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It’s Independence Day, but how independent are you really? How free are you to take off without baggage, limitation, hesitation, worry, trepidation or fear of man’s approval? It’s funny how we celebrate these holidays with specific themes, yet we ignore the practical application as it relates to our own ascent and acceleration in life. How many people hook up with people that limit their freedom? How many of you are trying to travel with people who make it difficult for you to take off? These people in your life seem to almost always be in a “place” that keeps you from moving forward and then you’ve made their issues your justification as to why you can never go anywhere great in life! It’s my family! My spouse! It’s my friends. It’s my job. I can’t seem get my life off the ground!

Relationships are complicated but isn’t it our choice to connect with people who limit our elevation and take off in life or not? Have you made serious commitments to people who stifle your movement on this flight called life? Why would you do that? Are you dummying down how far you dream of going to make miserable people in your life happy? That’s a sure way to end up bitter and resentful. To have to say one day that you gave up your hopes and dreams for “love” seems like a bad deal? If you asked me it sounds like a major contradiction to what love is. See, if you were really with someone who loved you properly, you’d be free to spread your wings and go somewhere amazing! People who scare you into dreaming small and changing your big plans to little comfortable safe plans they like are loving you to death! Literally! It’s possible to give your life to people who will unapologetically take away your independence to the point of killing your hopes and dreams. You could literally be throwing your future away and actually believe the person who’s convincing you into doing this loves you. The reality is, they only love themselves! It’s selfish! To connect with a dreamer and then after they develop genuine love for you, blackmail them into forgetting their dreams! Forget my dreams to say I have you?!!! Nah! That’s not a good deal at all!

I’m not telling you to break up with your spouse or cut off everyone who’s spoken sound wisdom to you about your plans either. You actually need sober people in your life. People who will tell you from a pure hearted place what you need to hear. Not jealous critical Debbie downers, but people who genuinely are happy for your success. Keep them close. They’re vital to you getting to your destination! What I advise my coachable friends to do today, on this Fourth of July is simple – claim your independence! Claim your independence to soar and take off when it comes to the life you want! Take everything you believe you are equipped to do off the shelf. Especially the plans you gave up on because you let small minded people laugh at your ideas and plans. Claim your confidence in yourself and surround yourself with other people who genuinely love you and want to see you get there. Claim your independence from people who never had the guts to do what you’re about to do. Claim your independence from people who live their lives in fear and suspicion of everything. Claim your independence from the insecure and unsure. Don’t take counsel from people who have mental problems and I’m not trying to be funny at all. I take mental health seriously and take note of those who mock those who are trying their best to heal from emotional and mental trauma. You will have to claim your independence on this journey from the mean spirited and critical voices. Those who want you to be something other than your authentic self, take your need for their approval away from them. Don’t allow them to get in your head. People who label you because they don’t know who they are. I’ve had people call me ratchet, ghetto, too much, stuck up, goodie two shoes, crazy,… WHO CARES! Most of the people trying to label you don’t have their identity in tact themselves. Get your life and ignore the critics. Stop allowing manically depressed family and friends to speak their own issues, anxiety and trauma into your life. Claim your independence of anything and anyone that’s holding you back, even your own negative self talk. Stop blaming everyone in your life for your problems. You have the power to move beyond whatever’s taken place in the past. The past is the past and the future belongs to you! Take off! Go off! Get up! Stop explaining yourself and defending your every move to everyone. Don’t allow the dumb desires of people in your life to keep you from living a free life. Don’t let people guilt you into spending more money than you have on nonsense meant to impress people who still won’t like you. Don’t do it. Say no and move on. They will try to make you feel responsible for funding things that boost their ego and if you’re weak and gullible enough to bow down to them, they will still think you didn’t do enough. The same ungrateful people will be off living their lives while you’re holding the bag and they will go spend their money on whatever they choose. Your credit and finances will be jacked up and they will be somewhere living the fabulous life. Compliments of your cowardice. Nah fam! Help people as much as you can afford to lose. They need to become independent at the end of the day. As much as you want to support them and help them, there is such thing as helping people become losers. You can help people take advantage of your kindness. You can help people become dependent on you for things they need to be taking care of! Claim your independence today! It’s going to change your life when you stop taking responsibility for things that aren’t your problem. I’m excited for you!

Make a solid list of the things you are currently responsible for. Then go through that list and see what’s really yours and what you need to give to it’s rightful owner.

Your life and financial situation is going to change. Mentally and emotionally and spiritually you won’t be drained anymore when you claim your independence. Your life is not theirs. Their life is not yours. Watch! You will begin to see a drastic change when you release those things you have been carrying that really belong to someone else! It’s not your job to manage the emotional well being of another person. If you’re being tormented by someone’s roller coaster mood swings and attitudes, free yourself from that kind of abuse. Yep I said it, it’s abuse and not love. Love is patient. Love is kind,…That’s Bible! Stop taking on the baggage of people who don’t honor who you are. Get free. Today is Independence Day on the calendar but everyday should be.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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10 thoughts on “How many of you are trying to travel with people who make it difficult for you to take off? Read my Independence Day Blog

  1. taevans123 says:

    Love it! As always it’s a challenge to life ….

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    1. Well I know for sure you are up for whatever challenge is placed in front of you! You are definitely going somewhere great! I consider you one of my favorite coachable friends!


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:


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  3. Aaron Gene says:

    I guess with time it gets easier to say yes to your life rather than letting family friends and others determine the outcome of your life.

    Good blogging 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everyone deserves a chance to live out their life and purpose free from the distraction of selfish people. Life is time sensitive. Make every moment count and remember self love is sooo important if you’re gonna get to your dream destination! I’m cheering you on and believing greatness is within your reach! Go for it!!!!


  4. deeyva says:

    Yesss! I was recently checked about taking on responsibilities that aren’t mine. It’s draining! And it’s so freeing when they are returned to the rightful owner

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    1. Woot! Woot! I’m so excited for you! This is BIG! Awesome for you to have someone who loves you enough and is courageous enough to give you this check. If it wasn’t a an actual person and the check came from inside of you; MAJOR CONGRATS FOR THAT! All of us who have chosen to work on ourselves and progress have got to develop that inner self governing voice that tells us to get our act together when we are getting off course! This is such a blessing and I’m so grateful that you shared this! It’s a testament for the rest of our coachable friends to see that it is possible to return whatever doesn’t belong to us to the person it belongs to!


  5. angelarobinson2806 says:

    Both the blog & testimonies are encouraging! to believe enough in who you are that you live free. To critics and fearful, it’s like “I’m sorry, did you say something..I must have missed it?” Even if I dont get there the first tim I will keep attempting something big because the one life I know am responsible for is this one God gave me. Loved it.

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    1. AMENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! That is powerful what you said. To keep pushing until you see it! Keep making every attempt to do whatever the thing is you were born for! It’s important! Not only to you, but to someone else waiting for your leadership!!


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