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The older I get the harder it is for me to stomach shallow people.

Shallow: someone who doesn’t have any depth to them.

I can’t stand trying to carry on conversations with people who lack depth or those who stay pretending to be something they aren’t. This lady was having a pleasant conversation with me when all of a sudden someone who knew me walked up and addressed me in a way that she didn’t have knowledge of. Well all of a sudden the conversation got weird. The once very laid back and normal woman started trying to impress me and to be honest, I preferred talking to her before she went into performance mode. Everything she was doing was so unnecessary and draining.

Made me wonder how many people never take off in life or relationships because they’re too busy trying to impress and not being authentic. I sat down for a moment and felt sad for shallow people wondering how hard it must be to live your entire life trying to make the wrong people like you. Sadly, there are some individuals with warped mentalities on this flight called life who invest their all into everyone except the people they should. It’s disturbing how some people only respect people who they have to brown nose and suck up to. Then they have a group of people who genuinely love them and support them and they treat them like crap. It’s got to be some kind of mental illness. I know people who spend lots of money to impress people who don’t even care about them. While at the same time, the people who have had their back in ways that can’t be articulated don’t receive any recognition or honor. The mentality of those who are coachable and going places has got to be better than that! Can I get an amen?! You can’t actually expect your life to take off when you haven’t learned that age old principle – “Charity begins at home.”

I’m not saying anyone is entitled to your money or time. I’m not trying to tell you what to do with anything you earn. But there should be a self governing system from within called INTEGRITY that regulates how you handle those who have looked out for you. There’s something wrong with people who work hard to impress “important” people and sit back and act as if the real important ones in their lives that have struggled with them and been there for them in the past don’t deserve something of substance beyond your thank you’s and private praise. Tell the world!!! Let everyone know how grateful you are. My daughter Dee asked a group of us what’s your love language and Danielle said mine is cash app! Ha! It’s funny but it’s true. No one wants your naked cards when you out here living like a baller. That’s fake love! Old folk used to say “Give me my flowers while I can smell them!” It’s not cool at all to say all these poetic words to people who have been there for you in a tangible way. Give them something of substance if they’ve done that for you. The harsh reality is, what goes around comes back around. That’s everything including the good and the bad.

There’s another saying that goes “No one ever got poor giving!” I believe it’s true. Giving is about taking what’s in your hands and releasing it to serve someone or something else. It requires the right kind of heart. Unfortunately, many don’t have the capability, conscience or capacity to make these concepts a part of their daily life. So they acquire stuff and justify being selfish and hoarding all their favor. The only time they give is when it furthers their own personal agenda or ego. That’s so unfortunate. If it makes them look important or successful that’s when they give. If it helps them get closer to someone they consider valuable, then they go all out. But most of the time, they hold onto it all only giving when what they give out benefits or promotes them. These shallow people never stop to think, maybe I should think about more than just myself. Maybe I should be thinking about more than what kind of outfit I’m going to buy or meal I’m going to order. In a ME focused world, it’s no wonder so many people are so mad and frustrated and stressed out.

You will never feel like you’re being purposeful as long as you only think of yourself!!! There I said it! It’s nothing but the truth. My 16 year old is in Israel and one of the teens from the village they’re staying in loves the same KPOP group my daughter loves, BTS. My daughter gave the young Israeli girl her personal BTS album and when she did; she said the girl was so grateful she broke out in tears. She said she was so overwhelmed and happy to receive the album. She told my daughter she was so grateful and had long wished for this let alone to be able to attend a BTS concert like my daughter who’s been every year for the past 3 years. After this experience my daughter said she felt so blessed. Giving actually made her feel better than the one who received. You mean to tell me when someone gives away something they love they can actually feel happier than they did when they had it? Yep!!! That’s the power of giving. Giving took my daughter to a new level today. I know how she felt. To release something to someone and see their reaction. It’s a sure way to soar!

Maybe you should try it. Become a giver because the only other option is to be a taker; and while takers eat well, givers sleep well. The cheapest most stingy people I know don’t have a lot of peace. They’re always stressed about their finances and how they’re going to do everything they need to do. See, they haven’t come to a level of consciousness to know that the way we are wired is to help, serve, be generous and give. Anyone living their lives looking to be blessed has to master being a blessing first. The perspective of givers is a lot different than takers. Takers have to figure it all out. They need to see it all add up, simply because their trust is in themselves. They think it’s all about them. They only look to self for their sufficiency. The giver on the other hand lives a life in service to others. Those who are committed to serving others are celebrated everyday, everywhere they go. Ask me how I know, that’s the way my life is lived. I am not rich YET! But I’m blessed. I’m blessed because I live my life seeking out ways to help and serve others, with NO HIDDEN MOTIVE OR AGENDA! So the givers on this flight called life don’t have to throw their own parties. People gladly celebrate them. The givers don’t go into debt doing anything! If you serve this place you live, this place will serve you.

Givers know that. They also know they’re going places and this trip is an all expense paid one! My daughter is on a trip she didn’t pay a dime for. With that in mind, she’s looking for ways to give back. The same is true with this life journey we are on. It’s a privilege to be here. So give back. Don’t be stingy and selfish. Look for ways to bless people, especially those who have been good to you. Nothing you give to someone should be empty. Everything you give to others should have substance in it and to it. Shallow people don’t have a problem giving out empty stuff. People of substance give with purpose. It’s not just to go through the motions and look good on the surface. What kind of traveler are you? Giver or Taker?

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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