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Are the people that you’re traveling with encouraging you or depressing you? Are they able to challenge you to greatness or do they help you stay stagnant or stuck? You know it makes a monumental difference who you travel with? If you’ve ever been on a trip anywhere with people who suck the living joy out of you, you’re probably never going anywhere with them again. That is, if you’re in your right mind. Notice I prefaced my statement by saying “IF YOU’RE IN YOUR RIGHT MIND!” The way you think and how much crap you’re willing to put up with, or not is going to have a lot to do with how much courage you have! I’ve been teaching a great bit lately on the heart. It’s really made me evaluate how much courage I have for life and my assignment and calling. It’s also important to realize what eats away at your courage, even down to who has the ability to DIS – courage! I have really started taking a greater inventory in my life on who and what impacts my joy on this flight called life. I made up my mind that life is too short to tolerate foolishness, so when people and circumstances expose their intentions, I make the necessary adjustments to change my environment!!!!!!!!!!

See, the bottom line is you’ve got to be honest with yourself! How many of these people who drive you to drinking are people you actually have to spend time with? I’ll wait,…….How many of them are there? See,..I think somewhere along the way we forgot that we don’t have to hang around people we don’t like. Can I get an AMEN?!!!!! I’m so serious about this. And I know, you’re saying that’s not nice, and maybe it isn’t but when are you going to stop being nice over being genuine and authentic? If you asked me, playing “nice” and hiding the fact that you don’t want to spend time with certain people is actually not being nice to yourself. Believe me, it took me some time to get free from the FOG (feelings of guilt) associated with the fact that I was allowing certain people to be in my life and it was not an enjoyable experience. I was spending holidays around the table with people who didn’t support my dreams, didn’t have a single encouraging word to say to me when they saw me,…Shucks they didn’t even know me!!!! It’s really not good for your mental health to let people you’re related to, guilt you into spending special holidays with them when they actually don’t want to be around you in real life.

Get over it and start living your life! It really is your life if you choose to start living it. If anyone is going to be angry with you because you decline to attend their dinner party or event,…. there you have it. They feel entitled to your time and you owe no one your time! No one should feel entitled when it comes to your life. If you choose to share your days in the presence of certain people, the least it should be is inspiring, pleasant and empowering. Take a moment and make a list of the people who do that for you! Then, go right ahead and spend as much time as you want hanging out with them because the outcome is going to make your life better. Instead of leaving the room feeling discouraged, belittled, frustrated and hurt; when you leave the presence of inspiring people you’ll have ideas that you can turn into profit! When you leave the room of people who empower and uplift you, you’ll leave with a greater sense of courage, focus and insight!

Where you spend your time and who you spend it with has a lot to do with how far you will go in life! If you do whatever the work is necessary after leaving people who are on a mission, your life should be headed somewhere greater than it was before you stepped into their environment. Check the temperature in the room when you arrive. Are people in the room positive, honest, sober and knowledgable? Are they humble and teachable? Or are you surrounded with a bunch of addicts, cursing and talking nonsense? Are they pessimistic complainers who sit and swap stories where they all share a similar theme of sadness and hopelessness? This could be the exact reason why you’ve lost your sense of purpose! I don’t care who they are, no one should be so important to you that you lose yourself when they’re in the room.

Today, make a decision to be careful about the atmospheres you enter. Every door is not your door. Every opportunity and invite is not one meant to help propel you into your greatness. Even when you consider the conversations you participate in, are they all a good investment for you to be talking to them? Is there any point in saying the same thing to a bunch of stiff necked people who are determined to see things from a blurred perspective? They’re going to be the reason you end up aggravated and annoyed. Leave rooms where your wisdom is not received. Your next move is up to you. Where you go and who you go with is important. Don’t be so desperate for company and invitations that you say yes to people who if you’re not careful have the potential to poison your passion. I’ve seen it and it’s so sad to watch people go down the tubes hanging out with losers. Make today the day where you raise your standards when it comes to the company you keep.

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