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My kid is coming back home today! She’s been in Israel and is returning and she’s ready to take off to her next level with the knowledge and wisdom she’s acquired during her trip. Isn’t that what this flight called life is about anyway? You go somewhere, meet some people, experience some new things and keep it moving. The point I’m making is if you’re not learning from your experiences maybe you already think you know it all. If you go somewhere and already have your mind made up and you’re closed to new. That includes new perspectives, new ways of approaching life, new people and their ideas; this could be a problem if you want to go somewhere greater than you’ve been. It got me to thinking how so many people can never change because they think the way they do life is already the best way. They think they’re smarter than everyone, more profound than everyone else and more gifted than everyone too.

If you begin to do a personal evaluation when it comes to your attitude when you’re presented with anything that’s different than what you’re used to – if you’re honest you could have a problem adapting to change. Learning to flow with change, in my opinion is by far the most powerful way to grow and take off in life. Sure, there are lots of situations where you can make all the decisions and do it your way, but a person committed to their growth and helping others in their pursuit of their potential is one who has to constantly be open to change. My daughter couldn’t expect to eat and do the same stuff she does here when she was in Israel. And why would she travel so far to follow the routine anyway? Life is about seeing new people and places and one of the ways to stifle your elevation is to be stuck up about the way you live versus the way other people live.

A cultured person is one who’s looking to see how other people live and not only that they are those who stay ready to embrace new possibilities. Don’t say you want to go somewhere great if greater has to compete with your basic appetite for the average and the ordinary. There are voices meant to help you get to your next level, but if you are so in love with yesterday and the good ole days, you could potentially offend your future. Hear this word of wisdom – most of the things you’re so programmed to believe are not as important as you’re making them. Relax. Breathe. Take it easy and embrace whatever blessings are meant to propel you. Don’t disrespect or dishonor what seems to make you feel uncomfortable. Growth is not meant to make you feel comfortable anyway.

I encourage you to open your heart to the new!!!! Open your heart and mind to other people and the way they approach thinking, living, eating, playing, serving,.. You just might find that “your way” isn’t the only way to take off on this flight called life.

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2 thoughts on “Are you learning anything on this flight?

  1. Muriel Johnson says:

    Thank you for an open heart. Help each of us to see. Grrt Blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Your encouragement is a blessing!


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