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Ever missed your flight before? This can be one of the most aggravating, disappointing and frustrating things when trying to go somewhere. The normal protocol is that passengers checking luggage should arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time. It’s 90 minutes if you’re checking luggage and 2 hours for international flights.

Of course a lot of people who fly regularly think they know what they’re doing, so they can show up when they want (insert eyes roll 👀). Often times many “professional travelers” think the rules don’t apply to them. That is until they get to the airport and the security line is wrapped around the building. Then these experienced travelers will often say to themselves, maybe I shouldn’t have been so presumptuous. This got me to thinking about how often we can become overconfident and arrogant when traveling on this flight called life. We can assume we know better, even when the rules are written in stone so to say. There are those who are extra sure of themselves that are traveling on this flight and these people seem to know that there are areas in their lives where they do have a little more knowledge and experience than the average person; and even though they could probably just go ahead and adjust their schedules and follow protocol, they make the executive decision to bypass standard procedures. This is classic behavior of people who feel a sense of entitlement and privilege and the truth is, most of this arrogance stems from a belief that someone is “feeling themselves.” If this is you, you may be exhibiting some signs of a superiority complex. This sense of superiority and advantage is often attached to what you feel you contribute. You probably think your contributions to whatever you’re involved in are so impressive, that now you have earned the right to do what you want. Or maybe your title or connection to someone in the organization makes you feel like you are above the law. Can’t nobody say nothing to you. Sometimes people take special liberties that others won’t dare take because they think they just know better and are intellectually superior to everyone else. The person who thinks they’ll get to work late has clearly become a little too sure of themselves and is now actually giving themselves permission to do things he or she wouldn’t have if they were still humble, grateful and accountable.

I find it incredibly amazing though how we can so easily begin to overstep our boundaries and cross lines when we become too comfortable, puffed up, and important. This happens when we start making a habit of doing things that jeopardize our ability to soar and ultimately keep us on the ground, ever missing our flight.

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons so many people miss opportunities meant for them is because they start assuming they don’t have to do what’s required of everyone else who’s going somewhere. And oh the humiliation that goes along with overestimating yourself; it’s a hard pill to swallow but necessary for anyone who really wants to get to their dream destination in life. Maybe, just maybe you’re constantly missing your flights because you’re arrogant. Maybe it’s why you have an amazing resume and still haven’t gotten promoted. Maybe it’s why you’ve got amazing looks and a great personality to match but still no real lasting love in your life. Maybe you’re missing your opportunities because you think you have license to bypass getting to know people, building relationships, share in the good times and the bad, ups and downs and struggles of being a good friend. Maybe you think you ought to be exempt from disappointment or just the routine of showing up and helping with no hidden agenda. Maybe you think all these things are beneath you, but what if what others are actually forging their way through is what qualifies them to make it to their destination; and maybe it’s why you keep missing your flight. Maybe you keep missing your flight because you’re arrogant.

My advice today for all my coachable friends is this:

1. Stop thinking the rules don’t apply to you. If you’re going somewhere you should be leading by example. This means you need to teach others how to handle themselves properly when you’re going places. Look at your life honestly and start to practice what you preach.

2. If you’ve committed to something or someone, give your 100%, no more excuses. Your inability to follow through with excellence could be the hindrance in the organization or movement. Stop rationalizing irrational behavior. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

3. Show up early. Lateness is a sign of disrespect. Habitual lateness sends the message that you and your time are the only factors worthy of consideration. This is why the plane waits for no one when it’s time to take off. It’s actually disrespectful for everyone to have to sit around and wait on someone who thought they were more important than the rest of the people who got up early. What makes you so special?

4. Have some respect for other people. How you involve yourself in things is a reflection of your integrity and character. If you put your all in one place, but do a half job everywhere else, you clearly lack integrity. Sadly, you are sounding a lot like a jerk. Work on being the same person everywhere. Don’t dishonor people with your leftovers and scraps. If you don’t respect what you’re involved in, remove yourself from it. It’s no use in saying you’re a part of something you’re not really going to help make successful. No one needs your raggedy help. If you’re going to help something, help. For God’s sake, stop playing around and come correct.

At the end of the day, after you make excuses and come up with your reasons why you’re not doing anything to push the cause or whatever you’re a part of forward, the real truth is NO ONE BUYS YOUR baloney! Even when you call out and send messages with your so called “good excuses,” the people who work with you or who are on your team know you’re full of it. What’s worse, you know you’re full of it too and over time that’s got to wear on your heart and mind. To know that all the lies, excuses and crap you come up with in your mind to rationalize your foolishness, no one believes you; EVEN YOU.

Can I help you and tell you that it’s time to get yourself together and show up for your take off. See, if you’re still having trouble getting to the place of take off in your life, you need to make some changes and start within. Even when we were growing up and we did The Hokey Pokey, the whole song boiled down to the fact that you’ve got to put your whole self in. The same is true for anyone going places; you’ve got to put your all in,.. cause that’s what it’s all about!


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3 thoughts on “Keep Missing Your Flights? You May Be Arrogant

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Whoa, this was so on time for me. A bunch of confirmation which requires immediate action. And a few apologies. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for being coachable!


  2. Mitchell Waters says:

    Wow this definitely spoke to me, honestly there have been times when I walked in overconfidence(especially with school) I thought I was more prepared for the test, assignment, etc because the class seemed easy, got comfortable, the test came and was a humbling experience. Preparation is never a bad thing I believe it displays humility. Thank you for helping us not miss our flight!

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