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There are some seriously obnoxious people on this flight with you. I think I needed to tell you this. They’re not even trying to be nice. Nope, they’re not even in many cases pretending to be trying either. What they are doing is watching you. Some of them are watching you tread through rough waters. They’re sitting back watching you suffer and they could help but they won’t. It’s not very nice at all and many of them are convinced that they’re teaching you some sort of a lesson. Could be the very lesson that they had to learn and if that isn’t a dysfunctional mentality I don’t know what is! To want other people to go through an enormous amount of pain and trauma because you had to, that’s not nice. But that’s seriously the way some of these people think and in many instances what has them feeling superior to you. Here’s what I will tell you; it surely isn’t the fruit of kindness that’s motivating this heart posture. Truth be told, some of these people you’re journeying through life with are not as nice as they want the public to see them.

Just take a look at how they handle things. If you’re genuinely trying to help the people you’re traveling with take off, wouldn’t it be obvious? Wouldn’t it be evident? But no! You’ve got to figure out whether or not most of these people who say they’re with you are actually trying to help you get to your destination because their actions are not clear at all. People say stuff like, “In my heart, I want to see you go somewhere great!” Well isn’t that an interesting statement. And why in the world do I have to read the fine print of your heart to find out if you’re for me?

Why is this necessary for your support to be hidden until I’m ready to throw in the towel, when all you have to do is act accordingly??If you want to see me go places, simply help me get there. Plain and simple. Don’t talk about it, be about it. If you genuinely mean well concerning my take off, don’t waste time being all mysterious and making it all spooky and deep; just be there for me and help me. Makes you wonder why there so many people around watching you struggle? Why won’t they just make their intentions known? Just offer me the position. Write me the recommendation. Tell your connection about me. Just send the money. Write the check. Buy the tickets. Come to the event. Show up when you have time. It’s not so difficult to make your efforts clear. Why be so cryptic and distant when your tangible support is so needed? Why do so many “nice” people help organizations they don’t have any affiliation with while they watch the very people they know need them drown?

If you asked me; the answer is they’re not really nice people. No bonafide nice person who really wants to see the people in their life take off, sits back and watches the people they’re with go down. On the contrary, they do whatever they can to make things happen. It’s not nice to have the ability to change a situation and not do anything. It’s not nice to smile and watch people sink. It’s not nice to have the resources to make something better and sit on your hands. Today is a good day to stop deluding yourself about these so called “nice” people in your life. Take some time and be real. Look at these jokers in your life and assess what kind of an individual would handle the people they’re in community with like they handle you? Are they really nice people or are you traveling with some jerks? Only a jerk would sit back and have the wherewithal to help others take flight and yet do absolutely nothing or as little as possible. Even if you help someone a little, if it’s still not enough they’re still screwed. What kind of person helps a person get half way to their destination? Not a nice one. Make an effort to stop being so obnoxious when it comes to the people you have the capacity to bless. If people treat you not so nice, use this reality as a motivator to start handling the life you have and the people in it much better. As a matter of fact, choose to make everything you’re connected to nicer!

I’m the realest life coach and I approve this message.

Copyright ©️2019 Sherry Grant

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