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I see people all the time who need to prove a point. People who need to be seen. They have something to prove to everyone around them. Its evident because they can’t do anything without Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They have to post it, announce it, photograph it,’s never good enough until they document it and get some likes and comments. They can’t do anything without an audience. Their insatiable need to be relevant is unending. It’s like a constant cry for attention! See me. Validate me. Notice me.

See, I believe it’s one thing if you’re actually doing something purposeful and you get noticed for it. But if you’re just doing stuff to be seen or to stunt on your haters, you need to grow up. Someone needs to love you enough to tell you that you’re trying too hard.

If you’re really doing something that’s impacting the earth, everyone who needs to know is going to know. People won’t be able to ignore what you bring to the earth when it’s born out of a place of destiny and not desperation. If I’m supposed to do something great, there will be a people that are drawn to it who are excited about what I’m bringing to life. They won’t be able to thrive or survive without it. But, if what I’m doing is nothing more than a carbon copy, repeat and a duplication of something that inspired me that I saw somewhere else; everyone will know that too.

It boils down to this. What are you doing that’s a burden to you versus what you’re doing to prove a point. These are two totally different motivations. Creative minds are always creating, but you know the difference between a good idea and a God idea. One is a burden, the other is just a source of fun. The burden won’t let you rest until you do it! The other one can stay on the shelf collecting dust. The burden is the one you keep at even if you don’t get compensated. It literally points to why you’re here.

This flight called life gives you and I the amazing opportunity to travel anywhere. With that being said, where have you been and what still burdens you to see in this life? What dreams do you have that still keep you awake because they still burden you to make them a reality? What haven’t you gotten done yet because you’re too lazy and too distracted to finish? What is still not a reality because you refuse to mature and handle your business?

Kids get asked over and over again when they’re little “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is really an important question and I think it’s one older people ask children so much because they didn’t realize how important that was when they were younger. Like what do you really want to be? You! Not your family. Not your mother or your father. Not your village or community! You!

Interesting enough even when you look at the life of Jesus, everything he did was intentional. Jesus made the decision not to follow his earthly father Joseph in doing the family trade. He went for his heavenly father’s calling. Preach! He literally chose to grow up and do what the voice on the inside of him was calling him to do. Insert WOW!

Most creative people I know struggle with this same dilemma. What do I do? Do I take the path my family says is best for me? Do I take up the major in college I want, or what everyone is telling me to take up? Do I do what pays the bills or do I listen for the voice of the Father for my life? What is my purpose and who’s voice should I listen to the most? This is another reason why you should respect your parents but don’t make them into your God. Develop a relationship with God for yourself.

What do you want to be when you grow up? You! Not everyone else. You.

When you stop needing the approval of others and cease to feel the need to be included and validated by “them” to do what God has called you to do, that’s when you’re ready to take off. I know you’re saying, but how am I going to fund what I’m burdened to do? Where will I get support from if I stop making my family happy? Newsflash; Jesus didn’t get a lot of support from his so called people on earth either. All his power came from Heaven!

I don’t mean to get all churchy on you. But the Bible says Jesus came to his own and his own received him NOT. And you thought it was only you that was dealing with this. Naw.

The moment I stopped waiting to be accepted by the cult- ure and community I come from, The Father started increasing my anointing, favor and blessings. There is more in you if you just stop relying on and trusting in people more than you do God. God wants to take you somewhere great. You just need to stop waiting for perfect conditions to take off. If he’s in the pilot seat, you’re going to get to your next level. He’s going to take you somewhere you couldn’t have taken yourself in your own strength.

Take off! It’s time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. It’s time. You’re all grown up.

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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2 thoughts on “What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. Aaron says:

    I been saying oh get you’re healing first but at some point people need to see where I am.I’m excited about what’s to come I can feel it will be my best I am my biggest distraction sometimes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got this! I’m proud of you. Keep going.


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