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While leaving a dear friend’s fathers home going services today, we noticed a lot of small planes flying around the military base nearby. My daughter mentioned that she thought that was such a cool job, flying airplanes. She went on to say it’s also pretty scary; especially when she thinks about the responsibility that comes with landing a plane. I agreed and then it dawned on me.

There are a lot more accidents on the ground than in the air! (Insert praise break!)

It’s so true! Think about it. More casualties take place when we stay at a low level. When we stay in a mode that keeps our lives from flying high, the more we stay stuck. More accidents and incidents that result in pain and disaster happen when we refuse to elevate our thinking and our commitment to transformation and elevation. When we get cozy and settle into these low level relationships, mindsets and situations that keep us from going higher in our lives, we ultimately say I’m taking my life and I’m playing it safe. Could it be that most of us are really too afraid to take off in life!? Could you really be in the same place you are today simply because you don’t have the courage to take flight? Or maybe you don’t have a problem taking off; but maybe it’s your fear of landing that keeps you on the ground.

The fear of landing could be the real reason you never finish the things you start. Many of you could have a real relationship today but the truth is you’re just super afraid of landing. Afraid of the work and effort that goes into sticking to something when the novelty wears off. Truth is, some of you aren’t even afraid of loving; you’re really just afraid of not being loved back.

Some of you aren’t afraid of starting the business or launching the idea; you’re just afraid of coming down off of your high after the grand opening or the honeymoon and dealing with the realities of keeping the business or relationship going. And sure, there are lots of amazing thrills that go along with taking off in life; but the truth is everything has with it highs and lows. The take off is the high. The landing is the low. And a lot of people only want to fly and take off in life. But the reality is that every plane has to land at some point and knowing that seems to keep some people from ever doing anything great! Every venture has wrapped in it some exciting, scary, and frightening elements. It’s all part of the adventure on this flight called life!!!

I want to encourage you today to look within and ask yourself what am I afraid of? Whether you’re a Christian or not, the Bible is filled with wisdom for anyone especially when it comes to going somewhere great in life. There was a story in it about these four lepers who were about to die because they were in the middle of a famine. These four men represent what it means to be on the ground, stuck and literally going nowhere. They were so afraid to move out of the place they were in because they thought if they did, their enemies might kill them. The irony in their situation was they also realized death was inevitable for them if they stayed in that same place too. See, they felt comfortable there, but they were going to die comfortable. And there are some of you dead set on being comfortable instead of being purposeful. Are you creating a hospice situation in your home for your dreams and visions by doing this? These four men realized they weren’t ready to give up and die and I believe you’re reading this today because there’s more for you to do too!

Too many of you are dying figuratively by sitting at home surrounded by your family and friends; with all your gifts and talents and all the potential and love and goodness you have to offer the world. You’re dying because you won’t move. You’re dying because you’re stuck. Fear has you grounded in a place of stagnation and paralysis, but I come to challenge you to move!

The four lepers came to the conclusion that we better do something, because if we stay here we are still going to die! There was a huge change in their circumstances when they decided to try something. Can you reach within and try to do something other than wait for the inevitable? These guys moved from the place they were in, and things elevated in their lives. I guarantee you that the same outcome awaits you if you just move! Move beyond your norm and do something different. Fly! You’ve been driving around and playing it safe for too long. Hanging with the same kind of people who are stuck just like you and it’s getting you now where fast. Make today the day you stop living in fear!!! I promise, you won’t regret making a move that takes you up to a better place on this flight called life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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4 thoughts on “Stuck?

  1. angelarobinson2806 says:

    There’s more! Want no regrets πŸ‘

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  2. Danielle Whitehead says:

    This was πŸ”₯!

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    1. The fact that you support my blog is helping me to take off! Thanks Elder!


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