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Music helps me take flight! I love listening to great singing and instrumentation when I’m on a plane traveling somewhere! I love inspirational music and even podcast and motivational teaching too. Anything that I listen to when I’m going somewhere new helps me get in the right mindset for where I’m headed.

Made me think how important it is to be selective about what you allow to play in your ear as you try and go great places in life. Many people allow the soundtrack of complaints, frustration, sadness, dysfunction, drama, manipulation and constant confusion to play in the background and wonder why when they arrive to their next destination on this flight called life; they are so very drained, emotionally depleted and in the wrong head space.

What you listen to and who you listen to as you grow and attempt to elevate on your journey will have a great amount of input on your mentality when you arrive. No point in working so hard to get to destination happy, destination marriage, destination the career you’ve dreamed of and when you get there you’re unable to actually enjoy it. Well, if you let negative people with hidden motives and toxic agendas, speak into your life along the way, they will inevitably drop deadly seeds that will undoubtedly poison your peace and potential when you get “there!”

Please hear me when I say – take back control over what you hear and block out the noise of anyone playing anything in your ear that’s in competition with your take off in life. That includes entitled people from your past who feel the need to try and take over your life and plans. Let them know that their assistance regarding what you hear is not needed. Shucks, some of these crazy people who are obsessed with running your life have neglected to assess the lack of health in their own lives! My advice for my real life coachable friends is simple;

1. Take some time to tune out anything playing that’s going to get you stressed out and worked up when you get to your dream destination.

2. While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they want to hear, the only soundtrack you can control is the one you listen to. Take care of what you hear and watch how far you go when you get your mind on what you’re responsible for and no one else.

3. Lastly, enjoy the ride! Turn what you love up loud and let it encourage you and inspire you to get where you’ve always dreamed of going.

And when you finally get there, keep rocking out to your favorite sounds. Drown out the critics and the haters and keep soaring until your life lines up with everything you dreamed of! Play it loud! Play it over and over again and let it get you ready for your next level. It’s the soundtrack of someone going somewhere great on this flight called life!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “The soundtrack of someone going somewhere great!

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    Your Blogs are filled with truth and Inspiration all the time. Great Writing. Sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pastor Muriel! I am always absolutely ENCOURAGED that you take the time to read my blogs, share them and even leave positive feedback! Thank you for being a source of encouragement and support!!!


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