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Often times, one of the biggest challenges when trying to “go places” is getting everyone on board when it comes to coordinating take off. You’ll notice that conflict will often arise when it comes to people and their priorities, previous commitments and complicated schedules. Sure, you can have good intentions and announce your desire to go to a great destination and everyone around you will unanimously say “I’m going with you!” But when it really comes time to do whatever’s necessary to move forward, that same level of enthusiasm and dedication that was once shared, quickly dwindles away and is no more.

This got me to thinking about how so many people say they’re “going with you” in word, but their deeds say something completely different. Could the truth actually be that the people who keep talking about flying with you are not really sincere about going where you want to go?! I mean think about it, if they really wanted to go places with you; why are their actions so mismatched? I began to think even deeper about the times our little family was growing and we would plan a vacation, and how much easier it was for my husband and I to book a trip when our children were children. When they didn’t have any conflicting priorities, it was easy to get everyone on one accord. But the older they got, the more they had their own plans, and vision for their life and where they wanted to go. The older they got, the idea of getting on board with us was no longer their top priority! And because we understood that they were growing up and becoming who God made them to be, we didn’t have a problem letting go! This is a clear indication that people can be on board with you in one season and stage of life; and not so much in another. The bottom line is; traveling with people can be complicated because direction and focus often change. Goals and priorities often evolve and that’s life! So, I want you to ask yourself; are you ok with the way life is or are you constantly trying to force people to go places with you they don’t want to go?

See, if you’re honest with yourself, what you care about today is probably a lot different than what was important to you ten years ago; and as we travel on this flight called life, we need to breathe and allow the people in our lives to get on and off without a bunch of dramatics and emotional temper tantrums from us. My oldest son Chris texted me the other morning and said “Hi Mom, I just landed in Peru!” I had no idea he was going out of the country, but I wasn’t surprised because he’s always GOING PLACES. LOL. My response to him was “Enjoy every minute of your journey! I love you sooo!”

What a peace that probably gives someone who decides to go somewhere different; when the person they were once traveling with gives them their blessing. I want to challenge you today to do the same for some people in your life. Just go ahead and give them your blessing to take off! Give them your blessing to go as far they want when it comes to pursuing their dreams and plans. Give them your blessing when it comes to becoming whatever they have in their heart and mind! Give them your blessing when it comes to making mistakes and failing. Tell them it’s ok and you’re always going to be there for them no matter what! See, most people stay stuck in life because they don’t feel like it’s safe to say I want to go somewhere else! Most people never take off because the people around them never give them their blessing. The only thing they give them is their anxiety, fear, worry and trauma. Could it be all you’ve ever been given from well intended people is a bunch a crap that’s kept you on the ground unable to ever take flight?

When Chris texted me and said he was in Peru, what if I had bombarded him with fear and worry because I wanted him to stay close to me? How would that have impacted his emotional and mental well being to feel like he needed to keep me happy instead of going where he needed and wanted to go? This is unfortunately a very selfish way to think and the total opposite of unconditional love. Unconditional love as far I as understand is when you love everything about a person; even when their journey with you is no longer the way you planned it would be. As I finished off my coffee this morning and thought a little more about this whole idea of traveling with people, I realized it’s all about my outlook and attitude. That how I view my relationships with others is the determining factor in how much I enjoy this flight. That even though I choose to say I’m traveling with people on this flight, I’m only really responsible for me. That after relationships change and people fly with me to certain points and then go their separate ways; if I don’t have a good relationship with myself, I’ll constantly feel empty, abandoned and alone because I’ll be relying on other people for something I need to look for within myself.

My simple advice to my coachable friends is this; Let people fly! Let them fly as high as their heart desires. Be there for them, but don’t make them dependent on you for anything except to help them soar and take off in life! Always keep an open door policy and give nothing to anyone on this flight called life except your unconditional love.

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