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It’s impossible to be on two different airlines at the same time. Seriously, there is no way this is humanly possible. You must decide who you’re going somewhere with before you take off. Shop all you want, but when it’s time to go somewhere great, everyone is going to see who you’re traveling with. It’s not hard to see who you are linked to. Who you’re flying with, rolling with, aligned with; it’s impossible to hide. Why would you want to anyway? Shouldn’t you be proud of the people you spend time with? At the end of the day, everyone sees who you’re in unity with and who you’re not in harmony with. Everyone knows who you think like by who you hang out with.

This made me think how irritating is it to see fake people try to go places with divided loyalties and conflicted hearts. Like honestly, how in the world are you going to be genuinely connected to something and be divided in your loyalty to that person or place? It’s extremely unnecessary for grown people to waste time straddling the fence in their alliances and decisions. Choose! Make a definitive decision about who you stand with, and for God’s sake let’s be real. Don’t think you can be with the devil all week and all holier than thou on Sunday. Don’t think you can hang out with the wicked all week and be a saint on the sabbath. Pick a side. People who try to maintain a good image but the entire time are being wicked, sneaky, divisive and contrary make me sick. See, there’s nothing helpful about being physically present somewhere while being emotionally and mentally out of sync. Pathetic people lacking backbone and conviction stay on jobs, in organizations and relationships knowing their heart isn’t in it. They stay somewhere based on obligatory guilt while stinking up the atmosphere, and simultaneously sabotaging the momentum and life of a thing with their insincerity. People who are going places in life, despise being around these kind of fraudulent people. How do I know, because I’m one of them who detest being around people who say one thing with their lips, but a whole different thing when it comes to the energy they give off and the actions that follow. Pick an airline! Choose a heart posture, but please don’t think you can be with me and at the same time with those who oppose me.

My advice is simple today for my real life coachable friends; BE REAL and demand that the people in your circle are authentic too.

There’s nothing more distasteful than a mendacious, two faced person! It’s so toxic to have people like this in my space. It interferes with and limits my creativity, inner peace and my ability to communicate freely. Sadly, a lot of these dysfunctional attention seekers want you to “go there” with them. They want to push your buttons. They have a strong need to see you get out of character. They want you to do the work for them and expose what they aren’t courageous enough to open up their mouths and say. Don’t fall for it. If you asked me, no adult needs another person to speak for them. The adults (and I use that term loosely) that I know who operate like this are constantly protecting and trying to help other damaged souls like themselves. It’s like their whole life is given over to supporting the agenda of foolishness. Their whole mission is empathizing with and enabling bad behavior from pitiful people similar to them who don’t have the boldness to articulate their issues and work on a strategy and solution.

If you’re going somewhere great, understand that the devil loves to draw you into nonsense and this low level drama and toxicity is not worth your energy. You’re reading this today because you needed to be reminded that losers are not worth your time! In the meantime stay prayed up. Stay focused on what your assignment is. Let the broken and maladjusted characters who want to star in your story audition for a different production. Let those who are unwilling to work on themselves hang out in their cesspool of contaminated thinking together. You’re above this way of living! You’re headed somewhere great. This is one of the reasons why it’s so sad and abnormal for you to tolerate this now a days. Trust me, you’re going somewhere great and you need to be cognizant of the types of people you surround yourself with where you’re headed.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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