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As a little girl, I grew up in love with the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” I thought it was so magical! The entire story captivated me. I loved watching the life of Dorothy until recently I sat back and thought about how messed up her mentality was. This grown woman was living with her Auntie Em and her Uncle Henry and some other family members who I might add were middle age men with no families!! That’s not weird I know. Anyway, Dorothy is here living with all these adults on this farm where she was always being treated like she was a little baby girl. This is not cute either. Grown women who’s fathers and families act like they’ some little infant. It’s strange. Back to Dorothy. Her family treated her like she was a little nuisance and I guess her wearing bobby socks and carrying a basket, riding a bike and galavanting around with a little dog named Toto all day didn’t help either. That’s not weird at all! LOL.

Meanwhile, Dorothy is being harassed by a neighborhood witch and the only peace she could find was in running away from it all with her dog singing songs and doing choreographed dance from time to time. Well, I’m sure you know the rest of the story. She gets hit in her head when a storm comes. Preach! Then she falls asleep and wakes up in some enchanted world. I know, it’s amazing how unreal and real this story is at the same time. The fact that the only way she leaves her family and her extreme codependency is that a storm comes! Ha! If you asked me all this right here makes for some really good preaching material. All in all, she thinks she’s awake but the whole time she’s sleep. Insert Baptist fit! She dreams some good stuff, and a lot bad stuff too, and yet even in her dreams she can’t get away from her family! This sounds like the story of a lot of people I know.

The whole time while she’s traveled to this amazingly beautiful place, she’s still haunted by the demons of her past and the only desire in her heart while she’s in paradise is that she still really just wants to go back home. A big grown woman in a beautiful place with only one desire in her heart and that’s to go back to her dysfunctional family! Sad! Pathetic! Downright disturbing if you asked me. The whole time she’s on a journey to find out who she is, to see the world, to experience life from her own perspective; she can’t seem to shake her addiction to her family and her insatiable desire to go back to her childhood. She was constantly trying to make her new reality the same one she left. Even when you consider how abrupt her departure was from her family of origin, I think it’s the only way she would have left. Makes me think that the storms and challenges we encounter in life are often what’s necessary to push us out of our comfort zone. Dorothy like you and I, would have never experienced anything other than the boring repetitious daily hum drum she was used to if it hadn’t been for the storm! When she gets to the amazing place her storm pushed her to, interesting little people come out and celebrate her for showing up! Can I tell you that there are people waiting on you to show up! But what happens if you refuse to grow up? What happens if you try to avoid the storms and remain stuck in the same cycles and circles that make you comfortable? When Dorothy’s house falls in Munchkinland, The whole town came out to celebrate her because she killed the wicked witch that was tormenting them. Never mind there was another witch still alive who was the sister to the one that she had accidentally killed. Maybe that’s another reason why so many of us refuse to move forward in life. Maybe it’s fear that we’ll incite witches and demons and evil spirits that are assigned to certain regions. You know there is such thing as territorial demons.

See, I know that every dreamer, visionary or gifted person reading this has a people waiting for you to show up. You have the power to free them and inspire them and help them go to their next level the same way Dorothy’s arrival helped the people in Munchkinland. The same way the people waiting for you to show up are ready for you, there are powers of darkness that are not going to let you come without a fight. Here’s my encouragement for you, don’t back down because YOU ARE GOING TO WIN! Don’t let fear keep you from going somewhere great! Don’t stay stuck trying to repeat yesterday when tomorrow is waiting for you to show up! Made me think how many of us are doing the same thing as Dorothy, wishing for the old days to come back rather than living in the now. While on her journey to the see the great and wonderful OZ, Dorothy meets up with three people who are similarly just as “lost” as she is. They resemble people from her past, so she invites them on her adventure to find happiness. Just think for a moment about your own life. Are you attracting people who are just as lost as you are? Are you constantly a magnet for people who resemble your past? Or are you making the courageous decision to travel somewhere great even if it’s scary? Are you determined to keep reliving the same story line over and over again? Are you so addicted to keeping your life familiar that you’re just like Dorothy? A proverbial big grown woman dressed up like a little girl, talking like a baby surrounded by a bunch of people who are annoyed by your immaturity but putting up with you anyway? Surrounded by people who share the same insecurities and fears as you?

It’s time for Dorothy and all of us who loved this story to see it for what it is! It’s a great peek into the life of someone who’s completely delusional and irrational. It’s delusional for you and I to be grown up behaving like little kids. It’s irrational for us to be 30, 40 and 50 and so fused with other people we don’t know how to do anything on our own. It’s irrational and delusional for us to think there’s a wizard who’s got the power to make our lives better when we are actually equipped with everything we need to experience amazing lives without the need of some man or woman to save us. It’s actually possible to go somewhere great and we can do it without needing the affirmation and approval of Auntie Em, Uncle Henry or anyone from the farm to make a move. And I’m sorry to tell you, that as beautiful and amazing as life can be, while we are going places, there will be lions and tigers and bears, Oh my! But none of that should be able to stop us from putting on our big girl panties and taking whatever path we’re brave enough to take. Follow the yellow brick road,…green, blue, black,..just go and don’t stop until you see the life you believe you’re meant to live. Don’t let anything stop you. On the way, we will all meet people who seem to have no brain. We’ll encounter the heartless and people with no courage and some of them may turn out to be some of our closest friends. Just don’t forget to be a friend to yourself. Love yourself and the right people will be drawn to you. There will be some witches along the way, but good always wins over evil! At the end of the day, your story doesn’t have to end with you feeling hopeless and having to run back home.

The bottom line is, Home is wherever you plant your feet. Home is wherever you want it to be should you make the brave decision to unpack your bags and stop seeking an easy escape when this journey called life gets difficult from time to time. You may meet someone like the wizard who makes you think they can do more for you than they actually can, and if you allow your disappointment in people to make you give up, shame on you. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing no matter what you feel or see along the way. Today you’re reading this because you needed to. You needed this reminder before you convinced your grown self that running back home to your family of origin and their whacky thinking is acceptable. That is not the answer. Go somewhere great for once in your life and commit to it. Free yourself from the grips of needing to have everything the way it was. I guarantee when you do this, you will begin to experience life and it will be from a brand new perspective! Stop expecting where you’re going to be like Kansas. It’s a new day and you won’t have to go somewhere over the rainbow to see it!

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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  1. Angie says:

    Thank you pastor Sherry….

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!


  2. Muriel Johnson says:

    Awesome Blog. I Love it.

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  3. Danielle Waters says:

    This post is perfect! It was hilariously captivating, well written and had so much truth and motivation! I’m finna go be great!! Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Elder! I always enjoy your colorful feedback too! I’m just saying 🙌🏽


  4. Drew Grant says:

    This was hilarious but so true! I’m not letting anything stop me from putting on my big girl panties and taking on the path I want to take! I’m not Dorothy, and I’m not weird!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re amazing and I’m so glad you enjoyed this Drew! Watching you take flight has been nothing more than inspirational! Keep going! I’m so proud of you ♥️😘

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