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Travel is great. No one loves a good trip more than me, but it dawned on me that there are an increasing amount of people who go on trips only to escape the reality of their lives. That’s sad right? To literally have to run away from your reality in order to experience joy and happiness; pretty depressing stuff. It made me think we should all be creating lives we don’t have to run away from.

So what can you do today to make your life like a retreat? What changes can you make in your schedule to create a life that gives you a vacation feel right now? How can you experience the same relaxation and stress free environment right where you are today without having to call a booking agent? It really is achievable if you make it your business to produce a world around you that makes you happy and at peace. Is your house clean? If not, clean it. Is your bedroom an oasis? If not, pull out the vacuum and get organized. Put a clean white comforter on your bed and some and white linens and pillows to match. Get rid of the clutter and make your space beautiful! You can do that! Stop making excuses why you live the way you live. You don’t have to have a lot of money to clean up. You just need some Clorox and some imagination. Tackle your closet and clean your bathroom. Take all that clutter off your countertops and make your space a vacation escape.

Maybe your house is already clean and breathtakingly beautiful and you still feel stressed and like you need to get away! Could it be the people living there that are your problem? Are you surrounded with annoying people who make your life a living nightmare? Believe it or not, you can change that too! Why run away and escape your own house to get away from people who you need to send packing? Insert can I get an amen!?

When I had my daycare center; I had an elderly woman working for me and she had literally packed up and left her home town and relocated to my city just to get away from her grown children who were always pressuring her to babysit her grandchildren. The irony of that is, she ended up at my daycare taking care of other people’s children because she didn’t have the courage to open up her mouth and tell her children no! She couldn’t stay in her own home and create boundaries with her adult children, so she ran away from own home. The point is, your life is what you make it. You create your own reality and you really do have the power to have a vacation life right where you are! Stop blaming people for taking over your world. Tell them to leave you alone. This is your flight! Don’t live it resentful and bitter. Create your own journey. One you can actually enjoy.

Sure, you will always have to do something you don’t want. But you decide. Truth is all of us have to do some type of work and take care of our responsibilities; but you don’t have to take on other people’s junk. Don’t waste another day trying to distract yourself from things you don’t want to deal with as a means of coping with your life. Make the choice to live how you wanna live, so you don’t have to escape your life.

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One thought on “Traveling or Running Away From Your Life?

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Amazing read!


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