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One way ticket; a ticket entitling a passenger to travel only to his destination, without returning.

Sounds pretty depressing to me. To be going somewhere and you can’t get your way back home. That is unless you’re actually going somewhere better than the place you left and there’s no good reason for you to return. If this is the case, I suggest you get a one way ticket. This got me to thinking how there are actually some destinations I’ve traveled to round trip; when I actually should have never returned. It’s amazing how we plan these amazing vacation getaways filled with adventure, romance and fun and then willingly get back on a plane and return to a life full of the total opposite. Wouldn’t it be nice if after traveling around the globe and experiencing all the incredible things you get to enjoy; you come back home and create that for your real life?! At this point in my life, having a daughter who’s soon to start college and two adult sons, my husband and I now have an increasing abundance of extra rooms in our house. So with that, I’ve taken on the task of turning Drew’s old room into what I’m calling “My Happy Place!” I smiled even as I wrote that out. Ha! And when I get done in that space, my vision is that it will be so luxurious and beautiful that I will have designed my own personal retreat (free from book bags and jackets and papers) right there inside my home. I’m saying all this to get you to see how easy it is to change your life. I love taking trips, but the goal is to create a life I almost never want to get away from. It would be awesome if even beyond the homes we live in and the furniture and paintings on the walls; if we all took on the awesome challenge and burden to create a happy life filled with the people we choose to be around everyday. Imagine that, you get to choose people to be around you who are lovely and full of life and colors. No more emotional vampires sucking the energy and enthusiasm out of you with their negativity and drama. Imagine having a life filled with people that make you happy. Those who add to the quality of your life, and you to theirs. Those who you genuinely consider a source of inspiration and motivation. The truth is, life is what we make it and we have the power to make it happen today. See, the exact same way I can sit around and complain about the wasted space in my house that doesn’t make me feel happy, I can get up and take that same energy and recreate an environment that makes me feel like I’m on a destination vacation.

It may sound like it’s complicated to do, but it’s possible if you just make up your mind to get started. How to get started;

Begin decluttering the stuff you don’t want in your house and then move deeper to ridding your life of the things and people that make you feel like you need a get away! I know this is the time where everyone is going on spring break, so this is actually the best time to start spring cleaning. And let me remind you; spring cleaning is people too (insert hallelujah).

My advice to all my coachable friends today is Get Started. Stop making excuses and start creating the life you want. George Elliot said “It’s never too late to be the person you should be.”

I agree! It’s time you get a one way ticket and stay in a happy place!

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