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Everywhere you go there are rules, order, a list of do’s and don’ts. Oddly enough, some people act surprised when they’re told certain things are not allowed if they want to succeed on this flight called life. Some people actually get offended when you tell them they can’t say and do whatever they want if they want to experience success. That they can’t handle things the way they want if they actually want certain doors to open. Sadly, we all have to put up with knucklehead people who seem to have no boundaries, common sense or respect for others. This amazes me when you would think as old as some people are they should know what’s appropriate and what’s not. Often times, people are only aware of the rules when it affects them, not you and this can be somewhat of a draining part of this journey called life we are all on. But I’m talking to my real life coachable people. The ones who really want to fly. The ones who understand that ascension to new levels requires a willingness and capacity to stretch and learn what’s allowed and what’s not and then adapt. Adapt, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck at the airport forever.

The airport has a list of banned items.

The following items are completely banned from aircraft, and should not be brought to the airport:

• Explosive and incendiary materials

• Flammable items

• Gasses and pressure containers

• Matches

• Oxidizers and organic peroxides

• Poisons

• Infectious materials

• Corrosives

• Organics

• Radioactive materials

• Magnetic materials

• Marijuana (cannabis)

Seems like any normal, reasonable, sensible, rational person should already know not to try and hop on a plane with any of this stuff from the banned list, but clearly the list had to be made because some clueless individual thought to himself “What!? I can’t take that with me?!”

(Insert duh) NO!

The truth is a lot of people literally act like they were born yesterday when it comes to common sense situations and rules of engagement. For some of us there is an unwritten code of conduct we live by, and as you grow up and you want respect; you freely give it to others. But there are so many uncoachable people who go to the airport carrying banned mindsets and wonder why they never go anywhere.

This got me to really thinking while I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee, how so many people never take off in life because they keep trying to take things with them that aren’t permitted (insert churchy “well!”) See, you can’t honestly go anywhere with a bunch of childish mentalities and ways of approaching people and life without dealing with the consequences of your actions. I’ve found out that life will begin to humble you and teach you lessons on what’s acceptable in order for you to ascend. Life will also teach you what’s not ok even when you’re being proud and trying to ignore what’s right in front of you.

Unfortunately, some people are determined to try and take along obnoxious attitudes that are nothing more than ticking time bombs, and they wonder why they can’t get along with anyone. Things are blowing up because what you’re carrying is on the banned list. Some people are taking flammable mindsets and everyone they interact with is “over it” and the people in their lives are no longer interested in setting themselves on fire to stay connected to you. Some people realize every time they encounter your madness they feel the fire or the burn of your craziness. It’s so sad that so many people stuck at the airport are trying to take poisonous habits that infect every relationship and endeavor they put their hands on. So, I’m here today as your real life coach to tell you that it’s time for you to start unpacking the things that are keeping you at the airport, but never taking off!

Not only is it dangerous to keep packing banned items as you prepare for departure, but if you’re a parent, mentor or leader, you must remember that you have people watching you. You have people who admire you and look up to you and you can be assured they’re taking mental notes and following your cues or hopefully doing the total opposite. Wouldn’t it be a shame before God if they ended up unable to ever take off because they enrolled in your school of thinking and put your toxic teaching into practice in real life? You could be coaching people to stay low by what you carry with you everyday. Insecurity and low self esteem are banned at the airport for those who are going places and who seriously want to take flight, and too many of us stay down because they never find themselves and are always looking for external sources for relevance and significance. You could be a senior citizen and still unable to separate who you are from the people in your life. Constantly assigning ownership to people as your only source of identity. This is why so many people never go anywhere because they never find who THEY are outside of their roles, responsibilities, titles and relationships to people. Think about it, if you only know yourself by your occupation, who are you when you’re not functioning in that role?

If I only know myself as my husband’s wife and my children’s mom, who am I when my assignment is done and they grow up or God forbid my spouse leaves or dies? This whole idea of understanding who you are is vital to your take off and the take off of others around you. It’s awful to continuously make people what you want them to be as they attempt to take flight on their own journey. It speaks to your lack of self awareness and your inability to let go.

Another banned item for take off in an emotionally and mentally healthy life is the use of toxic talk in the place of healthy language. Foul language that comes out of your mouth can become corrosive and it’s probably not good to carry with you even if it seems to be a cool way to communicate. Let go of doing what everyone else is doing, and clearly toxic talk seems to be the lingo of the day. Toxic talk by my definition is anything that borders on negativity!

Science even suggest that swearing is more than a bad habit and it might actually affect your mental health and how well or poorly others treat you. Studies also showed that using foul language aka toxic talk increases your adrenaline and helps you cope with pain; suggesting people who talk toxic are coping with some unaddressed hurt and dis-ease. The study went on to even say, the more often you use bad language, complain, gossip, shade others; the less effective it is as coping mechanism. Many people who curse, gossip, shade and make fun of other people may not even be aware that these are all signs of anger and deep seated hostility; and did you know that anger produces a chemical poison in your body, and we all know that anything poisonous can’t be good for us.

The bottom line is, it’s time to think about what you’re carrying. Take an inventory of what you’re packing daily and check to see if it’s a good idea to keep it or ban it! There are whole lot of things you can actually carry with you that are flight approved; like a positive outlook, cheerful demeanor, uplifting words, hopeful vibe, peaceful and calm perspective, a plan and strategy to succeed and habits that help produce that kind of success in your real life. All of these kinds of attributes are on the approved list and allowed for take off!!

Prohibit anything or anyone that weighs you down, like the people who always speak to your fears and add to your anxiety. Ban the people who seem to always have a negative “what if” when it comes to your passion. Ban those who seem to stay eager to shoot down your excitement. Watch out for people who always have a problem for every solution. Don’t allow people to stay close to you who ruin your peace and progress. No matter how much you care about them, some people need to be on the list of things banned for take off.

Let’s be real, most of the things we are carrying that we need to dispose of, we already know what they are (or who they are). The next step is releasing all of “it” so we go somewhere! I refuse to stay at the airport! I’m going places and promise to check myself daily and make sure I’m not hindering anyone else from getting to their destination either!

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