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Traveling in different time zones can be pretty overwhelming. To think that just by flying for a few hours everything is moving on a different schedule of operation. Places are literally open in one time zone and closed in another. That will preach!

Leaving LA and returning to Maryland yesterday reminded me that a person can return to a time zone and still be functioning on a totally different mode. So even though the clock in Maryland said 12PM last night, I was still wide awake as if it was still 9PM like I was still in LA! The temperature was cooler in LA, so the hoodie I was wearing and the blanket I kept close by was good while I was in that place, but when I got back home, I began peeling off layers of clothes to get myself adapted to the environment! Are you going to keep acting as if this place you’re currently in is the same as the one you left? One of the biggest sources of frustration for those of us going places is trying to maintain a strong healthy relationship with someone on a different time zone. Some of the people you are currently trying to stay close to just don’t get the zone you’re in! You’re not the same immature person you used to be. You’re not proud of your issues anymore. You’re working on changing and making progress. Sadly, not everyone is that way. Some people refuse to adjust to the time zone. Many of you can relate to this so much. If you’re growing an organization and setting new policies and systems but there are those who refuse to make the shift; you will have to make the uncomfortable decision to leave them in a zone you left. I’m learning to be okay with that even if they aren’t. The flip side of not changing with the time is that you will awkwardly force yourself to keep trying to communicate with people that no longer speak your language. Trust me this is not something you want to waste time with if you’re pushing for greatness. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to get on the same page with people determine to misunderstand you. Be ok with them not getting you. Learn to be ok with it or look forward to spending time trying to explain yourself all the time. It’s a no for me. Just accept it. You are just on a different time zone.

This got me to thinking this morning about how many of us are still functioning today like we are in a time zone we’re no longer in. How many of us are mentally dressed for the wrong season of our life, afraid to peel off the layers we used to comfort us for the place we’re no longer in? How many of us are behaving as if it’s 9PM, when it’s actually 12PM? How does this mindset impact our decisions, relationships, priorities and even our motives? There are people sleeping in LA when you should be up if you’re in Maryland. See, Business hours are different when you move into another time zone. You could be trying to conduct business and your timing be all off. Making calls when the people you need to speak with are sleep. No matter how much you try to live in two time zones; eventually that jet lag is going to catch up with you. You will find yourself unable to keep up trying to live in two time zones. Pick one and prosper in that! You’re doing yourself an injustice trying to be successful everywhere. Find a zone and succeed in that! Find a niche and advance there. You’ll thank me later. See, often times it’s not that you don’t have a good strategy; but if you’re not sleeping well and your sense of timing is off, nothing is going to work out well. This idea of functioning in the right time zone even effects how we handle our relationships. If you’re not growing and committed to personal transformation, you could find yourself outgrowing people who are committed to elevation and ascent.

Some of you are wondering why you feel the way you feel about certain people and situations. You still love them, you just don’t have a genuine connection anymore. Maybe it’s because you’re in a different time zone. Maybe they’re on east coast time and you’re on the west coast as far as your way of thinking goes. Take time to evaluate how you think and where you see your life going. After all this is important. This is your life. Stop playing around with it to keep complacent people comfortable. It’s stupid to live your life to keep your uninspired family and friends comfortable. You’re that concerned with their opinion that you’ll miss out on your take off for them?! Nah fam! That’s not the way people going places think. Don’t let your mom or dad or old friends keep you from traveling as far as you can. How many people don’t leave their station in life all because they don’t want to leave their family and friends behind? And what kind of family and friends want to hold you back from greatness to keep them secure? That’s silly. What if you’re supposed to leave them in order to break generational curses for your entire family? I feel that for you. What if you making the next big move will be the step necessary for your life to change and for you to experience the unknown! After you assess the flow and rhythm of your vision for your life and elevation; take off! Stop talking yourself out of success because everyone you are so codependent on is still going to bed at 9pm. If you’re still wide awake with vision and a hunger and appetite to progress – then GO! Soar! Take off! Blow up! Try! Dream! Don’t give up. You don’t have to go to bed and sleep just because everyone around you has stopped dreaming. You aren’t limited to do what they do. This is your life! Make the most out of every opportunity. And if there is no opportunity, find one! You’re one no away from your yes! Keep pushing. I believe in you and I want to see you go somewhere great!

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