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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s time to get serious. I’m not kidding. You really need to stop playing around with your life. Stop playing games. I’m truly amazed at the amount of time adults sit around playing games. Being childish and petty. It’s time to change. Your ascent and take off have been on hold for too long being an adult infant. You’ve been procrastinating and making excuses for way too long to keep this up. You even surround yourself with people who enable you to be a game player. You’re a full fledge half stepper. So sad. You repeatedly raise your standard and then lower it. Raise it and lower it. All depends on the company you keep. I see people who act as if they really want to go somewhere great in my company or the company of other serious minded people and they’ll play like they’re serious about their take off. But as soon as they get back with their town folk, they get right back to their usual antics and game playing. It’s really not a good look and proves how confused some folk are about their own lives. This is why the next time you get pumped up and excited about the possibilities in front of you, don’t let some hater or dream killer come and discourage you.

I’ve noticed lately how easy it is for the people we allow around us to be agents of discouragement. Haters, do this. They want to see you do well. Just not better than them. When did this become a competition anyway!?

I can’t even lie, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of these jokers know what they’re doing. They’re not innocently doing what they do. They just don’t have the capacity or even heart or soul to help anyone get to their next level. That’s how messed up jealous people are. That’s why this whole idea of going somewhere great has to be a personal decision for you and I. We can’t keep looking for people to be ready to support our elevation. We’ve got to work extra hard to support our own ascension. Most of the people who pretend to be in our corner are not and will show you by putting very little effort into your plans, goals and dreams.

I’ve even come to grips with the harsh reality that some people are only around you because you’re helping to inspire them and help them see their potential. That’s what your faith does for others. You’re giving them courage within to face their demons and go for the impossible. You’re a real living example of someone who’s courageous enough to try. But when it comes to this unified idea of them really being with you to see you take off, let me sober you and say they’re not really trying to help. Notice how unenthusiastic they are when you try to move forward. Notice how they hide their hands when you need help. The very ones around you who claim to be with you, will do all they can to show you they’re not really with you. So sad to tell you it’s because of those very reasons you don’t want to believe but you know in your heart. Just deal with it.

I am learning to not be offended by the fact that some people only want to get close to you to see how you do what you do. Not everyone, but a great deal of people who aren’t serious about their purpose yet, will attach themselves to people who are focused and their motives will become clear as they walk with you. Don’t ignore it when people show you what they’re with you for. Apostle Stevenson calls them clout chasers. People who want to ride your coat tails to be associated with you but don’t actually have any intention on being honorable.

In the meantime, they’ll try to glean from you and take shortcuts to get to places that took you years to get to. They’ll make themselves available to “support” you when it benefits them all the while patterning their ascent off of you. Some of these people have never thought to go places and dream as big as they have until they’ve gotten close to you. That’s fine tho. You’re not a hater like they are. Let them live! Just don’t do what I’ve done in the past and that’s make them out to be more than they are.

So here’s my advice. Don’t keep giving pretenders and disingenuous people a place in your heart like they’re your family or a genuine friend. See, if I had a dollar for every person I treated like family or a bonafide friend I’d be filthy rich. These people will get close to you and when they get all the goody out of you and you’re no longer needed, Boom. They disappear. Some of these people on this flight called life actually really suck. Even the ones you develop some real love for. My main objective is not be one of those kinds of messed up people. I want to remain a genuine blessing in the lives of people I connect with. I want to give my all when it comes to whatever I put my hands to do.

I don’t ever want to be the kind of crappy person to do a sloppy job “helping” someone else and then when I do my stuff it’s excellent. I don’t ever want it to be said that I enhanced something for someone else just to make myself look noble and good. You know some people make it so obvious. If they’re going to be out front, they make sure it’s a success. But if they’re not going to be headlining, they sit back and pray and wait for things to fall apart. Yea. Some people actually suck, just refuse to be one of them. Look at the people you’re supposed to be connected to and ask yourself how you’re doing when it comes to your execution. You know whether you’re handling their stuff with care or not. Don’t try to rationalize being trifling. There’s no excuse.

This flight called life is full of all kinds of people. The ones who think they’re fooling you. I personally can’t stand people who think I’m stupid. The ones who give off this false humility vibe and fake like they’re sincere. Although I have learned to humor the “pretenders” in my life, on the inside it’s detestable. I know the real ones around me who want to see things go to the next level and help me to get there.

My prayer is that you stop aiding people in their foolishness. I want you to be sober and accept people for who they are. There are literally three categories; sheep, goats and wolves. You know the character of each one and need to start handling these personality types accordingly. Watch out when it comes to the characters around you. Some people even want to be you. They want to gather a following while playing like they’re showing you honor and loyalty. Once you start seeing the heart of people, you’ll never confuse those who want to help you soar with those who have another agenda again.

A word of wisdom to those who seem to think they’re getting over on someone by barely doing anything to actually improve things; grow up. It’s time to get serious with your life. Playing with other people’s lives is a sign you’re not well and there’s no way God’s going to bless your mess.

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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6 thoughts on “i don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s time to get serious

  1. Aaron says:

    Unproductive confusion is not a good look

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking time out of your day to read my blog!


  2. miriamwb says:

    Whew! I love this message! It’s on point, thought provoking, and in season!

    On Wed, Nov 20, 2019, 11:44 AM wrote:

    > posted: ” I don’t know who needs to hear this, > but it’s time to get serious. I’m not kidding. You really need to stop > playing around with your life. Stop playing games. I’m truly amazed at the > amount of time adults sit around playing games. Being childish and pett” >

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and leaving such positive feedback!


  3. Se'Rita says:

    Hi Sherry,

    I really enjoy reading your articles. As far as this article goes, I’ve never heard anyone categorize a personality as a goat. Will you explain this character trait a bit more if you have the time?

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    1. Hi Serita! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and comment back. Your question about goats is a good one! Just think about the personality of a goat and then consider how many people you know who are like that in nature. Independent. Intelligent but usually very Stubborn. There’s a book out called Sheep Goats and Wolves by Mark Barclay. He breaks it down. It’s very good. Hope this helps some. Basically, my point behind knowing people and their nature will save you a lot of frustration and heartache. People are people.


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