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Took me awhile to learn this, but everything going on around me is NOT my business or concern. This is sooo important for all my real life coachable friends to understand. When you’re headed to great places on this flight called life you will often be tempted to step in and get involved in things that have nothing to do with you. Like seriously, take an inventory on how much less confusion and stress you would be dealing with if you made an effort to stay out of other people’s lives and matters that don’t deserve your attention. Even when it comes down to people in your circle, some of their issues are not your problem. Yet how many of you are weighed down today because you’re always trying to do stuff to support people when it comes to their poor decisions. Poor decisions made by grown people who keep doing the same dumb stuff over and over again. And you actually consider this your responsibility? It’s not guys. My advice is simple, stop meddling in people’s lives. Don’t become the solver of problems you didn’t create.

There’s a huge difference with being a friend and listening ear to someone and doing things for them they should be doing for themselves. Why’s that so hard for many of you? You tend to feel this uncontrollable need to step in and be the one to take over and fix other people’s messes. Please stop doing this. It’s Crazy! Especially considering the fact that no one does that for you. And isn’t that really the reason you are so frustrated?? All these lopsided relationships! All these one sided people who honestly never look out for you! Isn’t that why you’re so annoyed and frustrated with your circle?

Bottom line is it’s time to reassess your choices. Starting today. Call it what it is and stop putting perfume on a pig. Pigs are by nature messy and they love mud. Some of these folk you spend all your time with are the same way. Make the choice to live your life surrounded with people who elevate you and inspire you. I hope this article does that for you. You are going places and I’m so excited to see you soar! Healthy friendships are important.

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