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My husband told me about some airline that was offering $25 flights. Immediately, I thought NO THANKS! I’m not getting on any airline that thinks so little of themselves. See, I still believe that you get what you pay for. In other words, anyone offering to take me somewhere with such little standard for carrying me there is someone I have a hard time trusting. This got me to thinking about what it says when we are willing to carry people with such little demand from them. Ask who in your life are you carrying for nothing? People have relationships where they are doing everything and the people in it, showing no gratitude for all thats being done for them to be on board. I don’t know if it comes from desperation, low self esteem or fear of being alone, but it takes a pathetic perspective regarding your own worth to let people attach themselves to you for little to nothing. How can you allow people to be so involved in your life who bring nothing to the table?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people have to pay to be in your life, but they sure do have to add some sort of value to be around and close to me and the same goes for me. I don’t expect people to do things for me and it be lopsided. Anyone who’s just hanging around you for nothing and not offering anything in return is not someone you need to keep carrying. That’s not at all good for your mental health. Even the idea that you can throw $25 at me and think I’m going to help you get to your next destination is an actual insult if you asked me.

Makes me wonder how much more we should demand from the people who we are connected to? Is it enough for people to come around you and suck up all your positivity and inspiration and then throw $25 at you? I noticed how people will pay more to fill their belly with food than they will for wisdom or information that could unlock their future. Insert praise break! Those are the kind of people you can’t afford to carry into your next season. People who would rather dole out money to support causes and individuals who don’t do all that you do for them are people who don’t value you. There I said it! It’s true. Ya’ll still friends with people that come to your parties and celebrations and give you naked cards? They will be the same ones who go to their co workers and people they’re trying to impress and give them good gifts. RIDICULOUS! Whether they smile and cheese all up in your face and pretend to appreciate you, there is not enough smiling and thanking me in the world! I would much rather surround myself with people who don’t have a problem paying me for my gift! And no, it’s not that I’m always looking for money, but I need money more than I do people complimenting me and grinning all up in my face. I need to be compensated more than I do people saying a bunch of kind, flattering words to me. Save the flattery and pay me. When was the last time your boss and his or her kind words paid your bills?

See, you’ve got to stop letting people manipulate you when it comes to all you offer them, because that’s what it is. There are people who didn’t have nervous breakdowns because I was there for them and no I’m not throwing what I do for people in their face, I’m saying you don’t get to manipulate me into being a “good person” when it comes to what I offer you as much as you can get your job to work for them for free on the principle of being nice and kind. I refuse to let people play games with me and devalue me and think $25, or whatever they make no effort to give me is enough. The same way you pay for that steak dinner and tip the waiter at Ruth Chris, you need to compensate those people who’ve blessed your life in a way that goes far beyond making your belly feel good at dinner. There are people who made it through rough seasons of their life because I was available for them and God used me to be a vessel to encourage them and minister to them. Those same jokers will run and pay for concert tickets, trips, cars, dinners, clothes and shoes that cost plenty, then walk up to me and fold up a few dollars and say how much they appreciate me. Thank me in more than your prayers and words. I’m not giving out $25 flights to people in 2020. I’m demanding that the people who take flight because of what I offer them, place a corresponding value that’s tangible and not a bunch of hot air and flowery words to match.

I was just talking to someone yesterday and said to them that it’s amazing how so many people can only value people when they don’t need them anymore. Clothing designers give Millionaire celebrities couture fashions to wear for free. Of course, their motives aren’t necessarily pure. They obviously expect other to people see the celebrity wearing their fashions and go buy them too. The point is, I’m sure all the free stuff celebrities get now, they probably wished they got when they needed it the most. It ought not be that people around you are in need and struggling, especially when they fed you in your time of need. And hear me clear, this is not to be done out of fear or obligation or pressure. Giving is a heart thing. If you don’t have a heart to give you will always justify taking. In this season of gratitude, make a decision to place more value on the people who add substance in your life than you ever have. Deal with whatever jealousy or envy you have in your heart that keeps you from blessing those who’ve been a major blessing to you. Don’t hold back because you think they have enough or you don’t think they need anything more than what they have. Do people have to be on the verge of losing everything for you to say thank you? What does it take for you to actually be generous? Hopefully not helping them when it’s too late. Hopefully not saying they had so much potential while you stand over their coffin. There’s an ole saying “Give me my flowers while I can smell them!” Also, it’s just nice to be nice.

$25 is a decent tip, but the way some people have helped you get to your next level deserves more that! If you continue to treat the gifts in your life like they’re insignificant and unworthy of more than peanuts, shame on you. You need to do some real soul searching. No one should have to beg you to get to the place where you finally put a proper value on what certain people bring into your life. As a good wife, I don’t expect anything but to be treated like one by my husband. I have given over 30 years of my life to this call. I have taken everything my husband has given me and made it better. He gave me a house, I made it a home. He gave me a seed, I put my dreams aside and took time and taught nurtured our phenomenal children. He’s given me his heart, I’ve treated it with care and love. So I’m not surprised when he blesses me! I actually believe I deserve it!

Some of you are super frustrated today because you’re constantly giving big time to people who treat you like trash. Stop giving people like that access to you. You deserve more. Up your prices today. Place a demand on what you offer to the earth today. If you’re ready to start your business, don’t give out discounts. Charge what you are worth.

Those of you leading and developing teams, don’t allow people to stay on your team who want to treat your vision like it’s not worthwhile and important. Let them go somewhere else and be dishonorable. That devaluing spirit can spread like cancer through a vision with a lot of potential. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Just because you don’t pay them money, doesn’t mean being on your team is not adding value to their life. They know they’re better because of your influence and wisdom. They know their reputation has gotten better being on your team. Don’t take people’s scraps because you think that’s all you can get. Up your esteem and realize you’re worth more. You don’t have to beg anyone to see your vision. You don’t need those people in your corner when they show you they really aren’t. Take out the trash before you go into 2020. Some people won’t ever value another man or woman’s vision because their hearts are hateful and ungrateful. Today is a great day for you to raise your standards. Don’t worry about who you lose. Sometimes you’ve got to cut off dead ends to see growth. Take your worth off the bargain rack and start believing in your elevation and watch others be drawn to you that believe in you too!

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2 thoughts on “No More $25 Flights

  1. Angie says:

    Great word padtor…. thank you. I received it ❤️

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    1. Thank you! I’m so excited that this message spoke to you! I appreciate you reading my blog and leaving such great feedback!


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