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The CEO of United Airlines released a statement some time ago saying “the airline waits for no one, not even famous people, in its quest to be on time.” Since then, the company has had to justify some instances where they didn’t follow the CEO’s initial statement. They had to come back and say that the gate agent has the right to use discretion on this. Wait, WHAT? So now I’m confused. Does what the CEO say go or the gate agent?

While drinking my coffee this morning, I began thinking about how many times like United Airlines, we make official statements and policies regarding our lives and yet we have “gate agents” who use their discretion to do what they want instead of what we’ve established. Whew! This constant dissonance is one of the reasons why many of our ideas and plans never ever really take off. So many of us would literally be a lot more successful in our pursuits but sadly we never get off the taxi ramp of life because we’re saying one thing while the others are doing what they think is best. How many of us have people on this flight with us saying something different?

This got my wheels turning because the harsh reality is; how can your plans ever really take off if you’re working to implement excellence and quality and the people who are supposed to be helping you do this are constantly making exceptions and excuses why they don’t think it’s necessary to follow the protocols and systems you’ve put into place? Really? I want you to think about that. If you’re seriously trying to have a great marriage and you went to marriage counseling and the counselor suggested keeping your nosy family out of your affairs and you and your spouse agreed to those terms for your family. Yet, you get married and insist that your family is the exception to the policy and they need to know everything! What you’re doing is breaking the agreement you made for success. Does that make sense to you? If you started a business and you put a strategy in place, why are you allowing people who at the end of the day really don’t respect where you’re going; why do you continue to allow them to keep misrepresenting your brand? My point is, it’s time for you to decipher between those who are helping you and the people who are hurting you. Look around and be real with yourself. Who’s doing you a “favor” showing up when they want, being sloppy and casual with your vision? Once you come to the realization that these jokers are destroying your brand and the culture you’re trying to create, ask them to stop. By all means try to get them on the same page with you. But if they refuse to cooperate and do better; remove them from your team. You can’t go anywhere with people who don’t want to go anywhere! (Insert churchy “well!”)

See, most of the people who think they’re helping you are “gate agents” and the gate agents are important. You need help but they can’t be egoistical and that’s hard to find. The gate agents must have the right spirit because they usually have more interactions with your clients than you. So if their attitude is not right they will really end up doing more harm to you than anything. They will sabotage your take off with their lack of accountability and integrity. They will make you look like a joke and then laugh. You’ll be wondering why your plans never go anywhere great, when it’s because you’re saying one thing and they’re saying something else. Stop allowing the “gate agents” in your life to have that much control. They are changing your blueprint.

Please hear me when I say this; some people don’t mean any harm, and some do. Some people are evil and they don’t want you to take off. Then there are those who really don’t mean any harm, they’re just not going anywhere themselves. You’ve got to know the difference and you need to realize that the ones who are struggling with their own personal issues are just as dangerous as the evil gate agents. You’ve got to come to the harsh reality that if a person’s actions are harmful, you can’t take flight with them. You need to politely release them from feeling the need to support you until they can come correct. Whoever they are. Sure it might seem like things will be harder for you without them. But the truth is, they’re not helping you now. Things are hard with them. You’re struggling now and you are not going anywhere great at this moment so their hanging around is only making you feel better psychologically. You somehow have convinced yourself that they’re part of your “team.” Maybe it makes you think you’re more impressive having them around, but if they’re rewriting your vision and making executive decisions without your approval; they’re not right. Can I be honest with you and tell you those kind of people have a bad spirit and are really undermining your vision!

Don’t continue to allow your ascent to be delayed for anyone. NO ONE! The airline waits for no one, not even famous people. Maybe you should identify the people who think they’re so famous in your life that they don’t have to listen to your vision and follow it. These are the ones who have some serious head issues. It really boils down to inflated egos and puffed up people who are motivated by arrogance. Ask them who they think they are? They obviously do think they can just show up whenever they want and do whatever they want. Issue a statement to them today. Let them know you’re done waiting for them. It’s time for you to take off!

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3 thoughts on “The Airline Waits For No One,….

  1. United Airlines, we make official statements and policies regarding our lives and yet we have “gate agents” who use their discretion to do what they want instead of what we’ve established. Whew!

    Alright now!!

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  2. Wonderfully said, Aaaaamen!!

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your positive feedback and support of my blog.


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