happen, you inspire people! Whether they tell you or not, you do. You have no idea how many people are watching you on a daily basis. You have no clue how many people out there who look up to you and don’t say anything. It’s pretty interesting that you are making a difference and some people will never tell you that you are. Whether they give you your props or not, I want you to know how awesome you are. That when people look at you, they’re literally motivated to grow and get better all because of your courage.

Now you know I’m gonna be real and address that it is annoying though when people like that start trying to compete with you and keep up with you. That’s a mess. It’s so ridiculous because you’ve been doing your thing for a while. You actually have experience with your craft. You’re not a novice. You’ve even failed miserably a time or two at what they now see you doing with ease. You didn’t always do what you do so well. And yet, some people have the audacity to try to act like they’re on your level.

Keep inspiring them anyway. It’s really good to know you make what you do look so easy. LOL. I make it a point to do only the things that I’m actually called to do. That’s the difference between me and some of these people out here trying to keep up with me. I am not chasing clout. I turn down engagements on a weekly basis. I’m not interested in running myself ragged to prove a point to anyone. I am not an attention seeker looking for notoriety. I know what opportunities I want and which ones I’m not going to be available for. I am comfortable in my skin. I am just me.

I don’t have a desire to do anything except walk in my calling. That’s important to know. What is your calling? My calling is to help liberate and free people from toxic living and thinking. Im called to help people release negative mentalities that limit them from being their authentic selves. I’m called to be a safe place for people who haven’t been able to find that in their travels through life. I’m called to inspire and challenge real people! Not people living in image, pretending to be something they aren’t. If people are around me and I take them on as a mentee or student, they can’t be into playing games. I won’t participate in the foolishness. I’m the realest life coach, not the fakest. This life is not a game. It’s the real thing. None of us are getting any younger. We need to cut out the crap and make the brave decision to grow up.

I encourage all my real life coachable friends to join me on March 6th in Baltimore for A Real Dope Evening With The Realest Life Coach.

Tickets on sale on Eventbrite “a real dope evening,..”

It’s going to be a spectacular coming together of real people with a genuine desire to take off! That night will be a night to remember and will even change the trajectory for those who come empty of their facades and masks and ready to go to their next level!

I am so excited for the real ones in my life who have helped me come to a place of healing and wholeness. Those who wouldn’t let me stay stuck in a place of superficial existence. I’m so proud of the amazing people who I share this journey called life with. Even those of you who follow my blog and read it and makes you mad, or makes you laugh, or makes you think and those who have told me that it pushes you to think better! I thank you for clicking “like” on the blogs that speak to you. That helps my blog grow it’s audience and reach. I don’t ask you to like it for my ego at all. Thank you for your comments and shares on your social media pages too. It really is sooo important to spread the messages to those who can benefit from them. I want to be the source of strength for the real ones out there. I really hope I am that for you.

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2020

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