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Be like a plane. ✈️ A plane allows the passengers who fly on it the freedom to come and go as they please. A plane doesn’t force people to get on it or stay on it. A plane is just a vehicle that assists people who want to go somewhere. While drinking a cup of tea this morning it dawned on me that there’s a lot of wisdom in being like a plane. A plane has no hold over the passengers that fly on it; only that they cooperate while on board. See once we get going it’s a safety issue, so there’s got to be order on the aircraft. It’s interesting that many planes have to make emergency landings when a passengers behavior is not in line with the policies and rules that govern the plane while in the air. That means everything is fine on board as long as those traveling on the aircraft have respect for the vehicle that’s carrying them. Many of us could save ourselves a heap of heartache if we drew from the wisdom of a plane.

Don’t keep anyone on board if they can’t respect your atmosphere.

It’s sounds so simple, but this seems to be difficult for many people to have the courage to do. That is, make an emergency landing when people are acting out on your flight! Stop tolerating toxic behavior and you shouldn’t have extra patience for people because of history. Family, friends, romantic interests should be expected to follow the same boundaries and guidelines you set for others if you want to have a peaceful flight. Really, they should be held to an even higher standard. People love to say they know you so well, but do the very things that irritate you on this flight. I’m sad to see a lot of people not enjoying their journey because they’re putting up with nonsense daily that goes against their beliefs and it’s robbing them of their joy and contentment.

The wisdom of being like an airplane is rich! Only carry those who make an investment to get on board with you. No matter how much someone wants to fly, if they can’t afford a ticket; no airline is going to allow them to board. I need you to ask yourself honestly; how many freeloaders and people who don’t contribute anything to your life are you going to continue to carry? Now don’t get me wrong, investments are more than just money. There are some people in your life who may not have a lot of money but what they bring to you is far more valuable and substantial than cash; so I wouldn’t suggest you let them go. But I’m not talking about letting the valuable people go. I’m talking about leaving behind the ones who keep you on the verge of insanity. The ones who deliberately push your buttons and then act like they have no idea why you’re annoyed. The ones who have mastered the art of gaslighting, throwing rocks and hiding their hands. Stop the plane and let them off for God’s sake! Isn’t it time you stop allowing those knuckleheads to keep weighing you down? Be real, you know they don’t contribute anything to your life except stress, pain and anxiety. Isn’t it time you let them go and finally get on your way to somewhere great in your life?

The wisdom of the airplane is, keep your eyes focused on where you’re going! Don’t be distracted. Having a lot of company and people around you can sometimes trick you into thinking you have support; but be honest with yourself. Everyone around you is not assisting in your take off. Ev Williams co-founder of Medium and co-founder of Twitter said “On a small boat you can see who’s paddling and who’s just looking around.”

Same thing on a plane, in a family, a business, or a church; you know you can see who’s actually helping you and who’s shucking and jiving. Don’t allow your eyes to be deceived by your heart. The heart is deceitful and exceedingly wicked. I listen to people on a regular make special accommodations for family members to repeatedly dishonor them and distract them from their own elevation. They will even say things like “That’s just my mom, sister, son.” They’ll minimize their loved ones toxic behavior and say “They don’t mean any harm.” “Well, that’s just the way they are.” Some of you are deeply in love and close to some of the same nuts who are ruining you. I suggest you stop loving people to death. Your death to be exact. You’re sitting around and literally assisting people to stay on board in your life who are sabotaging you because you can’t separate what they’re doing to you from how much you love them. That’s silly.

Your flight aka life is full of potential. Someone once said that telling a person that they have potential is not a compliment. It’s a calling. It really is a calling or a great challenge. So, I challenge you today to stop sitting on your potential. Evaluate your surroundings so you can actually take off and get “there.” Assess the people in your circle. Are they the reason you have to keep landing because their behavior is in violation of your policies and standards? Do they know they need to respect you and your environment? Have you held them accountable? I’m holding you accountable! It’s 5 months into 2019; are you getting anywhere great or constantly dealing with the same drama? Check your surroundings so you can take off and get where you need to be without any more senseless interruptions.

Copyright ©️ 2019 Sherry Grant

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2 thoughts on “Be Like A Plane

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    “Don’t keep anyone on board if they can’t respect your atmosphere.” speaking to my life!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m always excited to hear feedback from people going places!!! Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment.


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