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I know you’re ready to go somewhere great! I can tell. Your openness to new things is becoming abundantly clear to everyone around you. You’re tired of the mundane and the ordinary. You want more than the same old routine. And now that you know you need to go somewhere better, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s in your decision making, relationships, career, when it comes to your health, finances, creating boundaries and setting standards; the next question is when are you going to do it?

There’s a huge difference between self awareness and putting in the actual work to see progress and advancement. A lot of us are good at talking the talk, but I want to challenge my real life coachable friends to put together a doable plan that’s sure to help you take off in this new season of your life. What’s the use in dreaming and obsessing over what needs to be done and never do anything? Start being more intentional. Make a list of your goals, both short term and long term. Then start knocking out each one little by little. The more you make strides, the more confidence you’ll gain as you crush what seemed to be a mountain in your way.

I’m certain that a lot of the things you want to accomplish are achievable but one of the biggest challenges for a lot of you is OVERTHINKING. I know I’m on your street and this act of self sabotage has got to stop. You overthink absolutely just about everything and create obstacles even if there aren’t any. You allow the fear of what could be to consume you and it cripples you until you do nothing at all. Isn’t that why you’re still holding onto all those great ideas and not going anywhere with any of them? Admit it. You’re afraid of failure. The crazy part is, this fear of failure that haunts you is irrational and it’s limiting you from finding out if what you dreamed up could actually become something big. What if it does work? Come on! You deserve to at least give it a shot.

The second issue is for many of you is your proclivity to being a perfectionist. It’s unfair to the world that you preoccupy your life with this idea of perfectionism. You say things like, “I still haven’t mastered it yet.” “I’m working on it!” “I know, it’s almost there,..” All the while you and I both know that’s nothing more than your way of saying I’m sorry but I’m not sharing it until I have everything exactly the way I want it first. You’re so stubborn. Why are you always so obsessed with things being so precise. That’s not good for you to keep doing to yourself. It’s a form of being extra hard on yourself too. What if you release it and then people who can help it get to the next level will show up then. In the meantime you restrict anything from happening when you say it has to be perfect first. You seem to think everything you do has to be so perfect. Meanwhile, you procrastinate and never share your gifts with the world. How many creative ideas do you have that you’re not ready to release yet? You’re overwhelmed with so many thoughts and plans and instead of allowing the world to be blessed by your talent you sit around and shelf incredible stuff! You are going to have to stop being so stubborn and determined to have everything so perfect before you open up and share yourself with the world!

You’re not reading this by accident. This is your wake up call to stop robbing us all of your greatness! Start releasing the creativity and wisdom you have to offer the world!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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