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This journey called life is going to cost you. I wish I meant figuratively, but it’s literally going to cost you. The quality of your decisions is a big part of how expensive the realities of your life will be or not. There’s a popular quote that says “Nothing in life is free!” And if you asked me, I believe it’s absolutely true. There is a price to pay for everything you say and do and even bigger is the price tag attached to the quality of the people you’re connected to. So choose wisely. See, if you asked me, the worse thing a person can do is be indirect about what they want from the people they’re involved in relationships with. Just like when I get my hair or nails done or purchase an outfit or buy a plane ticket; I don’t want to get to the register or to the gate and be in suspense about what’s expected of me. I want to know so I can be prepared to pay for what I have coming my way upfront. No hidden charges or fees. Some of these situationships have too many hidden agendas we find out we can’t ever afford to pay. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people we get into relationships with handled us with the same level of integrity they handle paying their bills and the things they want to keep? But they don’t. That’s because most of these folk think they’re doing you a favor being in your life. Wrong! I want to be connected to people who have enough courage and guts to tell me what I’m actually getting into when I connect with them. I want people in my life who aren’t looking to scam me. How many of us know too well what it feels like to be scammed in relationships on this flight called life? These scammers act as if getting close to them is going to be a breeze. They act as if this is going to be mutually beneficial, something great for us all! They often oversell what they have to offer and when it’s time they underdeliver. Ultimately we find out we got swindled into a situation we cannot afford to stay in. Wish we had known all of this before we got close to them. Wish they had told us they were the way they are before we got all comfortable with them. But no. They wait for the most inconvenient time to reveal that we are in over our heads with them and now we have some outrageous amount to pay because we messed around and hooked up with a scammer. The irony is, many of you wouldn’t have taken some of the relationships you’re in as far as you had if you had known how much it was going to cost you in the first place.

The biggest issue I have with these sneaky people is the deception associated with them acting as if they’re so “cool” low maintenance and laidback when they know that is nothing close to the truth of who they are. So many people are stressed out and worn out in their situationships, friendships, romantic relationships and even business dealings because of people who weren’t upfront about how expensive it was going to be to partner with them on this flight called life.

I would prefer it if people were more upfront and less indirect. Could it be that so many people only reveal parts of who they are because they know no one will take the time to commit to such a massive undertaking? No one wants to deal with your crap if you don’t want to be honest about what you’re bringing to the table. I’m sad to say that some of these people you could potentially get entangled with are just too much drama to take off with. And for those of you who want to go great places in life, you can’t afford to take a trip with these difficult characters who refuse to grow up and change for the better.

The bottom line is, the people close to you may not come right out and say my time or love is going to be this amount of money – pay me now, but you’re going to pay. Just make sure you know ahead of time. Let people know in advance you suffer from depression easily. Let people know ahead of time you have low self esteem and you’re needy. Let people know you’re stingy and don’t like to consider other people so they know this before they jump on board this flight with you and try to go somewhere great. Let them know in advance so they can see whether or not they have enough to pay for this experience.

The bottom line is that people put their best foot forward and try to present their best behavior in the beginning and then when you get so knee deep into the relationship, then they reveal they’re a psycho. That’s not right. You need to start calculating how much are these connections going to cost me. Count the cost! Because I’ve found out that no matter how close you are to another person, there’s a considerable amount of weight or value that comes with them being an important presence in your life. And even if they say they’re doing what they do for you for free, watch them and I promise you before you know it; you’ll see that even they have you paying some price to have them in your life.

Make sure it’s not more than you can afford. Make sure your account isn’t always in the negative because of the people you select to spend your time and energy with. Be smart. Be selective. Be wise in your decisions and don’t you dare let anyone talk you into spending more than you can afford as you do all you can to go somewhere great on this precious flight called life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Are you Straightforward or a Scammer?

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    Yes! This is good.

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