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While hearing all the stories from my daughter about her trip to Israel, I casually asked her about how it went on the plane when she needed to use the restroom. She proceeded to tell me that she resisted the natural urge to go to the restroom at all on her 11.5 hour flight to Israel. After politely “airing her out” for doing that to herself, I still had to commiserate with her. I have to be honest that I understood completely why she did what she did.

Sadly, I know all too well the anxiety associated with sharing a tiny cramped restroom with hundreds of diverse people with varying hygiene standards. It can be quite disgusting. But this whole issue with her holding her bladder on the plane made me think how many people can’t do what my daughter did. How many people are literally afraid to travel anywhere because they don’t want to deal with some of the things that can plague our minds with anxiety, even going to the restroom.

The little things that aren’t actually little like people coughing all over the place, kicking your seat, eating smelly food, kids with no manners,.the list goes on and on of annoying reasons not to go anywhere. Some of us rack our brains thinking of the worst possible scenarios and it can sometimes be the reason why we never take off. We can sit around and think up problems with people and situations that never even existed. What if my daughter went to the bathroom and it was clean? What if you went on the super long trip of your life to your dream destination and it wasn’t horrible trying to get there? What if you didn’t have a panic attack or sit next to the most obnoxious person alive? This is a better way to approach your anxieties and fears about the unknown. What if you go out with the guy and he isn’t a jerk? What if the woman is not a nightmare like the last one you tried to make things work with? What if you took the job and it was actually a great place to work? What if you joined the club, church or organization and it actually brought a greater sense of community and support to your life?

The point is, stop putting yourself through the unnecessary stress and agony you’re going through because of the “what if’s.” Doesn’t make sense to deny yourself of basic needs or opportunities because of the fear of what could be. Life is a series of unexpected events, twists and turns and you have every right to go to the bathroom on an 11.5 hour flight. You have every right to do what you want and go where you want without the worry about what other people are going to do. Get over it and live! Take off. Go where you want to go and don’t you ever hold your bladder, your dreams, your creativity, your talent, your thoughts or anything else for that matter because of anxiety!

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3 thoughts on “Holding it on an 11.5 hour flight!!!

  1. Taylor says:

    Yes!!! The “what if’s” are dangerous! We need to live while we can! Another great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Taylor!!!!!!! I have ceased to live in the fear of what might happen from a negative perspective and started living in the expectation of something amazing coming my way!!! Such a different perspective and way of attacking life! It’s changed my life! Thanks for reading my article and commenting! Love you and so excited about all the great things happening in your life! You inspire me to take off!!!


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    This is 🔥


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