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You ever gone somewhere and it seemed as if the whole trip was pointless? I sure have. Literally, it was like the whole trip was a waste of my time. I know I’m not the only one to have had expectations that going to a particular place was going to be amazing only to find out you should have stayed home.

Some people are just like that too. You had greater expectations for them and they turn out to be a total disappointment. That is when you discover that talking to them, trying to help them or even convince them that there’s a better way to approach life is futile. Unfortunately, I hate to say it but trying to help some people on this flight called life will leave you feeling like you’ve gone on nothing more than a bad trip. It’s like going somewhere thinking it’s going to be great only to be majorly let down. Like we got this Air B&B one time and the picture was lovely. The description was amazing. But when we got there we realized they did some creative photography using angles and effects that were far from the truth. Some people are like that. Always scamming. Selling you a lie. So I wanted to help my real life coachable friends. I wanted to help you avoid going on bad trips with people who have no intention on making good on all the stuff they say! Bottom line – How can you avoid going into these kind of empty, shallow and disastrous relationships and endeavors?

1. Stop trying to see the best in people and accept them for who they are. If people give you inconsistency and flakiness on a regular; conclude that they are inconsistent and flaky by nature.

2. Stop trying to make them into the best version of what you think they can be when they’re clearly showing you their true colors. We can want people to change all day. Sure you want to see the best in people. But what about them wanting to show your their best? These stressful people who keep making you worry and pray are not your responsibility to change. It’s the duty of every man or woman alive to not be a crappy individual. Sadly, most of these deplorable people we encounter are this way because some mother, auntie, Grandma, godmother,….made it possible for them behave badly. It’s got to stop. Enabling people to continue in their dysfunctional behavior is killing us all; as a society, community, culture, world! It’s this toxic love that encourages rapists, abusers, bullies, racism, intolerance, sexism, negligence and chaos.

3. People need to be challenged (especially by their so called loved ones) to straighten up. If you’re loving someone to the point of them being a full time or even a part time loser; you’re seriously part of the problem. Life is hard enough. No one needs to try and travel it with the results of your poor parenting or your one sided leadership or love.

4. Help people become accountable and make no excuses for unacceptable conduct no matter who it is.

5. Question yourself. Why do you love people who blatantly dishonor and violate other people? They’re out here knocking people up and giving people diseases, ripping people off and you finding some kind of way to paint them into being a good person. Nah! You’re an accomplice if you’re helping people stay broken and immature. Even if you cover them because they help you in some kind of way, then you’re just as bad as them.

It’s time to make a change. This world is getting colder and colder everyday and the only way this is possible is that some of y’all are out here making it possible for people to be trifling. If you’re funding a loser, housing a loser, excusing the misbehavior of one of these people you are the reason these monsters keep doing the atrocious things they do. So what if it’s your son, your brother, sister or friend? Right is right and wrong is wrong. Get your life together and stop encouraging bad behavior.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

Copyright ©️2019 Sherry Grant

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