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Airplanes can’t fly forever can they?

If you asked me, what happens to them when they get too old to take flight makes perfectly good sense. Many of them make a final flight to a disassembly specialist to be carefully broken up for recycling. This almost made me flip my wig, because it’s significant to understand that there’s always something in you of value, and there’s always purpose in you even when you think you’ve lost your edge!

Think about it, how the same plane that arrives on it’s last flight; looking perfectly airworthy and operable, will go through an extensive assessment to pull out of it what’s not up to par, effective, functional or worthwhile anymore, but they’ll also find what’s in it that’s still working (insert Baptist fit).

Isn’t it good that someone had enough wisdom, common sense and insight to look beyond the exterior of the aircraft, and do an actual thorough investigation to see what’s really going to be effective and able to carry people to their next destination? This got me to thinking about how all of us in the same way need to take daily inventory within and see what’s in us that’s still good. Sure we have some defective parts in us and many people who suffer from depression and other forms of mental illness spend far too much time distracted thinking about the bad stuff. But I want to encourage you to take inventory on the good parts about you. You have things about your personality and character that are remarkable! Remarkable things are things that cause people to make remarks. Ha! Think about the parts within you that make you feel good when people make remarks about you! Write them down and focus on those good parts about yourself today and everyday. There’s good stuff inside of you! You just have to be strategic about pulling it out and you need to be aggressive about staying in environments and atmospheres that pull all that good stuff out of you.

The next part I want to dig into is going to be sobering, so it’s vital for my coachable readers who seriously want to grow and not just feel motivated and happy all day to really pay attention. If you’re not coachable, stop reading here and enjoy the rest of your day!

To the coachable who are still logged in, I want you to go deeper with me. I want you to consider how after you celebrate how great you are and focus on all the good stuff about you, I want you to be real and viciously intentional about assessing yourself and taking out the not so good, defective parts in you that are making it difficult for you to keep going places and ultimately reaching your final destination in life. In order to do this part you need to be really honest with yourself. You also need to be emotionally mature and mentally stable enough to look past your resume, credentials, history and ego. After you do all of that work, I want you to sincerely evaluate your life and see if the methods you are applying to go places in are outdated. You could have been effective at one time and now you could be doing a bunch of things that are simply out of style. And I know you’re determined to be authentic, because you follow the realest life coach. LOL,…but there’s a serious price to pay for being uncoachable in the name of being YOU. Honestly, many of us know we are guilty of trying to fly with an “aircraft” aka a system of thinking that’s no longer relevant or in style. The even more specific question is; how many of us are mature enough to admit that if we don’t want to take out the faulty, inoperable parts in our foundation then we don’t deserve to fly. I would venture to say that if we can’t be honest with ourselves and others, then maybe it really is time for us to take our last flight?

When we come to these honest and raw conclusions that we don’t want to adapt to the reality that it’s not the 60’s anymore and we can’t keep rehashing the good old days, then we can make the necessary updates to fly in this culture and time we live in. But when we don’t, we are admitting to ourselves and the world we live in, that our mindsets and ways of approaching things are antiquated and we simply aren’t willing to change because we are out of date in our perspective of life and reality.

Some people just can’t make the alterations and switch from the old to the new. It’s like having an Amish mindset with an Apple generation, or like looking for a Blockbuster in a Netflix culture. Ironically Blockbuster only has one location still open! One! Times are different especially when you consider malls are outdated and online shopping is the new thing!

While I’m not bashing people who want to do things the old fashioned way, it limits your capacity and reach when it comes to everything. I’m in no way at all against retro and vintage. I have a cute vintage Louis Vuitton bag. Let me stick to subject. Anyone in the vintage arena uses that as their target selling point. In other words they aren’t trying to sell vintage like its new. And let’s be honest, when it comes to going places and traveling; no one wants to fly on an old plane. So when we realize that we are too old fashioned to change, we are actually in a good place to transition to some new roles and responsibilities. When we get to this point, we literally step out of those extremely demanding and high pressured seats and accept that it’s time for us to become the coach, the mentor, the trainer and developer of people coming along behind us. When we get to this place it’s all good, because then we are able to function in a different capacity where we aren’t fighting against change but instead we are supporting it and able to offer wisdom and guidance to those who can benefit from it. This is an incredible place to be when we can accept we are not in our glory days anymore and now it’s time for us to move into a new assignment and role.

The same way an old plane doesn’t put people’s lives in danger based on it’s past performance, we shouldn’t do that to others either. The same way the old plane doesn’t inch it’s way from take off to landing merely because it’s trying to administer first aid to help boost it’s own self esteem and stroke it’s own ego, we shouldn’t either when we know we’re only flying on a wing and a prayer. On the contrary, the healthy old plane comes to the realization that it’s time to take on a new assignment. The healthy old plane who’s not trying to break down in the middle of the air understands that its absolutely ok to take a moment and look back at those times on this journey when it helped a lot of people get to their next level. The old plane with a healthy view of itself is not obsessed with what people think about them as a plane anymore either. They don’t have a need to overachieve or prove their value or worth to anyone. They have learned to take the time to celebrate their successes along the way and applaud that they have blessed others by carrying them to places that they would have never seen on their own. They don’t take the credit for getting people places, but they are aware they played an important part by taking the wheel and guiding others along the way. The healthy old plane understands they deserve honor and respect from those they carried, but they don’t demand it; and if for some reason they don’t get the appreciation they think they deserve; they’re still ok. They’re ok because they still know in their heart everything they have done and that’s enough for them. The old plane that’s traveled and has a healthy relationship with self comes to the conclusion that after one has traveled so many miles and helped so many take flight, it’s their time to look for new ways to help people ascend. Just like the aircraft that gets broken up and recycled for other uses, today is the day that you and I begin to seek new ways to be a conduit for people to take flight!

Don’t let your ego or your need to keep doing what you’ve always done pressure you into flying just to be flying. Be secure that you’re going places safely and not just so you can say you’re still flying. Look at your effectiveness today and say even if I have to be broken up and used in a new way; I’m fine with that. At the end of the day, however you look at it; even if you’re being recycled, you’re still helping people go places!

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7 thoughts on “Airplanes can’t fly forever can they?

  1. Danielle Whitehead says:

    Amazing read! “Even if you’re recycled you’re still helping people go places”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Elder Danielle! I’m always blessed by you sharing what spoke to you!


  2. Keith Johnson says:

    That’s an awesome way to think about it!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Keith! Your positive feedback makes me happy and humbled at the same time.


  3. Mitchell Waters says:

    This said so much. I was reading this and thought about micheal Jordan, he was the best in the game at one point but even he understood he couldn’t play forever. Now look at LeBron and the things he is able to do and doors he’s opening. Thank you for Sharing! There is wisdom in releasing what isn’t working!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got it! Thanks for your feedback and always staying connected. You’re making an investment in your take off and it’s going to pay off!


  4. “Isn’t it good that someone had enough wisdom and common sense to look beyond the exterior of the aircraft, and do an actual thorough investigation to see what’s really going to be effective and able to carry people to their next destination?”



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