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When the plane lands, most people jump right up and start enthusiastically moving toward the door. These people with that get up and go inside of them are usually ready to GO SOMEWHERE great! They aren’t willing to just sit there because well,,, they have plans!!! Then there are those who are just laid back. Pretty much resistant to change and passive they have been conditioned to let others go ahead of them when it comes to almost everything. These are the ones who just sit there and wait for other people to go before they start heading their way out and making it to their actual destination. This made me think how many of us approach our healing this same way – way too relaxed!

How can you be so nonchalant when it comes to he great places you can go? How can you be so chill about going all the great places in store for you?! I can’t understand that! Which is why I need my real life coachable friends to revisit your attitude when it comes to your future! See, some people are eager to get up and go aggressively toward their breakthrough. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotionally, regarding your relationships, your health or career; you should aggressively participate in your own personal progression. If you’re serious about making strides to get closer to your next level, keep going. My concern today is for the “others.” The “others” are content sitting still observing the motivated ones. The “others” don’t mind watching everyone else move forward and just like the folk who sit and wait for everyone else to deplane before they get going, they sit back and excuse themselves from going somewhere better.

And trust me I get it, sometimes you don’t want to rush. Sometimes you see how pressed some people are about getting up and going. But the real question is why are you so worried about other people?? Why are you sitting around evaluating the what’s and how’s of the “others” moves? Don’t be sidetracked worrying about other people when you have a next level that’s got nothing to do with them. If you’re tired of making excuses for your take off, take your frustration and use it to push you to just get up and go. See, as far as I’m concerned you get to a point in time where you stop worrying about the next person and grab your stuff and go! I mean you go and take off with everything in you. When you’re at this place emotionally, mentally and spiritually you have no tolerance for drama, chaos or playing mind games with anyone. If you’re like me, you can love people with your whole heart, but you’re still determined to go. When you simply have a goal in mind, you just go and don’t allow anything or anyone to disturb your peace.

This flight called life is as real as it gets. You’ll get there and the pace and momentum you move to your dreams is all up to you. Hopefully you’re one of those who’s eager to get going. Don’t allow your own complacency or excuses or the fears associated with seeing other people ahead of you, stop you. Go! Run. Get up and take off. The only thing standing in the way is your attitude. Make up your mind that you’re going somewhere great and go. Start now. Your take off is waiting on you.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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