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Believe it or not, there are some people who get jealous and envious of you when they see you going all over! Not just trips but life accomplishments. Some people get jealous of you because you’re happy and doing things they don’t have the courage to do. They secretly harbor resentment because they can’t go the amazing places you’re going. Well, at least that’s what they think. Truth is, all of us have the power to decide where we go. How far we go, who we go with. We can literally customize our journey on this flight called life but before we really take off; we need to deal with our mentality. Are you a jealous person?

If we think negatively about other people when they’re doing well in life, this is a direct indication of something that’s gone off in our mindset. This whole comparison trap is sooo dangerous. It’s literally the gateway to a toxic mind. The fact that everyone has different dreams and goals is a truth that can’t be ignored. Everyone doesn’t want what you want and vice versa. This is how you can see other people blessed and not be envious or jealous. And so, a healthy mind thinks before I start looking at where someone else is going and how fast they’re getting there, WHAT’S THEIR TAKE OFF GOT TO DO WITH ME? In my opinion, the only reason you should look at anyone else’s life is to allow them to be a source of inspiration!

This made me think even deeper, who’s inspiring me on this flight and who am I giving encouragement and inspiration to along the way in my life? This is the question of the day for us all. We should be inspiring others with our life, our words, and our deeds. Ironically, some of the people we inspire, never tell us. Then there are those who end up crossing over into the jealous zone because they never find the bravery to say “you inspire me!” When you stop telling those who inspire you that they do, you bottle it up and eventually if you’re not careful you could be getting into a dark place. It’s called the jealous zone when you can’t say yasssss to another sister’s success. I say bless their little hearts when they see how much favor is on you and that makes them upset. It’s sad how some of your biggest fans become the biggest haters because they aren’t willing to acknowledge how much they admire you. Often times, they can’t articulate their true feelings about you without feeling bad about themselves. They’re still stuck in the comparison trap.

It’s crazy because I’ve experienced this in my own life with people who seemed genuinely happy for me when my life was going to the next level. And then all of a sudden, they get weird on you. All of a sudden, they withdraw from your life. And it’s never any honest communication or conversation about what happened. They just back away and yet you know they’re still watching your life. Social media makes it so easy for people to harbor jealousy towards you and yet still stay your “friend.”

My advice is simple – never let your admiration for another person’s ascension make you a hater. If you can’t celebrate another person’s life and their accomplishments, get well. I’m serious. Jealousy is a sickness. It’s a mental illness and it usually doesn’t make any logical sense. Those of us who are usually hated on are hated on by people who have more than us. That’s why I said it’s not based on anything logical. This is why it makes no sense for you to try to figure out the absurdity of a jealous person. Instead of sitting around wondering why they won’t support you, love you or hang around you anymore – keep being the inspirational person you are. You can’t control how people handle your elevation nor is their reaction your concern. Be secure in who you are and keep your heart and motives pure. Don’t become closed in your heart to sharing your creativity and inspiring life. Keep doing what you do! The bottom line is, you’re going somewhere great! Stay focused and don’t let the jealousy in others take you down.

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2 thoughts on “Jealous much?

  1. mwaters18 says:

    King Saul and the Shepherd David, perfect examples! Great post!

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