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Someone said the best things in life are free. Actually, if you asked me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anything worth having is going to cost you something and if it’s something of real value it’s not going to be cheap.

Made me think how many people discount themselves for people who don’t want to treat them right. Like, why should a good person have to put up with crappy people? Are we that pressed for company that we let people mishandle us just to say we have friends, family, company,….? How many people want something great in a relationship, yet they allow people to come into their lives and put so little effort into them? No way! That’s not cool. If you’re going places you desire quality relationships, loyalty, integrity solid support, and none of these characteristics come at a cut rate price. People who possess these qualities are in fact very hard to find. It just seems like very few people these days are willing to do the work to maintain good connections. Are we settling for any old companionship? That’s not what we should be doing if we’re going somewhere great!

Truth is, very few people are willing to persevere and work with another person until they see the manifestation of a better relationship than they’ve settled for in the past. Some people have this notion that when people love you, you don’t have to treat them well. As if the more you love a person, the worse they get to treat you. That’s crazy to me. It seems backwards to think the more you do for some people means they show you less concern, respect and care. For me, that’s not going to fly. How about you? Anyone who knows their worth is not going to allow people to discount them and treat them like a bargain rag on the rack.

I hope you reconsider the people in your life and the standards you have for allowing them to have access in your life. Don’t let people treat you like a second hand garment. Say what you want and take no less. The truth is we teach people how to treat us. What kinds of lessons are you giving out? Are they lessons that challenge other people to handle you with care? Or are you just taking any old thing? The only people you have to worry about leaving when you demand respect, honor and care; are those who have no intention on doing you right. In the meantime, realize everyone can’t afford quality people. You my friend are going somewhere great and you’re not crazy to expect to be treated well as you take flight.

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2 thoughts on “Standards

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    It is wonderful to live in peace and joy and truth. What others do. Let them. Keeping my heart pure but wisely seeing the discredit and disrespect they show. Folk see. God sees. Let those that disrespect and discredit others hang themselves. Thanks for the Blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing and for your great feedback!!!


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