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When going places, there are some items I can’t travel without. There are my beats, my sleeping mask, my blanket, and something to write with and something to read. That’s it! Those are my must haves on the plane. I noticed that anytime I’m up in the air, I’m extremely creative. More than normal. I’m able to think much clearer. I can remember the goals I’ve let slip away and in my silence I’m able to tap into a realm of peace and calm and think of some of the things that really inspire my soul.

Maybe the fact that the airlines require travelers to unplug and come off the grid when up in the air is one of the main reasons why I’m able to have such clarity and focus when I’m flying. This really started my wheels to turning as it relates to making the decision to quiet my spirit and get my mind more on task. It really convicted me about moving deeper into the direction of my dreams, visions and plans for the future, not later but now. Makes me want to encourage my real life coachable friends to do the same.

Develop a discipline and a schedule where you make time for your goals. This is real self love. Way beyond taking a bubble bath, eating chocolate cake, watching a favorite movie or going to get your nails done. Self love is taking yourself seriously. Taking your dreams and plans for the next level to new horizons unapologetically and with passion and dedication. I’m serious. How else are you going to reach your goals if you won’t make time to put together a strategy? How else will you move out of the place of wishing and wanting better? You’re going to have to do more than pray. Even the Bible says faith without works is dead. Oh, and don’t waste another moment feeling bad about the response of people after you share your plans with them. Who cares if they think your ideas are stupid or they don’t believe in you. I need you to believe in you! That’s half the battle there. Who cares if they would rather give their money to other people and laugh at your goals. Don’t expect broke people to invest in you. They don’t have it either financially, emotionally or spiritually. If they did, they wouldn’t be so stingy towards your hopes! Who cares if they won’t help you, someone will eventually, you just gotta keep pushing anyway. You could actually be one NO away from your YES! Don’t give up! I’m telling you, don’t! No matter what, this is your dream and no one else is going to be more excited about it than you. Sometimes you can involve people in your “projects’ and think they will share your passion and enthusiasm, only to find out, they are not as into it as you expected. Don’t let that frustrate you either. People are actually very selfish and once you start believing in yourself, they are often inspired but the inspiration can become competition too. It’s sad but true.

Just stay UP! Don’t be sidetracked. It’s amazing how being up in the air makes me want to go harder concerning my destiny. It’s definitely a spiritual thing! This is also why you can’t afford to hang out with people who aren’t willing to approach life with the same intention. That ole’ saying “You can’t hang out with chickens if you expect to fly with eagles” is soooooo true. Is it chickens or turkeys. I don’t know. Either way, they are both dumb birds. You can’t be a dreamer and hang out with losers. Chickens can’t leave their level and go high. There are some people aka chickens around you now who (if you allow them to) will affect and infect your ability to go up. Don’t let that happen. This is why you’re reading this today because you needed to be reminded to watch your surroundings. Take special notice on the things you say and what you think about in your quiet time. Don’t let negative seeds take root in your mind. Don’t start taking your growth and your transformation lightly either. While you try and go up, please be extra mindful of people and situations that work hard to distract you and bring you back down. There are some people and mindsets that are like gravity and they will pull you back to the same mentality you’re getting free from if you’re not careful.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the position UP is also the direction we all (who are purposed to go places) want to go in! I’m sure the fact that you’re reading this article today is a sign that you’re someone who’s determined to go somewhere great! You’re reading this today and you don’t want to struggle anymore, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. Not with all that you’re stocked with. All those gifts, talents, wisdom, skills and knowledge that you have, you can do anything you put your mind to! What I realized for myself is that if I’m not careful, it is easy to drift into the mundane routine of life and excuse your procrastination, and let your hopes and dreams sail away. Today, I want to encourage you to look UP and stay UP! Lift up your head, open your eyes and start thinking like you did before you let fear take control. Think like you did before you ever let someone make you think your attempts towards greatness were a mistake. Think like you did before you ever knew what a failure was. Take your outlook on life UP higher and remember back to a time when you didn’t allow the naysayers and the negative voices in your life to discourage you and talk you out of trying new things.

See, it’s perfectly normal to have some jitters when you’re stepping out on faith, but I guarantee you that you are not alone. Someone believes in you. I believe in you! You can do it! Whatever you’ve been burdened to do, don’t let it die because you had to plug back into this noisy world. Don’t let the phones, jobs, family demands and schedules take you back to being distracted and anxious. Please don’t allow the busyness of life to get you off track and in a tizzy where you lose your sense of direction and passion for your business, book, movie, play, CD,……or whatever it is. Don’t let people and their foolishness trip you up. Do the best that you can do and don’t just say that like a cliche. Actually mean it and come through with your best in every way possible. The Nations are waiting on you, but before you put out another thing, make a determination that you will do everything you do this time with EXCELLENCE. Seriously,…. don’t do it unless you’re really proud of it. Don’t present anything that you don’t believe in and expect other people to believe in it. Make it amazing!!! Make it beautiful! Make it special. Too many people are guilty of coming down from the posture of UP and doing things with very little attention to detail. Take your plans seriously no matter who else does and watch your goals stay UP!!!!!!!!! This time when you go up, STAY UP.

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