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Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. I’m learning that life is really made up of a bunch of small decisions that either make your flight better or bumpier. While having my morning cup of coffee this morning, it dawned on me that sharing your thoughts and heart with certain people is a very bad decision. No matter how well intended you are. No matter how authentic and genuine you are, some people are not a good decision to fly with. You can try to be all nice and normal with them and talk to them about life and the things that burden you; and they will smile in your face and act like they are with you and get up and take the information you shared and use it against you. They will! I’ve seen people take my vulnerability and honesty and find ways to triangulate! It’s so despicable and messy.

Made me wonder if there are actually any people left out there who don’t make you regret your decision to try and fly with them? Geez! Are there any mentally stable, uncomplicated people who you can share your heart with and they not take it upon themselves to make things worse? Can you even talk to anyone anymore in confidence? This is scary. Especially when I know I am the keeper of many secrets for a lot of other people. I know for a fact that I have been a trusted shoulder for people on a regular basis. But when it comes time for me to talk,.,,the list of mature people who aren’t judgmental is almost nonexistent. I’m finding out that people are very two faced and unwell on this flight. They carry this germ called no self control. They just can’t keep their mouth shut. They can’t seem to be loyal. They don’t seem to have any integrity and can’t tell the truth to save their lives. It’s sad that you see people pretending to be sincere and the whole time they’re taking information you gave them and making themselves appear to be on your side and innocent but they’re not. These real life terrorist, that’s what I call them; who come on board and try to fly with you under the guise of friend, family member, disciple, mentee; they’re not what they seem to be.

Sadly, I’m learning the hard way there are very few people on this flight that you can genuinely expect the same unconditional support and love you give them to come back to you from them. That’s the cold hearted truth and I wish I could tell you otherwise. Most of these real life terrorist posing as your loved ones are just waiting for you to get up and walk away for them to take what you said and run with it. I see it over and over again. They can’t wait to befriend the very person you told them you’re having conflict with. What’s that about? They can’t seem to find anything else to do but get in the middle of an issue you’re having with someone else. Usually someone you introduced them to!

While they could be working on their lives, they’re too busy meddling in your affairs. That’s classic narcissism! Busybodies with no life! When people try to figure out a way to make everything about them, you’re dealing with a real life terrorist!

Be safe out there guys. It’s the holiday season too. The real life terrorists are out there and they’re pretending to be your family and loved ones. Stay strong. Give as little intel to them as possible. They can’t be trusted. They’ve proven to be disloyal and they can’t hold water let alone your deepest feelings or concerns. Cling to your faith and the one or (if you’re doing good) two trusted people you know won’t take what you say and make a decision to create chaos. Being a real one, you gotta recognize not everyone is made out of the same stuff we are. Hang in there and be encouraged.

I’m the realest life coach and I approve this message.

Copyright ©️Sherry Grant 2019

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8 thoughts on “Busybodies with no life!

  1. Lauren Garvin says:

    Perfectly spot-on, as usual!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lauren! Miss you 😘


  2. taevans123 says:

    👏🏽👏🏽 Now you k ow it’s good when I read that thing 2x … Excellent

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaron Gene says:

    I invite you in my world and you try to turn it upside down with unhealthy behavior is running the majority of people’s lives

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sad but so true for many! Thank goodness we are making the courageous decisions to refuse those kinds of relationships!!


  4. Drew Grant says:

    Wow this is crazy! I keep getting confirmation about this gut feeling I had the other day dealing with an estranged friend. At this point, I’m going to trust it lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen. Sometimes we let history, our feelings and our good intentions get in the way our good sense. You got this!

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