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It’s time to put people in their place. I’m so serious. Stop letting them walk all over you. Stop letting people disrespect you and pretend they don’t know what they’re doing is whack. Even the flight crew won’t take off until everyone, and I mean everyone is in their place and their seat is buckled. There’s no special allowances for people to get up and walk around and do what they feel like doing. No!

Everyone must be in their proper place in order for the pilot to take off. In the same way, there’s entirely too much at stake here on this flight called YOUR LIFE, to just let people do whatever they want. Your life and the lives of everyone around you are in danger the longer you keep letting people mishandle you and carry you anyway they choose. You keep going on this way, letting them takeover your life with your lack of boundaries, you will become bitter. We don’t want that for you so just put an end to the madness. You still have absolutely no standards. You keep letting people treat you any old way. That’s crazy and it’s your repeated toxic niceness that’s ruining you.

It’s gotten so bad for some of you now that you have convinced yourself that you’re not a people person. Well, that’s far from the truth. You are a people person! You’re just not a toxic people person. Repeat that with me “I AM NOT A TOXIC PEOPLE PERSON!”

I personally am not interested in sitting close to people on this flight who feel entitled to treat me like garbage and want to act like it’s okay. No ma’am. No sir. I will not allow anyone to dishonor me on this journey in the name of me being the bigger person. You can’t manipulate me that easy. Not even in the name of family, friendship, Christianity,..not happening captain. You will be put in your place. And before you think I’m going to be running around telling people off, don’t be dumb as my daughter would say. I am not wasting my energy physically, mentally and emotionally running around putting anyone in their place. I am merely creating firmer boundaries with everyone, especially toxic people. I won’t participate in the game playing. The hot and cold. The up and down. The in and out. I’m not doing the inconsistency of “oh, I’m ready to deal with you today and tomorrow I have this other crazy vibe.”

It’s time to go somewhere great! So let’s be honest; these toxic people and these relationships we keep giving another chance are not going to change. They will continue to be a thorn in your flesh until you put them in their place. Here’s my advice for my real life coachable friends today.

1. Make a realistic list today of the people who keep you from being amazing! The ones who make you wonder if they’re for you or against you. 2. Make a solid list of the people you aren’t sure about and then decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to keep them in place in your life. You don’t have to put up with crap. That is unless you like it.

After you put people in their place you can rest assure they will probably be pretty upset, but it’s better for you to be the chooser rather than waiting for people to choose you!

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2019

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