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The saying is funny, but oh so true. I don’t catch feelings. I catch flights. This statement makes me chuckle, but it’s really sad when you think about it because so many people aren’t going anywhere great because they stay in their feelings. Only a person who’s not interested in going places would allow their emotions to keep them from taking off in life! Hope that’s not you. Made me think this morning – How often do we let negative emotions about someone or something dictate how far we go? It’s really sobering to consider that there are some mountains you should have climbed and conquered. There are some circumstances you should be over, but you keep checking with your feelings to see if it’s ok for you to actually grow up. There are some real conversations you never had that you should have had by now, but your feelings are too in charge to get over “it.”

There are some opportunities that could have helped you level up; but your feelings and emotional issues wrapped around them keep you from walking into a new level of success. Some of us are getting entirely too old to keep letting our feelings run our lives. You could actually have some quality people in your life, but you continue to avoid relationships with anyone who challenges your mentality. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually you need to be in environments that stretch you, but your feelings tell you to stay in the shallow end of the pool of life. So you settle for surface associations with clueless people and wonder why you feel so stuck and grounded. I know there are even a lot times you don’t want to hear all the stuff you know you need to hear. That’s because your feelings are the boss, and they counsel you to settle for low level interactions. The ones that keep you from addressing anything that makes you walk in truth. Play it safe, they say. You would actually rather feel good than experience genuine transformation. So sad. If you asked me that’s all kinds of wrong!

It’s funny how you say you want to take off and fly high. You keep saying you want to elevate your life and ascend in your growth and wisdom and your relationships. But what are you doing different to attain this new level? You can’t be content busying yourself to impress other people while inside you are just as insecure and vulnerable as you were ten years ago. If you aren’t willing to change within it will be virtually impossible for you to grow and take off. Your emotional core has got to be stronger than it is now in order for you to be ready for your ascension. You’ve got to be more resilient for the next level, more confident, more disciplined. You’ve got to have more insight and more knowledge about yourself and what makes you tick before you encounter shrewd, competitive people who will study you and develop a strategy to ruin you all because they know you are controlled by your feelings. Don’t you know wicked people love to mess with you when they know they can? Stop allowing them so much power over you emotionally. Don’t give them access to your emotions anymore. If it’s business, keep it a business relationship. If it’s personal, make sure you’ve vetted them before you offer them access to you at an emotional level they aren’t eligible for. If people can’t handle you with integrity at the ground level, why are you giving them access to you at the penthouse level? No wonder your emotions are all over the place.

My advice is simple – Get your feelings under control. Get some help to manage your emotions. Go to church, therapy, the gym, meditate, go on a retreat. Decompress and recharge. Study people who operate at high levels and see how they manage to handle intense warfare without becoming an emotional basket case, drug addict or alcoholic. Study how they handle conflict and manage their emotions without letting that stuff make them crazy. You can do this. You can have a successful career or business without letting people manipulate you and your emotions. You don’t have to allow anyone including yourself and your unchecked feelings to ruin another thing in your life. While it’s okay for you to have feelings, never let your feelings have you.

Always keep a strong gauge on who’s running the show! Is it wisdom or your emotions? Remain a self controlled person no matter what is happening around you and don’t let people destroy your sense of vulnerability in the process. Don’t become some cold robot who never has a moment of transparency or sincerity. Don’t become a fake person trying to say that’s how you control your feelings. Determine not to let external chaos interfere with your internal peace and you’ll be fine.

You are going to be sad, angry, irritated and annoyed sometimes. I said sometimes. Not all the time. Just sometimes. Learn not to allow negative emotions to destroy your moment. Don’t let your feelings get in the way of your destiny! Future opportunities are pending on your maturity and willingness to deal with how overly sensitive and weak you are when it comes down to people who trigger you. Most of the people who need to read this are super sensitive and if you’re honest it could potentially ruin your reputation. Once people categorize you as someone who can’t handle conflict or anything that makes you uncomfortable; they’ll avoid you like the plague. No one has the energy at higher levels to be talking to an adult infant. Make sure you’re carrying yourself with dignity and behaving like someone who’s ready to go the distance in the marriage, company, or team. People that are always trying to progress and move forward need more individuals who are connected to them who aren’t going to dance around issues but who have the emotional capacity to go to the next level without repeated meltdowns. Are you that kind of individual for those who offer you a seat at the table? Are you solid and able to communicate without losing it? Are you working on ways to better interact at the next level?

Catch flights, not feelings! It’s much more beneficial for you and everyone on this flight called life who want to fly with you.

Copyright ©️2019 Sherry Grant

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Catch Feelings. I Catch Flights.

  1. miriamwb says:

    Wow! I couldn’t move past the Title! This is awesome!

    On Fri, Jun 7, 2019, 8:37 AM wrote:

    > posted: “The saying is funny, but oh so true. I > don’t catch feelings. I catch flights. This statement makes me chuckle, but > it’s really sad when you think about it because so many people aren’t going > anywhere great because they stay in their feelings. Only a perso” >

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    1. Hahahahaha thanks so much


  2. So true, now I’ll move forward!! “So you settle for surface associations with clueless people and wonder why you feel so stuck and grounded.”
    Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for being coachable! Keep soaring


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