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I notice a lot. If you follow my blog, it’s probably safe to say you do too! You’re an intuitive person. You discern people’s spirit and see when people’s hearts are not in alignment with their words. You’re a very observant person and you’re committed to your growth and ascension. You notice the way people handle you versus what they say to you. You can tell when someone is being mendacious and disingenuous. Also, if you’re like me you notice the amount of effort people put into you versus the level of care and attention you genuinely give to them. Then, if you’re like me, you handle people accordingly and I mean that in the most humble way possible. It’s not like you’re mad at them. You just know when you’re done being dishonored by the fakery. See, if you’re like me and you’re going places and you definitely are, you can’t afford to ignore relational imbalance. Not that you expect 50/50 friendships. You just want equal effort in your relationships. At this point when you make this decision you begin to create a solid value system and that’s the only way you do relationships. You can no longer ignore dissonance or pretend to give more of your attention and energy to people who don’t appreciate what you bring to the table. You simply get fed up and can no longer afford to pay attention to people who treat you in a way that goes against what you know to be true when it comes to your value. It’s like if I handed you my Chanel purse and said give me whatever you want and you can have it, many of you wouldn’t pay me the same amount of money I paid for it. You would probably say, thanks and give me whatever you had.

This sums up many of your relationships. You’re handing people value when you give them your wisdom, attention, time, friendship and then they turn around and give you whatever they want. This is not cool. It’s literally like you’re throwing your valuables to people who don’t respect what it took for you to get it. That is what I call an unfair exchange. You need to rethink this today. As hard as you worked to get where you are today, to be healed and free from your past hurt and trauma. And now, to hand the healed version of you to someone who’s not going to treat you right? That doesn’t make sense.

There really should be no human being alive who’s allowed to take you for granted. There’s a popular saying that goes “Know your worth and add tax!” In other words, don’t discount what you have and who you are in order to accommodate broke people. If you even consider how many people who say they are financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually depleted today. These same people will turn around and figure out ways to come up with whatever they need to in order to get what they want when they get desperate enough. The same way they can come up with money, time, enthusiasm for the things they want when they get desperate enough for it, they can also come up with something (definitely more than a bunch of excuses) if they want you in their life. Raise your standards. It’s not good for your emotional well being to keep discounting yourself to keep people around. Your purpose is not to hold onto people who aren’t doing anything to hold onto you.

Get this through your head now so you can take off. You’re limiting your life potential entertaining people who are beneath you. And in the meantime, they never uplift you or support you. Instead it’s always you doing all the giving. You’re always the one to give of yourself to people who don’t treat you right. My advice for my real life coachable friends is simple; When people sleep on you, let them get their rest! Don’t convince another idiot to see your value. Let them get their act together without you. And then, when they are going somewhere other than in circles with their life, then they can come back and approach you in friendship, business or even love from a place of integrity. How they’re dealing with you right now is not ok. When you change your value system, everything is going to change. You’ll begin to heal and then and only then will you see that you will never have to sit around and tolerate people who drain you and exhaust you again.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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