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When traveling on an airplane, there’s a convenient space above your head for reasonably sized bags to be stored while you’re on your way. While I enjoyed my coffee this morning, the wheels in my mind started turning and I came up with this question for my coachable friends;


In other words, what do you have going on in your mind today? How’s it effecting your flight? What has priority in your head? Who’s taking space in your thought life and what are you giving the highest amount of focus to on this flight called life? These are super important questions to consider if you’re sincerely attempting to go somewhere great in life. The reason I say this is because whatever has your attention today has the power to either propel you into your destiny or hinder you from getting “there” fast. It simply is a matter of you taking the time and making your priories clear to everyone around you. It’s dangerous to ignore this if you’re really trying to take off. If you don’t make what you will entertain and what you won’t clear to all the people in your life, they will undoubtedly try and put all their stuff in your space. I’m serious, especially if you are a generous person with a big heart; they will throw all their junk above your head and then try to make you feel responsibility for their mess. The nerve! When flying somewhere, one of the things you’ll hear from the flight crew concerning what’s above your head is “Please be cautious when opening the bin above your head, because things have a tendency to shift while you’re traveling.”

Don’t you feel the shift as you’re moving along in your life? Things are changing. At least they should be. So, while you’re journeying through life, things you placed in the category of high importance have a tendency to move around. Priorities change. Things often shift while you’re growing and evolving. So, it’s perfectly okay to take some things out of your head space when you realize you don’t need to focus on them anymore. There are people who were once super important to you who will no longer take that chief place in your life, and you’ve got to get them out of your head. Some relationships expire. Some friendships transition and change over time and that’s okay. Some people in your life need to come out of your overhead bin. People who refuse to respect you and honor the place of importance that you’ve given them don’t deserve to stay in your overhead bin. It’s that simple. You shouldn’t have to keep begging people to handle you with care and treat you with respect. Their placement in your life needs to move, they just don’t deserve to be in your head space.

Make the necessary adjustments and discontinue giving your attention to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Don’t give your focus to dumb conversations or to irrelevant people who drain you mentally and emotionally. The energy that you give to certain people when it comes to your head space could be given to someone or something that energizes you and inspires you. Give your focus to people who help you excel and go higher in life. You can’t continue to allow emotional vampires to zap you with their insanity. Sadly, some people love to play mind games; so it is your job to protect your heart, mind and your creativity. This has become huge for me on my journey. I no longer waste any of my time with people who seem to intentionally dishonor my head space. Because I’ve communicated my boundaries and expectations with the people I choose to spend time with; I am serious when it comes to my overhead bin. I’m extremely diligent about escorting those who violate my overhead space to the door when they do “the most.” I don’t even get all mad or bent out of shape about it anymore it. I just make a quick adjustment and reset.

My advice to you today is do the same. Do what you have to do to guard your overhead space. Make a commitment to yourself to shift whenever necessary. The bottom line is that you need to start enjoying your flight more. No matter what or who tries to shove their baggage in your head space, tell them there’s no more room. Tell them to go somewhere else with that! Keep soaring. You’re on you’re way and it’s going to keep getting better and better as you travel with purpose.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Lemme tell you, this was Re👏Fre👏Shing!

    “Don’t you feel the shift as you’re moving along in your life?”

    “So, it’s perfectly okay to take some things out of your head space when you realize you don’t need to focus on them anymore“

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the way you communicate your ex 👏🏽cite 👏🏽ment!


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