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I don’t normally blog on Saturday, but today I felt compelled to share something that’s on my heart with my coachable friends. My thought today is strictly about humility. Humility is a modest view of one’s own importance. This quality, if you asked me is one of the biggest reasons so many people never truly take off in life!

People are so arrogant these days and no matter how hard you try to hide it; everyone can see it. There I said it. It’s true. You can act as humble as you want, but there is a difference between genuine humility and false humility. No matter how much you smile and try to seem sweet, or nice; you cannot fool anyone when you lack humility. It will reveal itself one way or another. Humility doesn’t mean you lack confidence, it just means you are authentically you and you don’t try to pretend to be anything other than your own flawed, quirky, unique self. It means you also have teachers, meaning someone out here can tell you about yourself and you adjust! That just means you humble yourself when some people tell you that your heads getting too big.

You see this is what makes genuinely humble people and fake humble people stand apart. They are the accountable vs the unaccountable. You see it on social media to the degree that it’s alarming. People who clearly answer to no one. No humility at all. Do you have any real friends? If you did you wouldn’t look like such a clown to everyone. How many selfies are you going to take? How much validation do you need from people regarding how great you think you are? Who counsels you; that you actually allow to speak into your life? If you asked me, the people who know their true worth aren’t looking for validation from a bunch of “Facebook friends” or Instagram followers! Insert preach! They get their validation from their teachers and those they have allowed themselves to be answerable to. It’s really sad to see so much false humility on display. Even Stevie Wonder can see through the fog of fake sincerity in this culture today. As hard as many people try to conceal how disingenuous they are; it’s often boldly revealed in their lingo and the desperate attempts of the “humble” to display their brand or gift to the world.

Unfortunately, many of these same “humble” folk are missing out on the opportunity to be mentored and trained by the people who have “it,” but no one can fit in the room with their egotistical attitudes. It’s sickening. To run across people who claim to be so amazing in their craft but they lack the basic skills needed to take off. These delusional dear hearts surround themselves with people who stroke their gigantic egos and don’t even have the capacity to know what quality is when it’s standing in their face. It’s like the people who try out for American Idol but can’t sing. Their family and friends told them they were great. Why are you getting feedback from people who you know don’t have a clue? I really believe you’re not good at what you do until your enemies can’t help but acknowledge your gift.

Sadly, no one ever tells the delusional the truth; that if they want to be a writer they need to work on their writing. That they need to find people who can help them get better. They desperately surround themselves with people who don’t have the capacity to help them improve. So even if you want to be a great musician, then you need teachers in your field that you have enough respect for to shut up and let them teach you. The mentality of the culture today is to call anyone who offers feedback a hater. Now, now! You know good and well everyone can’t be a hater. Some people are actually telling you the truth and they really do have wisdom that could help you go to the next level; but your unfounded sense of superiority is making a fool out of you and it’s also making you an island in the arena you think you’re so great in.

There’s a scripture in the Bible that says something to the effect like – Let other people praise you and not you yourself. It’s basically saying if you’re so great, people will say it. If you’re so amazing, you’re going to be celebrated in whatever field you have attained this level of greatness. That you don’t have to tell us how incredible of a talent you are, if you really are people will say it for you, especially the other people in your field. My advice is simple – Don’t allow your sense of self importance to limit your opportunities and some of the crucial relationships that can help you go somewhere great. Humility is an important characteristic needed to go somewhere great. This means you must be willing to admit you don’t know everything. That you don’t need to defend yourself when wisdom speaks. That sometimes it’s okay to be silent and learn. The fake humble are always ready to correct beyond their level of expertise. They can never admit that sometimes they’re actually wrong and that there are actually some people on this flight called life who have more knowledge and experience than they do. Don’t be so cocky that you push your help away. And let me say this – there is a vibe, an energy, an attitude you can give off to wisdom that says you’re a smart aleck.

Smart aleck – a person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything.

I usually refrain from investing in these types of individuals. They’re just not coachable or teachable. It’s sad. The bottom line is no one is going to pour into you if they sense you’re a smart aleck. See, there are some quality people out here who could step in and assist you in your elevation, but you must humble yourself. Breathe. I know it’s hard to accept all of this – especially if you’re not humble yet. But try to process and receive this. Try to take it all in and settle your spirit. It really is possible to change your mindset and ascend. The saying is true “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” At the end of the day; no legitimate source of wisdom and insight is going to sit in the presence of arrogance for long. Eventually, you will turn off the help you need to get to your next destination all because you lack the humility needed to go somewhere great.

I hope you get to your destination! I hope it’s not a frustrating journey either because you can literally send off indicators to others that make it harder for your ascent. Especially if you alienate the people who can help you ascend on this flight called life. Don’t confuse money or popularity with giftedness. Some of you are missing out on the insight of your greatest mentors in life, because you haven’t developed the heart of humility needed for you to take off yet. I’m rooting for you. Some of you have the potential to go far; but you need a vehicle to get further. Don’t dishonor the vehicle sent to bless you and help you go somewhere great on this flight called life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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4 thoughts on “Humble people take off!

  1. Aaron Gene says:

    Sometimes it seems like I have so much that i have to work on at once. But I collect myself and press forward. Humility hasn’t been too much of a problem as far as I know. I find that I been so lost in who I am that I can’t get to my purpose. Very low self esteem. So many abuses and let downs which I now find my accountability in. This year has been quite the journey. I have a long way to go but with the right connection and training I will be alright. I can now say I have an idea of where I’m going and my purpose which is a big change in a little over a year. Your conversation with me helped me to realize it’s not up to me to know everything I will never be able to fully understand good and evil so trust is not an option it’s imperative.

    So with my lack of trust in so many I just need to keep asking God to stay with me and listen.

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    1. You’re doing great Aaron! I’m super proud of you. You’re taking off and I’m in your corner cheering you on along the way! Stay encouraged! ✈️✈️


  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji… so much confirmation! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You never disappoint with your creative comments.


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