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Have you noticed how some people try to be your friend in private but avoid you when it comes to showing support and love in public? Some people are Clowns 🤡

It made me think how sad it is that so many people out here these days are so insincere, deceitful, fake and phony. Please don’t let these clowns fool you. See if you have to do all that when it comes to me, I’ll pass. No need for people in my life who are so ridiculous and duplicitous. I notice it a lot. Especially in church settings. Some of these people have such a pseudo spiritual persona. It’s sickening. I wonder what they gain from telling people they enjoyed the solo or the message when all the while they’re posting them on their social media and laughing at them when they walk away. People will make fun of your church, your fliers, your efforts. So mean. Yet they love shouting and having a form of Godliness. See, it’s one thing to laugh and have fun. But to do it at the expense of people who are trying their best. Naw. You’re not even a moral person. Even at the worst presentation, there is no doubt always something you can find that’s praiseworthy. You can’t say nothing nice? It really says a lot about a person who puts on for people yet on the inside, their real heart is sooo opposite. That’s a scary clown if you asked me!

When people from the cult- ure I come from say things like “you minister in such a unique way!” Usually I decode the language. I call it churchese. It’s like a fake way of saying something nice nasty to basically insult a person without overtly being rude. Most of the people you would expect me to “Fellowship” with, shout a lot and dance and speak in tongues the entire time and theres nothing wrong with that. But they think we aren’t as saved as they are because our style of worship is different and it’s not as much theatrics on the regular. So that makes us unique. I’m so glad I’m unique. Meanwhile, many of our critics are a carbon copy of the celebrity favorites. But me, I’m different and proud to be.

See, if there’s any advice I could give my real life coachable friends it’s this. Please be different. In a sea of people trying to duplicate the gift they see in someone else, PLEASE BE YOU! There’s this self righteous attitude in many people that if you don’t do things the way they do them, you’re not doing it right. That’s the same way the Pharisees and The religious leaders looked at Jesus. They didn’t know who He was. Most church people wouldn’t like Jesus if he walked into their gatherings. Ha!

You and I happen to be the same way. Constantly surrounded by a mass of people who don’t know who you are. That’s why they don’t know how to handle what you carry. They have no idea who validated you and affirmed you to be different. Made me realize that a lot of people stuck on the bandwagon of “sameness” really are inspired by those of us who are not afraid to walk in our difference. That’s why they show love to us in private only. It’s not our fault they’re not courageous enough to be different too. It’s not our fault they’re still trying to fit in with the crowd. Keep being you. Don’t even take offense by their fakery.

Some of these pretenders who wear these two faces are some interesting individuals. They can even have some of the most amazing personalities. They’re friendly. At least that’s how they act in your face. They’re encouraging and say a lot of positive things for the crowd, but when they get around the people who they feel they can take their mask off with; that’s when the real them comes out. It’s scary. Some of the people who act like they’re the sweetest people on earth are the ones who will rip the fur off of you in private. They say all the right things in public though. Never mistake their words or their smiles for anything more than a veneer.

Veneer – an attractive appearance that covers or disguises someone or something’s true nature or feelings.

When the actions don’t match up with the words just know you’re dealing with a bonafide clown. Don’t take it personal. They’re just not ready to deal with their warped sense of self. To present yourself one way in front of people that is not in alignment with your authentic self,… that’s a clown.

These Noble Narcissist know how to play games. They love to put on a good show for whatever audience they’re trying to win. But the main reason they’re called two faced is because they work more on their public persona than they do their character. It’s amazing how we all have character flaws but not many of us are brave enough to admit we have them. That’s the problem with religion. It is often a bunch of people with problems gathering and pretending they’re perfect. That’s not relationship with Jesus. That’s the reason people end up killing themselves, cheating on their spouse or overdosing in a hotel room with a prostitute. Because somewhere along the way, someone told people to put on a face and deny themselves for public approval. They lose their sense of self and stop being honest. They no longer are free to admit they’re hurting when they’re hurting. Someone told these people that in order to be considered “good” they should allow people to dishonor them and act like it’s ok.

That is not how we get down in the world of the realest life coach. If I’m hurt or angry, I’m not masking it for anyone. You are going to have to deal with it and understand my life is not some movie or sitcom for people to watch and weigh in on. You don’t have to agree with everything I do. You don’t have a right to be all up in everything I do either. It’s my life. I’m not a clown and this is not about your entertainment. I’m not living my life based on pleasing anyone but God and even when I come up short (which is often) He still accepts me. Insert Tears.

Most people who suffer from the pressure of presenting a perfect public persona never find themselves in atmospheres or environments where they’re free enough to share their real heart with people. Most people are programmed to mask and that’s why they’re so two faced. If you continue to waste your life trying to present perfection to other people prepare to wear yourself out emotionally. When you are so fake that you never share the way you actually feel about things because you’re too busy living up to your audiences expectations, prepare to snap. When you are someone who would never tell anyone anything that would shake your false image of perfection, you’re acting like a clown.

And we wonder why this society is so medicated, depressed, sad and fake! If you asked me it’s because too many people are following a script, playing a role and pretending to be what their parents, family, friends and church expects them to be. What if you played a role for most of your life and looked at yourself in the mirror one day and realized you had become a full fledge clown!?

What if you decided you’re tired of amusing everyone? What if you decided you’re tired of making everyone laugh at your own expense? What if you made the courageous decision to exit the stage and stop being a part of the performance? What if you stopped participating in a production directed by other people and their plans for your life? What if you finally did what you wanted and not what everyone else expected you to do? What if you told the people you love that it hurts to see them living like a clown too?! What if you all got out of the clown car and took off the costume and started living for real?

Today is a great day to stop being a clown and stop entertaining clowns 🤡

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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6 thoughts on “What if you looked at yourself in the mirror and realized you had become a full fledge clown!?

  1. Thank you! Seeking authenticity – in all situations.


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  2. mwaters18 says:

    This post was insightful and educational. I learned at least 4 new terms “noble narcissist” lol. Presenting the challenge of being who you are and not who people think or say you should be!

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  3. Muriel Johnson says:

    My goodness. Real. Real is the Right thing always. Playing a scrip is playing the scrip. Love your Blogs so much. Sharing

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    1. Thanks for you unending support. You’re a beautiful blessing


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