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Reclining seats into a fellow passenger’s leg space proved to be the top reason for arguments erupting mid-flight. Sounds like a stupid reason to start a fight, but we’ve all been there before. You’re trying to make it to your destination and crunch, there goes your knees. Not only can this be super annoying but painful and it’s undeniably one of the most frustrating things a person can do to you when you’re already sitting an in uncomfortable cramped space.

Of course the argument for many seat recliners is that they paid their money for their seat and they have a right to recline their chair if they want to. Fundamentally, this is true. No argument there. You certainly do have a right to do it. But there are a lot of things we have a right to do, and yet they still aren’t a good idea to actually do.

While the person who likes to recline their seat back has a host of good reasons for doing so, the bigger issue to me is the act in and of itself is downright inconsiderate (insert can I get a witness). Reclining your seat back into someone else’s legs ultimately speaks to an unwell mindset many people have today. This mindset is one that basically confirms that some people traveling on this flight called life with us are unapologetically rude, impolite and OBNOXIOUS!

I would venture to say that the passenger who decides to recline their chair back on the person behind them is a person who consistently acts out of their egotistical nature almost everywhere they go. They are probably the same people who cut others off in traffic, route people in line, who leave the bathroom stall a mess for the next person and don’t care to even flush the toilet. They’re probably the people who constantly puts their needs first and could care less about how others will feel. These are probably the same people who live their entire lives based on their own wants and desires and never consider anyone else. I often wonder if people who recline their chairs back on other people ever really learned basic manners in their elementary years. I wonder if they learned the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them to do unto to you.” While there are a lot of things we all obviously have the right to do, it is my basic understanding that a person with common courtesy, a sense of maturity, a moral code of conduct, a conscience and a set of principles that they live their lives by; these kind of people make deliberate decisions not to do things just because they can, but they actually consider how their actions will effect the people around them. If less people lived like the chair recliners, we would surely have less hate, inequality, racism, sexism and bigotry in this world. If there were less chair recliners, people wouldn’t mistreat others just because they thought they had a right to. If we didn’t have so many chair recliners, we would have a world where people weren’t so ungrateful, narcissistic and entitled. If you and I pledged not to be chair recliners, I honestly think the world would be a better place. But because so many people think it’s ok to just stretch out and push their chair back into the lap of another person on this cramped flight called life we’re on; the world has become such a toxic place to live. The chair recliner mindset has created a culture that’s full of hostility, aggression and unfriendliness where people wave their privilege and audaciously boast about how others should be further ahead. If we started a movement of people who were the opposite of the chair recliners, we would certainly begin to see more humanity. The broader question is; Why don’t we care about other people’s feelings anymore? Why are we so selfish and cold? Why did they even make the option on the seat for people to recline their chair in the first place? It got me to thinking maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it was actually a good invention when they created this! Maybe it’s good that they made this option so we could all plainly see and decipher who’s who and know what kind of people we’re traveling with. And if a person reveals how inconsiderate they are on a airline flight, maybe it could save you years of heartbreak pain and counseling, because you would have been able to see the signs early when you saw them push their chair back into the knees of someone who was already feeling stuck in the first place.

I know you can do whatever you want on this flight, but if you could make it a tad more pleasant for someone else, why wouldn’t you? Are you that warped a person? If you’re truly trying to improve yourself, start by being more considerate of the people around you, especially the ones behind you. How you treat the people behind you and the ones who you feel like you’re further ahead of speaks volumes about your character and integrity. God forbid you become the person that makes this flight called life more difficult for anyone else. My advice today to anyone who’s coachable is:

1. Pull your chair up. (Check yourself)

2. Sit up straight. (When going places check your posture aka character)

3. Have some dignity and self respect.

4. Treat people like you want to be treated.

This journey called life we are on is challenging enough. No one wants to sit near you if you’re going to be a jerk.

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2 thoughts on “Top Reason for Arguments Erupting Mid-Flight

  1. mwaters18 says:

    “Just be considerate”…yes it’s that easy. kindness and consideration goes a long way.

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