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Some of the most annoying people I know are constantly complaining about where they are in life and who stopped them from getting to their destination. They are the perpetual victim and they’re always crying and moaning about what’s wrong in their life. It’s like they’re on repeat mode telling the same version of the story where everyone else is bad and they’re the only one who’s good. These people are emotional vampires and every time you see them it’s the same ole drama and confusion. I’ve learned that if I’m not willing to make the changes needed to see a new reality for my life, then I’m doing the same thing as the complainers who make themselves a victim of their own circumstances. Complaining and never putting in the work to see things change doesn’t make sense!

Change, if you asked me is an inside job. That means no one else is responsible for your life getting better but you. Truth is no one is coming to save you. The bottom line on this flight called life is you have got to save yourself. I know that’s a lot to take in because most people love placing the blame on family and friends and outside sources rather than looking introspectively. Most people feel a lot better shifting the weight on someone else’s shoulders to fix their problems rather than pulling up their sleeves and doing the work associated with changing. When it comes to change you’ve got to aggressively do whatever it takes. And this gruesome process requires most of the effort and work to come from the person who sees the need for it.

I saw a post today on instagram that said “If you wanna fly, you gotta give up that stuff that weighs you down!” Powerful statement and so true. See, the stuff that weighs us down is only weighing us down if we let it. It can only bring you down by choice! People can’t weigh you down unless you give them the power to. Words can’t weigh you down unless you give it the authority over your life! Situations and circumstances can’t weigh you down when all you have to do is remove yourself from toxic relationships and environments when you realize you need to. The burden still goes back to you. What are you doing to change!? If you’re not changing, you’re virtually standing in your own way. Progress is personal and until you’re willing to step up and address the stinking thinking that got you in this place – YOU’RE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT CHANGING!

We are way too intelligent and too old to still be sitting back blaming the way we are on other people. It’s time to grow up and do better. Today’s the first day of the rest of your life! So change. Start working on the best project you’ll ever have and that’s YOU! Not your spouse, children, family and friends. It’s you! You and your super controlling must have it your way self!!Don’t consume another moment of your time trying to make another person in your life your pet project. Get your life right. Work on your money, your health, your mindset, character and integrity. Most of the people I know who are stressed out and anxious all the time are only this way because they’re consumed with other people’s problems. Mind your business and watch things begin to change for you. Some of you are just so nosey and way too worried about trying to control other people’s lives. Make a commitment to get focused and go back to working on what really belongs to you. Your grown family and friends are not your concern. You can pray for them and hope the best but if you’re trying to be their savior you’re not helping them. And if you asked me you’re actually the problem and half the reason they won’t grow up and change. Don’t make other people your excuse for not dealing with your problems. Some people try to work on everyone else around them to avoid working on their issues. Don’t let it be said of you that you’re obsessed with other people while ignoring that you need help!

Get working on your own take off. You can’t carry people who are meant to get their own wings and take flight. Give up your excuses and do what you need to get where you’re supposed to be in life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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