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You and I can dream or want to fly a plane all day long and still not have the credentials and qualifications to do so. I can even pack my bags and want to jump on a flight but still never get access to go. Unless I take the necessary steps to do what’s required of me to take flight – I will still just be sitting around wanting to go somewhere great and end up going absolutely nowhere!!!!

Thinking of this while drinking my morning cup of coffee, made me want to remind my real life coachable friends to go back to doing what’s required of you! Check yourself and make sure you’re doing everything in your power to go somewhere great. There’s a famous quote that says “Talk is cheap!” Indeed this is true! So many people talk so much crap and sure, it sounds good but they never do the things that are necessary to make good on all they say. There are specific REQUIREMENTS all of us have to take in order to take flight!!!

This applies to anything you want to do on this flight called life. From marriage, to family, to work-life and career, you must get up everyday and hustle and be sober enough to realize that before you see the fruits of your labor, you have to wait! The same way a farmer puts a seed in the ground, we have got to get it through our thick skulls that even when we plant the seeds necessary for us to take off – it takes time to see a harvest. And I know, waiting is the hardest thing for this generation to do. This culture is so funny that we complain and think it’s laborious to stand in front of the microwave and wait for a 3 minute TV dinner to cook. It’s hard for many of you even reading this today to swallow this concept. But in the meantime, you’re beating yourself up and wearing your mind out worrying about your plans taking off when the onus is on you. When the bottom line is, if you want to take off the pressure is not on anyone else but you. Basically, all you have to do is work your plan and wait to see it happen. Everything takes time.

Don’t be frustrated. See, if you’re doing all you can that’s required of you to take off in your field, then stopped being so hard on yourself. You need to take it easy and enjoy your journey. Now, I can see if you’re mad at yourself if you’re not doing anything to take off. If you’re sitting around praying and never doing any work, then shame on you. The Bible even says “Faith without works is DEAD!” Don’t act like a victim when you’re doing nothing to even try. Even if you’re doing the minimum, you shouldn’t feel satisfied in your efforts! But, please don’t stay in that place of self defeat. Get up and do better. You can recover! If you’re not doing all you can to operate in excellence, I sincerely believe this article is for you! Stop selling yourself short. Just try! If you’re watering down who you are because you don’t want to come off as “too much” this message is for you! Stop worrying about how people perceive you and go for your dreams. If you’re doing what you do from a pure place, here’s your reminder to mash the gas! Go hard!! Don’t allow your creativity and greatness to sit on the shelf while you cry, moan and still do nothing. Put your gifts to work for you.

There is something you can do today that you’ve been putting off doing. Some of you spend way too much time thinking. You overthink and overreact! You spend too much time in your head and not enough time doing anything that impacts the world. This is not the time to set on your laurels! If someone is resting on their laurels, they appear to be satisfied with the things they have achieved and have stopped putting effort into what they are doing. Don’t get let yesterday’s success make you complacent today. I hope and pray you get where you want to go but you must do something more than talk. You must do what’s required of you! You my friend are headed somewhere great and this is your Monday morning reminder that it’s up to you. How far you go and when you go, it’s all in your hands. Make a choice today to do what’s required and make the maximum effort to go somewhere great! Go! The world is waiting on you! Are you really prepared to go somewhere great?!

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