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I’m always ready to go somewhere. Today, it’s somewhere I’ve never been before. Made me sit to think about all the places I need to go, all the plans I need to take off the shelf and visit. I had to even ask myself what’s stopping me? See, we can find money and time to do whatever we want. Why keep spending your money and time to keep going the same places over and over again dealing with the same aggravation and annoyances? It’s time to travel somewhere new.

It really dawned on me that a lot of the places I go are repeats. You know those places you’ve been over and over. Even down to the conversations we have over and over. How many times are you going to keep going there with draining people? Go somewhere new!! This can even be the harsh reality of the choices and decisions we make and the people we keep revisiting trying to relive some experience or feeling we have already had. Could it be that many of us keep going back to the same places and we are actually looking for something new? Are we afraid to step out and try something different? Are we stuck in a place of playing it safe to the point we keep going back to what’s already been? It’s time to start traveling to new places, in every area of your life! I’m not going to lie to you. You deserve something better!!

Even though you’ve been trying to relive a happy time you’ve had before, don’t you see how irrational it is for you to expect it to be the same? At this point and stage in life haven’t you changed? Even your favorite places you’ve visited, they have to make dramatic changes to stay relevant. No matter how nice it was when you went before they’ve got update the decor and make some improvements to fit with the times. You think it’s normal for you at your age to still be letting your parents talk to you like you’re a kid? This is not how the people going places think. While we honor where we come from, we don’t make monuments or icons of anyone. We have got goals to accomplish and dreams to see come to life.

Don’t rob yourself of what’s out there by holding onto what’s been. It’s virtually possible that you will come across and meet some people who are just as maybe even more delightful and enjoyable! Believe it or not, there are over 7 billion people on this flight and you’re letting a few knuckleheads drive you to drinking? Wake up and go somewhere new. Have some conversations with people who are actually on your level. Go somewhere with people who talk sense as opposed to the current level of nonsense you have to put up with on a regular. Go somewhere with some people who even have new perspectives to share with you. Unfortunately, if you keep going back to the same location you’ve grown accustomed to, you will never discover what else this journey called life has to offer you. There could actually be places you and I have never been that are better than where we’ve been and the only way we will find out is that we go somewhere new! Different is not the devil. New is not the end of your existence! You will still survive outside of the confines of what has always been. It’s time to make up your mind and go somewhere new! Time to take off and see some new sights, eat some different foods, try some new ways of living. I guarantee that you’ll realize it’s ok to honor where you’ve been without staying on a Ferris wheel in your life just so everyone stays comfortable with you. You can really go on and step into new dimensions and not need the approval and validation of anyone. All that really matters is that you’re not living a lie! You owe it to yourself to be all that you can be!!!!

Some people are so conditioned to think the way they think not realizing that’s how you become close minded, stereotypical, prejudice, stuck and set in your ways. If it has to be the same way it’s always been, and if you have to eat the same foods you’ve always eaten and do all the same things you’ve always done and hang around the same kind of people; this message is for you. I dare you to try something new. If you’ve never been to a museum or an art gallery and you’ve made up your mind that this kind of a thing is “not you,” it’s time to change your mentality. Your future husband or wife could be in one of these places you’ve sworn you will never go. If you refuse to go to church, theater, on an airplane, or a sports event, a hike, try it. So what your family didn’t ever do any of those things; isn’t this your life? Some of the things you refuse to try have nothing to do with you. You’ve been programmed to think you don’t like things you’ve never even tried. There’s a famous quote that says “Don’t knock it til you try it!” It’s true. Some of you are allowing your family of origin and their rigid mindset to stop you from living your life without limitations. Don’t let the soundtrack of your racist, sexist, stuck up, narrow minded family members keep you from having friends from different walks of life. Go somewhere new! Try something completely different and be open minded and positive when you do. It’s no use of going anywhere with a bad attitude. I promise it’s nothing like going somewhere you’ve never been and realizing you’ve been missing out on something amazing once you get there.

There are people who said they would never love a person of a different ethnicity who tried it and they’re happier than ever. There are people who stepped outside the box and found their true passion in life and stopped looking for the acceptance of others. Don’t let anyone advise you or counsel you out of experiencing life to the fullest. This life is full of adventure and joy. Please don’t let anything keep you from finding out the many ways this flight can bring you unimaginable joy! Don’t stay in the same place you’ve always been stuck for anyone. Your loyalty to people with no capacity to grow beyond where they are has got to end. If they don’t want to take off and grow or elevate their thinking and be better, wave them goodbye. You’ve got somewhere to go!!!

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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