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Unless you’re in a cult, or a cult like relationship you should feel free to go wherever you want to go on this journey called life. Free people have no need to get permission to take off and fly! I don’t even have to ask my husband for permission to go somewhere I want to go. And don’t get me wrong, I value his opinions and don’t make decisions that dishonor his place in my life. I’m just saying we have a relationship that’s totally based on love, honor and respect, so he knows I wouldn’t try to go anywhere that he doesn’t want me to go. That’s a whole message right there. But this whole idea of needing permission made my wheels turn this morning. I started thinking maybe the reason so many adults are walking around saying they’re stuck is really because their mentality is so programmed by a cult model.

Maybe the way people have been brought up is the reason why this intense need for control operates in so many families, organizations, cult- ures and communities. Are we confusing loyalty with control? Submission with slavery and bondage? Could it be that you have to get permission to go places in life because the people at the proverbial top in your life really don’t want you to take off and actually go somewhere great? Could their need for so much control be rooted in fear that you might leave them behind? Has keeping the band together limited you from being the star in your own show?

The team of people I lead is full of people from different backgrounds and many of them are used to having to get permission to do everything. Some of them are so programmed by the cult -ure that they feel guilty when they want to jump on a plane and take a holiday somewhere. They feel guilty when they have to miss something. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that people be all over the place and irresponsible when it comes to their assignment and things they’ve said yes to. I’m saying, no adult man or woman should feel like they can’t go somewhere without being reprimanded or chastised when they return. So what do I do when dealing with people who have been abused by past leadership because that’s all it is,..

I calmly look at these dear hearts and tell them, You are free to go wherever you want to go and the next time you think you need to ask permission DON’T. After all, who am I to be giving adults permission to go somewhere they obviously want to go? And what happens if for some reason I happen to tell you no you can’t go? How am I going to tell you that you’re not allowed to go somewhere you want to go? Then all I can expect is for you to stay and sit up in my face mad at me for holding you back. Ha! Naw fam! Please go! This is why so many people resent their families, relationships, churches and organizations because they feel like they’re in bondage rather than free to fly!

The bottom line is all of us should be free to go wherever we want. As a matter of fact, we should be associated with other free people who encourage us to fly as often as we can. Shucks, if I could travel every week to a different region I would and maybe one day I will. And if God forbid anyone is mad at me for taking off, I’m still going! See, when I go places, I actually go where I go on purpose which leads me to my next point as to why so many people don’t take off in life. Maybe it’s because they don’t know their purpose so they keep going from place to place trying to fit in and find it. Insert churchy organ music 🎵. I believe with my whole heart that when you figure out what you’re here to do, you won’t have to run all around the earth trying to find fulfillment. You’ll actually find ways to be purposeful everyday of your life wherever you are. This is how you keep your own heart stirred and passionate when it comes to your commitments and priorities.

Can you be open and honest about your own mentality today? When was the last time you sat down and evaluated what’s priority in your life? If what you seem to be doing is not impacting anyone else in a tangible way, no wonder you keep asking for permission to fly around and see what’s out there. You’re searching for a way to make a difference. If you’re not making a difference now, please don’t make excuses for being such an ineffective person. Not with all the creativity and gifting you have inside of you. Maybe the environment and circles you flow in aren’t challenging you enough. I’m sorry, you gotta move to a place that will help activate and stir up your gifts. If people in your cult – ure curse you for flying out of their control, you’re definitely in a cult. If they shun you and DIS courage you for flying that’s a sign you’re under a group that is operating out of witchcraft and control. Let me say this loud and clear; using this article as a basis for you to be a rebellious person who’s not accountable and answers to no one is not at all what I’m saying. I’m saying you should be free and freedom makes you more accountable to the people who you’re committed to.

My prayer is that you figure out what your life purpose is and realize you can do it anywhere, but when you’re in the right atmosphere you actually want to do it! Some of you are so sad and downcast and you’re trying to prove you’re a noble person by sticking it out in toxic cult – ures. You’re trying to keep yourself encouraged but you’re not enthusiastic or on fire anymore. You’re waiting for the clock to strike 12 on New Year’s Eve for you to all of a sudden be passionate about your purpose again. This whole concept of joy and passion for life and your calling has to start with you. Who are you hanging out with? Are they sarcastic, dry, joyless, apathetic people who haven’t been given permission when it comes to their dreams either? Are they still waiting for someone to wave a magic wand over them and they suddenly become something other than what they are today? No fairy Godmother, Leader, Father, Pastor, Big Sister, Brother, Friend Circle or Network has the power to make you snap out of the sunken place you’re in as it relates to your destiny. Don’t put that on anyone else. Don’t keep saying when you get a husband, wife, family, the money you need for your business then you’ll have permission to be happy. No one is powerful enough to give you permission to live and take off in life. You have always been free to make your life better. Stop giving that much power to the cult- ure you’re in. I recently watched a grown woman join a group and say “I finally made it.” Saddest thing I ever heard someone say. To actually believe your life is now worth something when you join a stupid group! When we give people the authority to make us valid, we simultaneously give them the power should they decide to make us invalid. I decide my own worth. I give myself permission to go as far as I have the vision for my life. While I honor my commitments and the people who have made a great impact on my life, there is no person alive who has permission to give me permission on how high I can fly on this flight called life.

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8 thoughts on “Do You Need Permission To Travel?

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    This article is awesome & needs to also be in the Washington Post & New York Times as I think millions of people would benefit from this. If someone on here reading has the connect to extend the eye’s viewing this please do. Once again great read👌

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    1. WOW! Thanks Keith! I appreciate your encouragement so much


  2. Gina A. Dorsey says:

    I read this earlier and I just read it again!
    Well said Pastor Sherry! Changing the way we think gives us permission to do what it is we need to do! No one else’s permission is needed! I give myself permission to FLY! I’m so ready to soar and I’m so grateful for all that is being shared with me as God is preparing me to take off!
    Thanks Pastor Sherry for always sharing your heart in Truth.🤗

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    1. Thanks Bishop!!! You’re headed somewhere amazing and it’s a beautiful sight see as you take off into your purpose!


  3. miriamwb says:

    Whew! Thought provoking! “Are we confusing loyalty with control? Submission with slavery and bondage?” I know I have, but I’m under great teachings now! I recognize the difference! So, I seek better!

    Thanks for this!

    On Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 12:41 PM wrote:

    > posted: ” Unless you’re in a cult, or a cult like > relationship you should feel free to go wherever you want to go on this > journey called life. Free people have no need to get permission to take off > and fly! I don’t even have to ask my husband for permission to go ” >

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    1. Thanks for taking time to read and leave a comment. I’m so happy this article spoke to you in a special way and encouraged you to keep soaring!


  4. angelarobinson2806 says:

    So much truth there! being programmed. Eeek! You are so right. Checking my passion level so know where I stand in every place. Finding the way to care, but let go and get to living the assignment. Celebrating anti cult-ure. (That revelation was a goodie) Glad to know unique people!

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    1. Thanks for taking time to read my blog article and comment! Keep soaring. You’re headed somewhere amazing!


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