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I’m always interested and intrigued when I see people saying their goodbyes at the airport. The range of questions I ask myself go from: Where are they going next? Is it business or pleasure? How long will they be there? Are they nervous about their newest expedition? Is this a one way trip or will they be returning soon? Do they have the genuine love and support of those they’re leaving behind? Who’s funding this trip? Are they crying happy tears? Overall, what does this goodbye represent for them?

Made me think that all of us should be much more conscious and intentional about where we’re going on this flight called life. That we should put some extra thought into why we’ve yet to say goodbye to some places, people and things and hello to others. Seeing people hug, kiss and even shed tears when leaving their loved ones in order to go somewhere new, it made me want to reevaluate where I’m going and will that require me saying adios to some family and friends. How about you? Are you ok with departing some people and things to get to your next level? I’m ok with that.

At this point, I’m absolutely at peace with leaving anyone who stands in the way of my take off and ascension. Anyone who’s not willing to change, evolve, elevate and ascend,… I’m out of here! No longer will I hang out with turkeys expecting to fly with the eagles. I’m ok with all of that and I’m not worried about the backlash associated with me leaving certain people and their stubborn mindsets behind. I’m not willing to compromise being authentically me for anyone.

See, I’ve come to grips that there will inevitably be some unexpected backlash and retaliation when you differentiate from people and their expectations of you. When people expect you to grin and bear their constant dysfunction and toxic foolishness and you no longer do; it may invite a harsh new reality. People will get all mad at you for growing up because they don’t ever intend on changing their mental location in life. Too bad, so sad.

This may result in a tearful departure from some people you’ve had a long history with. Some people will kick and scream; and grieve and mourn the fact that you’re no longer the same person. They’ll be downright angry and upset with you because you won’t allow them to use you as their personal doormat. Some of these people have really become accustomed to walking on your feelings and your rights. They’ve become cool with the idea of you being a martyr in order for them to live. You have to be confident as you say your goodbyes. If you’re not careful, some of these manipulative people will convince you that you’re a bad person for having standards. I have even had to ask myself, is there anyone in my life now who wants to stay in the same place and are they important enough for me to keep crying over?

Is there anyone in your life who you are actually willing to keep crying over? Some of you haven’t made the necessary moves you need to make simply because you’re overly attached to people who don’t want to grow! Think about how crazy that is. Is your destiny and future that much of an option for you? Is it something that you’re willing to let others have so much control over!? Snap out of it. There are literally some mindsets and places that I have firmly decided to part with in order to go where I know I was born to go. I have even determined to stop apologizing for making a commitment to living my best life. Sadly, there are people who want you to keep making allowances for them to be trifling and to stay untransformed. I love no one more than I love who I’m becoming and I wholeheartedly refuse to let stagnant people keep me stuck crying with them over their obsession with the same ole location! Some people love to keep talking, thinking and living the same way. As for me, I’m saying goodbye. There’s no way I’m willing to stay behind because you or anyone else doesn’t want to grow.

In order for you to truly ascend and go to a great place in life, you’re going to have to kiss some people goodbye. Say so long to the negative, fearful, insecure, competitive, mentally and emotionally unstable ones in your life! Love them from a distance. There’s a great place awaiting you. For those of you who don’t think this applies to you because there’s no actual person you need to say goodbye to; God bless you. But just maybe you need to consider kissing some of those toxic mentalities you have goodbye. No one going anywhere great should even have to think twice about traveling with the baggage of a negative way of thinking. Some of you have big dreams, but you won’t get to your destination with a poisonous mindset where you’re always talking yourself out of better to accommodate these destructive individuals in your life. If you’re determined to get “there” you’ve got to be willing to break up with conflicted people and their conflicted mentalities. If they can’t make up their mind, that’s their problem. Choose a destination. Don’t wait for them to agree to go with you. Be brave and courageous enough to go alone. There are some great things ahead for you if you’ll venture out and say goodbye to anything that’s keeping you from soaring.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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