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There’s a way to travel on this flight called life that will help you soar to new heights and take off in ways you never could imagine. It’s called being truthful about who you are! Really take some time to evaluate yourself today! What are your strengths as well as your weaknesses? Who are you in public and who are you in the privacy of your home? Is there anything that you know you’re doing that’s limiting your ascension? The bottom line for many people stuck on the proverbial ground of life is they don’t want to come to grips with their truth. The truth of who they really are, and who they really aren’t. Many people are in denial and don’t want to acknowledge their own toxic ways. The folk I know who have potential to go somewhere great are actually their biggest enemy because they won’t take an honest assessment of their character flaws and start working on ways to improve. This stubbornness displayed in the lives and actions of so many people is detestable. And don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Honestly, some of the nicest people I know are stubborn and extremely set in their ways. They refuse to grow up and change their toxic ways. Their mindset is so rigid and restricted that they are the reason they never go anywhere great. They keep themselves stuck because of their mentality.

I have literally found stubbornness to be one of the main attributes that makes a person extremely unteachable. When you refuse to admit you’re in your own way, you cease to have the capacity to go to the next level or destination in life. I sincerely hope that’s not you. I hope you’re not the one who’s friends, family, teachers, mentors can’t tell you anything. I hope you’re not someone who wants everyone to agree with your insanity. Some people only surround themselves with “yes” people because they don’t want to hear anyone else’s views or opinions. That’s just stupid. I could see if you were where you want to be in life and you had this attitude. Then it would make sense not to need anyone’s wisdom or support, but we all need the wisdom and support of others if we are honest. So again, we see the necessity of being honest with oneself! If you’re not being honest with yourself you will repel the next level as it relates to your own elevation. See, one of the biggest ways to offend the voices of wisdom in your life is to refuse to make any application of the insight shared with you. So don’t expect your leaders or mentors to be all upset and distressed when you refuse to grow up and apply the truth to your own life. Why should they care if you don’t care? Why do you want people to get all wrapped up in your refusal to move forward? You don’t want to grow? Clearly, your actions speak louder than words. At the end of the day, you will stay where you are and you will have to watch other people grow and go somewhere great while you stay stuck on stupid.

If you decide you’re going somewhere great, then you’ve got to stop being so stubborn. You’re not always right. Admit it. Refuse to be unteachable and so darn rigid. If you know everything, then who needs to pour into you? Stay right where you are! Otherwise, you can join us and grow up, get up, level up and get your life on the path to greater! The bottom line for the people who are going places, is we won’t stop because you wanna be an adult infant.

Copyright ©️ Sherry Grant 2019

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