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Some people are really controlled by darkness. It’s sad. To know that’s the way so many people are trying to get to their next destination not dealing with their darkness. It’s not the way those of us going places choose to handle things. It’s very toxic behavior. You can expect lies and manipulation from kids but the biggest liars and manipulative people I know are adults. Grown ups shouldn’t be walking around here hiding, unable to be their true self, creating scenarios and telling stories that aren’t real to avoid being honest and open. It’s evil even if you do it smiling. It’s really more than just them being obnoxious or rude. I’m so serious it’s wickedness at work!!! Some of these malevolent people we are trying to journey with have some serious darkness in their core. They lie, manipulate, deceive, play mind games. It’s disturbing, scary, strange,..and I’m warning you- don’t get too close to these kind of characters.

They can actually seem to be normal at times, but not for long and that’s where the confusion comes into play. They’ll even make you feel like you’re going crazy thinking you’re overreacting or being dramatic but you’re not. The problem with these individuals is the level of dishonesty and trickery that resides in them runs deep. I’ve recently found myself a time or two, second guessing my own sanity when dealing with these toxic people who enjoy being weird and off so much. They are master liars. And I’m sure like me, you don’t want to have to confront them all the time. It’s draining. You don’t want to have to call them on their crap and say “stop lying.” So what do you say when a manipulative person is reciting the lines they created and crafted in their script of deceit? You probably side eye them, but still play along.

They’ll generally say something clever that they rehearsed and you feel something is off, but you don’t have any proof, only your intuitive powers are screaming something’s not right. But you brush it off and say “Naw, they can’t be lying about that!” Turns out that malevolent people enjoy these types of shenanigans. They thrive off of chaos and confusion. They love getting you worked up. They enjoy being the center of imbalance and disharmony. They laugh at things that normal people don’t generally think is funny. Their sense of humor is very dark and off. They find ways to create unnecessary drama in every little thing because peace and calm are too much like right. They like sabotaging people and extending their hand all the while they have no intention on being a part of your journey genuinely.

I caution you to be more aware of these signs when you encounter them. It’s wicked. It’s malevolence. It’s not something you should play with. Take as much away from these experiences with these dark people. Learn from them and vow to never be that way. Ever! Assess yourself and whatever darkness you know is in your character, DNA, upbringing,…Simply refuse to participate in games and interactions where you find yourself being disingenuous. If you find it hard to be honest with people, try just saying you don’t want to go into details; but you can’t keep your commitment. That to me is much better than being fake and phony or telling lies. If you’re going somewhere great (and I pray you are) you’ve got to make a commitment to be an upright person. Sometimes, I really wish a liar’s pants would catch on fire or like Pinocchio their nose would grow every time they opened their lying mouths to tell another stupid uncalled for lie. I’m not even playing,.. it’s ridiculous the amount of foolery I encounter on a daily basis while trying to be the best and most genuine person I can to the people I’m flying with. But being good to people doesn’t guarantee that in return.

To my real life coachable friends: Please don’t make life hard for people who are an actual blessing to you. You’ll regret messing over good people when they are gone and had their fill with your mess. Make the courageous choice to fly on this flight with people on your level and those willing to grow. Elevate your mindset and demand that from the people around you. Be one who inspires us all to travel with the utmost integrity. That’s what you do when you confront your issues. Especially your own darkness.

Copyright © Sherry Grant 2019

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2 thoughts on “Iron sharpens iron. You can’t be sharp hanging around butter knife people

  1. I was hoping to use that quote about the butter knife? is it yours?


    1. Hi Sheila, it is a quote I found one the internet. No credit was given to any author.


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